The Fall Chapter 21

Atlanta General – Derek’s Room – Derek lay quietly in bed while Penelope dozed in a chair next to his bed. She was beautiful and strong although he suspected that she didn’t consider herself strong…or beautiful. There were so many memories clawing themselves back to the forefront of his mind but there were so many more holes that still needed to be filled. Looking at her sleep, it was obvious why he’d fought so hard against Savannah, Marcos and Hamilton. She was worth it because without her living was not really living. “Hey, Handsome how long have you been awake?” She smiled up at him he seemed so far away as he stared back at her. “Hi, did I wake you?” “No, not at all. Are you okay?” “Yeah, I can’t sleep. So many things, pictures running through my mind.” He grimaced as he shifted to get comfortable. She noticed the light bead of sweat on his forehead. Penelope stood and placed her hand on his forehead. He was warm. Not good she thought. “Derek, can I ask you a question?” “Sure anything.” “You promise to tell me the truth?” “Of course.” “How are you feeling?” “What?” “Because you don’t look so good, you’re sweating and you’re warm, very warm.” “I’m fine.” “You promised.” “Okay, okay. I feel bad, really bad. I thought if I ignored it…” “Derek, listen to me we’re going to find out how to help you, please hang in there.” “I’m trying but…” He grimaced in […]

Soul Purpose Chapter 32

Unknown Medical Facility – Evening – Fran sat by his bedside still remembering the last words she’d said to him. To think that she’d come so close to losing him made her sick to her stomach. She hadn’t spoken two words to him in as many days and she wished she’d handled things differently. “Bella.” Fran was so lost in her thoughts that she didn’t realize he was awake. “Dave…” Quickly wiping the tears from her face she stood and leaned over him planting a kiss on his lips. “No tears, no tears Cara Mia.” “I thought I’d…” “Shh…no, don’t go there, okay?” Fran overcome with emotion was only able to shake her head as she took her seat next to him. “You silly, silly man! I don’t know whether to hug you or kill you myself! AND that son of mine, what was he thinking?” “I’m sorry for making you worry.” “I could have lost you and my son…twice! I’m so angry but I can’t help but thank god for sparing the both of you.” “How’s Derek?” “He’s alive thanks to you and Emily. Speaking of which, when did she get in town?” “She was on her way before we left New York.” Fran was shocked by his answer. “Really? Who else was a part of this? I need to know who else I need to kill?” “Bella.” “No Dave! What you did…both of you…it was thoughtless and unforgiveable. I lost Derek’s father in the line of duty so […]

The Fall Chapter 20

“Dead? How?” Hotch took a few steps toward the doctor. “We’re not sure. We’ve notified the police and they’ll be here any moment now.” Hotch and the others looked at Derek. None of them wanted to ask the question. It was possible after all he’d been through. He hadn’t been himself…hadn’t been himself for months. Penelope watched the others and saw the questions and assumptions in their eyes. She pushed her own questions and assumptions from her mind as she struggled to make sense of this latest development. He wouldn’t, he couldn’t but he wasn’t Derek-not really…not yet. “They’ll have questions.” Dr. Flores had seen Derek leaving Hamilton’s room a few minutes earlier. She stared at him waiting for him to look up and meet her glare. When he did she saw something, what she didn’t know. He wasn’t going to be taken again. He wasn’t going to be hurt, drugged or…touched…again. He wanted to go home, his real home. Slowly he took a step toward the man who had nearly destroyed him as his mind took him back to a place he wanted to forget. Derek could feel the man’s hands snake around his neck, squeezing and cutting off his air supply. His struggle against the restraints around his wrists began to slow and he could feel himself fading. Just before his eyes closed the man released the grip around his neck. Then he laughed. It wasn’t funny, not funny at all. “I like you, Darren; I can call […]

