Running To You Chapter 5

“Bet? What bet?” “Everyone else was far less optimistic in their estimate but not me! No sir, I knew it, I knew it! It was only a matter of time…” “Wait…a bet? Who else was in on this bet?” “Um let’s see…Dr. Reid, Dave…” “Figures!” “Ah…Hotch and…” “Not Hotch?” She nodded as she perused her memory. “JJ, Emily, Blake…” “Blake? She’s not even with the bureau anymore.” “Oh and Fran! Such a sweet mother you have there.” “Oh hell no, my mother was in on this, this…bet too?” “Yup! Won’t she be surprised! I tell you I thought she would be my closest competition but boy was she off!” Derek couldn’t believe his ears. His friends and family had taken bets on him and Penelope! How did they know, how could they? He didn’t even know. He carefully set his cup on the table and began pacing back and forth across the room much to Esperia’s amusement. “So now that you’ve admitted how you feel and traveled clear across the country, what are you going to do now?” Home of Dr. Spencer Reid – Evening – Reid had called for backup and now JJ had joined the two in the small cluttered apartment. Neither of them were having any luck with calming their friend down. “What am I going to do now? Derek’s in California and I’m here and…” “Well the first thing we need to do is call Derek and get him back home!” JJ offered. “He’s going to […]

Running to You Chapter 4

“Garcia, what are you doing here?” Reid asked again. “I couldn’t do it! I couldn’t leave!” Penelope pushed past Reid into the apartment as he stood there, mouth opened and in shock. “Call me crazy but…” “Garcia! Morgan…” “Derek’s my best friend…”she continued. “I’m not sure I’m ready to walk away from my best friend!” “But…” “I’m humiliated, embarrassed and I probably won’t be able to make eye contact with him for at least a year but…” “Garcia!” “I’ll blame it on the alcohol…yeah, the alcohol!” “Garcia!” She paced the apartment pulling books from his crammed shelves examining them as she talked then putting them back. She hadn’t heard a word he’d tried to get in edgewise. “OMG Reid, Derek must think I’m some sort of lovesick…scatter-brained…geek!” “No, I’m sure he doesn’t…” “I know someone like him could never love me…what was I thinking, really?” “He loves you.” Reid spoke calmly watching as she explored his apartment. “I mean, I do okay but I’m not the girl that men cross a crowded room for…” “Garcia…” “No, no it’s okay. I’m gorgeous, I’m smart…I know but I’m not what men…vain men and we know my Hot Stuff, he’s the vainest of the vain…” “GARCIA!” She stopped dead in her tracks shooting a shocked look toward her distraught friend across the room. “What’s wrong?” “Morgan’s gone!” “W-what?” “He’s gone!” It didn’t matter that he had on his earphones or that his eyes were closed and his seat was reclined, Morgan’s grumpy travel […]

Only Reid Chapter 9

Reid had been dozing lightly; her footsteps interrupted an otherwise peaceful sleep. The room was dark except for the soft lighting around the bed and monitors. She didn’t notice him. He’d become accustomed to being invisible to those who had selfish, self-centered agendas. It used to irritate him but he’d learned that not being noticed could actually be a good thing. This was one of those times. He watched her enter and proceed straight to Morgan’s bedside as if she had the right to be there. So focused on Morgan, she didn’t see him sitting in the darkness of the room. He was supposed to be confined to his apartment per doctor’s orders, but he had no intentions on staying put when his best friend was lying in a hospital bed alone. Besides, he was a doctor too and even though there was no MD after his name, he was going to do what he wanted to do. He’d been there a while arriving just as the team was headed out for dinner. In fact, he had to duck into a doorway to keep from being seen. He wasn’t sure why he didn’t speak up and announce his presence; somehow he felt it would be interesting to watch her, to listen to what she had to say. He wanted to see what made a promising agent turn into a sadistic, narcissistic monster. He also wanted to protect his friend if it came to that. Morgan had made it his personal […]

Only Reid Chapter 8

Jordan couldn’t help but to think that the last hour had been nothing but a big waste of time. The BAU was very thorough and repeat visits to re-interview witnesses or re evaluate surveillance video was rarely necessary, especially when the life of a victim hinged on time. Kidnappings were one of the most time sensitive crimes. She had a sneaky suspicion that this little trip with Rossi was nothing more than a diversion. With the awkward moment at the hospital, now this trip down Memory Lane didn’t sit well with her. Call it a slight case of paranoia but she had worked too hard and spent too much time planning to slip up now not when she was so close to having what she wanted. They thought they were smarter than she was sending her out on a wild goose chase so that they could find her hideaway and steal Derek away from her. She would not lose she’d show them…she’d beat them. Rossi had just received a text from Hotch the team had found Jordan’s hideaway and were on the way there. Rossi had to keep Jordan off track and distracted until the team was able to rescue Morgan. She was smart he’d noticed a change in her demeanor since they’d left the hospital. The fact that she’d so confidently interjected herself in the middle of their investigation made him realize that she was a dangerous and clever woman willing to do just about anything to satisfy her […]

Only Reid Chapter 7

Potomac General – “I know who has Morgan.” Reid repeated. “Who?” Garcia whispered. Reid stared out into the hallway watching JJ, Alex and Jordan talking and waiting for the others to come out. “Close the door.” “What?” Rossi asked. “Close the door. Hurry!” Reid insisted. Hotch nodded to Rossi who moved to close the door. “Okay. Tell us. What’s going on?” “It’s Jordan!” He began looking around at the others. “Jordan has Morgan!” In unison Hotch, Rossi and Garcia looked out into the hallway. The woman whom none of them knew well seemed so comfortable and relaxed talking and smiling as if the reality of one of their own in danger was as serious as a six year olds play date. “Are you sure, Reid?” Rossi asked. “When we were in Dallas…for a minute I thought I saw her.” “When?” Garcia asked. “The night before we left, at the restaurant. We were all eating and I looked up and saw a woman at the bar. She was staring at us…no, she was staring at Derek.” “Reid, why didn’t you say something then?” “She turned away before I could get a good look. I just brushed it off as just someone who looked like Jordan. He hair was dark, short…” “A wig maybe?” Garcia guessed. “Are you saying that Jordan Todd has been stalking Morgan?” Hotch asked. “I’m not saying anything, but I can’t shake the feeling that the woman in the restaurant was Jordan.” “What if she was in Dallas, […]

Only Reid Chapter 6

Jordan’s Hideaway – Morning Morgan had been missing three days now and the team was no closer to finding him than when he and Reid had been attacked. He was trying so hard to hang on trying to believe that his team was coming and would find him in time. Jordan was going to up her game and he was getting weaker. She’d stabbed him last night in a fit of uncontrolled anger. Her goons had done a poor job of patching him up he could feel his dressing wet with his blood sticking to his body. He knew had she been stronger and able to plunge the fork and knife deeper into him he would have already bled to death. As it was he was in pain and his wounds were seeping he was afraid of them being infected. To make matters worse, she had instructed her men to hang him from the rafters by the chains instead of bolting them to the floor. So, there he was dangling by his wrists his feet just above the floor. All he could do was think about his team and wondering if Reid was okay; if he would forgive him for not being able to save him. He was so hungry and thirsty that he almost forgot that his body hurt from every place imaginable…he longed for home his bed, his friends and for safety. Even though he was barely conscious he still was able to hear the lock sliding on […]