The Fall Chapter 19

Atlanta General Hospital – “Wake up, Hamilton, since when have you been a sound sleeper?” “Evelyn, darling. He replied still with his eyes closed. “The least you can do is open your eyes.” Hamilton complied opening his eyes and giving her one of his toothy smiles. The Calvary, he thought as he watched her come closer. She’d always been a desperate pushover, clueless to his scandalous dealings and extramarital trysts. She’d take care of everything, just like always. “You came, how sweet of you.” “Did you think I wouldn’t?” “How did you find out?” “Don’t trouble yourself with the how’s and why’s of my visit, husband.” “Listen, I’m in a little bit of a jam here. Call Harry and have him fly down and take care of this! They’ll be discharging me in a day or so and I really don’t want to spend a moment in…” “Really, Hamilton? When this gets out, Harry will be far too busy protecting my good name to worry about you. Besides, I’m just as much a victim here as the poor Agent Morgan!” “But…” “I won’t allow your mess to sully my name and reputation. My attorney will be building a case for the poor grieving wife…” “Grieving?”   “Yes, grieving.” Then Hamilton saw the broad, confident smile spread across his wife’s face. He’d only seen it a few times over the years and it always meant trouble for him. No one knew his wife like he did. She wasn’t the sweet, innocent […]

Soul Purpose Chapter 31

Avery alerted Emily as he watched Tinsley from the monitors. The man seemed anxious as he stood waiting for entrance into the building. Common sense would dictate to leave the man outside in the chilly D.C. air after all, he was a cold-blooded killer and his intentions were clear. He wanted to kill one of his patients and anyone who stood in his way. Tinsley was the Director of the FBI and he was one of a handful of people whose security clearance gave him access. So despite the feelings of doom, Avery made his way down the elevator toward the front of the building. He prayed that Dave and Emily were ready and knew what they were doing. This was their work not his and he didn’t want what they did for a living brought here into his world. But these were desperate times and his choice in the matter had been taken away. Avery couldn’t help but feel Emily had used his love for her to her advantage and he didn’t like it, not one bit. “Director Tinsley, Dr. Avery Peterson.” Avery stepped aside to let the man inside. “Where is he?” “Excuse me?” “Agent Morgan. Where is he?” “I’m sorry I…” “Listen to me, Doctor If you don’t want this place shut down you’ll tell me right now where my agent is!” “With all due respect, director, this place belongs to me and I don’t think you should be here. So, if you don’t mind…” “Doctor Peterson, […]

The Fall Chapter 18

Atlanta General Hospital – Evening – “You can see him now.” Penelope stepped toward the doorway where the small petite older woman stood. It seemed like hours since the initial report that Derek’s injuries were not life threatening. “Thank you doctor…for everything.” The other woman nodded and turned to leave. Penelope hurried out of the waiting room without much thought of her friends that had been waiting with her. Suddenly she stopped and turned to face them. “Now what?” Fran and Dave approached her both wrapping their arms around her. “Now you go see your husband.” Fran answered. “But what if he still doesn’t remember me?” Dave glanced at Fran then back at Penelope. “Then you start with, hello.” Hamilton’s Room – “Of all the places you could have ended up, you chose Atlanta.” “So.” “I bet you took great pride helping the FBI bring me down.” Sheldon stepped closer, close enough to see the smug arrogant look in the older man’s eyes. “It doesn’t change anything, you know.” Hamilton continued. “You know, there’s one thing I never understood growing up.” “Yeah? What’s that?” “Why you and my aunt hated me and my mother so much. How could Aunt Evelyn hate her own flesh and blood? My mother and I struggled while the two of you lived in the lap of luxury.” “What, you thought because we did well for ourselves, we owed you something?” “You could have helped!” “You could have helped yourselves!” The sound of his own laugh […]

Soul Purpose Chapter 30

Unknown Medical Facility – “Dave?” The weak sound of Derek’s voice startled him for a moment as he looked up and into his stepson’s face. “Hey.” Dave inched to the edge of his seat. He was overjoyed to see Derek awake. “You’re making a habit out of scaring the crap out of us, kid.” “Dave…” “Don’t worry, we’re protecting Penelope and Saraya, okay?” Derek shook his head. “Who did this? Who shot you?” “Tinsley, Director Tinsley shot me.” “That son-of-a-bitch!” “You have to promise me that you’ll take him down before…” “Take it easy. Let us handle this.” Dave stood and pulled his phone from his pocket. Derek closed his eyes to ride out the pain. “Dave.” “Yeah Morgan, what is it?” “If…” Dave took his seat again. “I need you to do something else for me.” “Anything.” “Take care of my family.” “Don’t do that, I mean it. Don’t talk like that. You’ll be out of here in no time.” Derek shook his head, no, painfully inhaling through the pain. “I mean it Old Man. Promise me!” Dave fought back his tears and shook his head. Then grabbing Derek’s hand he leaned in close. “You hang in there, Derek. You’re family needs you…I need you, you hear me!” Derek nodded as a lone tear escaped down his face. Dave composed himself and headed toward the door. Just as he stepped out he turned toward Derek. “Are you going to be here when I get back?” Derek weakly raised his […]