Only Reid Chapter 4

BAU Headquarters – Jordan made the short ride up the elevator to the sixth floor home of the Behavioral Analysis Unit. It had been a while since she’d seen the team and neither of them had made a big effort to keep in touch. Her time working cases with them had confirmed for her that Counter Terrorism was where she belonged. She was excited about seeing them especially JJ whom she’d temporarily replaced while the beautiful blonde was on maternity leave. She couldn’t wait to be pregnant with Derek’s baby and walking the halls of the FBI flaunting her baby bump. She loved how he was playing hard to get but Jordan Todd always go what she wanted, always and Derek Morgan would be no exception. JJ’s back was turned to the door she was busy gathering files and balancing them in her arms along with her coffee mug with little success. She was frazzled worried about Reid who still hadn’t been able to help them find Morgan. She tried to push back the doubt that kept forcing it’s way to the front of her other thoughts about him, where he was and how he was doing. Jordan’s knock startled JJ causing her to drop the files spilling their contents onto her office floor. “Oh! I’m sorry I didn’t meant to startle you.” “Jordan? Um…hi! No that’s okay, I’m just out of it this… what are you doing here?” “I just came by to say, hi. I missed you guys […]

Only Reid Chapter 3

Jordan was quite proud of herself; her plan had gone off without a hitch. Derek and his young friend didn’t see it coming. “Some profilers,” she humorously thought to herself as she watched his glare. “If looks could kill, I’d be stone-cold dead.” She thought again to herself. She motioned for the men to pull him to his feet as she moved to a circular dining table nearby. It was formally set for two, cloth napkins, crystal and china and candles. The man who had done the talking earlier pulled out her seat. As she sat the other two pulled Morgan to the chair across from her and pushed him into the chair. “Join me in a drink?” At her words, the man began to open the champagne bottle that sat chilling next to the table. “Stop the bullshit, Jordan! What did you do to Reid?” “I almost forgot how relentless you are, Derek.” Morgan moved to stand but was quickly jerked back against the seat and held in place by the two men who placed heavy hands on his shoulders. “So you can imagine my surprise when I didn’t hear from you.” She continued. The man placed a glass of champagne in front of her and one in front of Morgan who was fuming as he struggled against the hands pressing him against the chair. “I don’t know what happened to Dr. Reid and frankly, I don’t care. My assistants were instructed to bring you and only you…here…to me…so, […]

Only Reid Chapter 2

Potomac General – Garcia was the first to enter the small room. The constant beep of the monitors and hissing like noises of the other machines seemed reassuring and confirmed that he was still among the living and that he had again beaten death. He seemed so small, broken, vulnerable. But she knew better he was stronger than anyone would ever imagine. He had gone through so much and the fact that he had survived no doubt angered even his tormentors, which motivated them to hurt him even more. Reid had fought back trying to defend himself against tonight’s attackers; the evidence of defensive wounds were like badges of honor on his arms. I’m sure his attackers didn’t expect that from such a scrawny victim. She needed him to fight now with all of his might. He needed to come out of this and be okay again. She needed him, the team needed him but most of all Morgan needed him, he was the key to Morgan’s disappearance and she had an uneasy feeling that their friend was running out of time. Unknown Location – Morgan was determined not to show fear as the large man drew closer his heavy boots stirring the dust on the floor. The man was accompanied by two others, and all three were dressed in black. Their faces were not concealed and that worried him; it meant that they did not care if he saw them or even recognized them. It also meant that when […]

Only Reid Chapter 1

Potomac General Hospital – Evening Hotch, Rossi and JJ burst through the door weaving and dodging the sea of slow moving, aching and sick patients waiting to be seen. The news had come after a much-needed night out with the team relaxing, acting silly and drinking way too much. Their last case in Dallas had drained them all and pushed each one of them to the brink of their tolerance levels. Now they were rushing to see about one of their own who had become a victim of a sadistic attack. Their evening of gathering together to forget had suddenly crashed and burned dragging them to the realization that there was no place to run from evil and no one even them were immune from its touch. Hotch rushed to the nearest nurses’ desk and pushed his way to the front not carrying how inconsiderate it may have seemed. “Spencer Reid!” The over worked frazzled clerk looked up and her face softened at the FBI credentials now within inches of her nose. “He’s in Exam room one…” Without as much as a, ‘thank you,’ the three rushed down the hall leaving the clerk in mid sentence. “Sir! You can’t go in there!” She yelled. Just as Hotch placed his hand on the door a nurse came out and blocked his way preventing them from going any further. “We need to see …” “He’s being examined by the doctor and as soon as he is finished he’ll be out to see […]