The Fall Chapter 17

“My name is Derek!” He repeated. “Derek…Mo-Morgan.” The sight of the knife now pressing against his stomach didn’t register. His mind began to become crowded with thoughts that made no sense yet he knew that they belonged to another life…his life…and so he spoke again even as Hamilton pressed the knife against him urging him to comply and to be silent. “You’ve been a bad, boy…Derek! You’ve ruined all of our plans with your insistence on having the last word!” She smiled as she looked deep into his eyes. “I want some grandbabies.” “Come on, Ma, stop.” “Come home to me…I’ll leave a light on…” Hamilton watched as Derek’s face changed from the glassy-eyed subject that he’d tormented for the last six months to a man that was still struggling, still strong and still determined not to be taken by force. Reid stood in the hospital’s security office watching the coming and goings in every corridor in every building, every lot and hidden place in the hospital. The others had been sent in opposite directions in search of their friend. “Stop! Right there!” Reid pointed to a familiar sight on the far left monitor. The officer complied enhancing the picture, drawing it closer into view as Reid pulled his phone from his belt. “Hotch! He’s on the roof!” Hotch looked at Rossi as he frantically pressed the elevator button. “We’re headed there now. Call the others.” “Okay, and Hotch…” “Yeah, Reid.” “He’s not alone.” Finally aware of the knife pressed […]

The Fall Chapter 16

Atlanta General – Evening – He was alone and for that he was grateful. He had no idea how long he’d been asleep since the woman Fran, had visited him. The pain in his gut had subsided to a dull roar and his chest and abdomen felt as if a fire had just been put out but the embers were still smoldering. He felt miserable but he relished in the quiet and the solitude. He didn’t want to see anyone or hear stories of a childhood he didn’t remember. His mind was a jumbled mess and still no one would tell him anything about Savannah. He hated hospitals, the narrow bed and the tasteless food was unbearable. The clock on the wall said, six twenty-seven and his growling stomach confirmed the fact that he hadn’t eaten since breakfast. He needed to stretch, to stand to run. Slowly, he sat up on the edge of the bed. He tried his legs and as his feet hit the cold tile floor he felt a surge of energy and determination to get out of the gray room and out into the light. Penelope hadn’t been back in Derek’s room since he’d collapsed on the floor of his hospital room. The sight of him seizing stiffly before her was something she never hoped to see again. Now she sat alone in a small conference room two floors down. The hospital had generously given the team the space to gather without being disturbed. A detective […]

The Fall Chapter 15

Atlanta General Hospital – Evening – “Come home safe, my love.” “That’s the plan Baby Girl.” He pulled her close and inhaled. The smell of jasmine seemed and felt like a power source from heaven. He didn’t want to let her go but the others were waiting for him. “Come on Romeo!” He kissed the woman on the lips and looked over her shoulder as the elevator opened. The other Blonde smiled and shook her head while holding the door open for him. “I gotta go.” He whispered in her ear. He could tell she was trying to hold back the tears. He didn’t know why she was sad but it made him determined to come back to her. “Come back to me.” “Always, always.” He let her go and took a step backwards into the elevator. She tried to smile past her tears as he waved and smiled back at her. “I’ll always come home he whispered to himself.” Then she disappeared behind the steel doors. He looked ahead counting, five, four, three, two, one… The car came to a slow squeaky halt bouncing slightly as the doors opened. “Savannah?” He felt strong arms around his as he was pushed out of the elevator. “What took you guys so long? We have work to do.” “No! No, you’re not supposed to be here.” “Bring him HERE!” He knew that voice, deep, taunting and evil like…no…it can’t be…he’s dead…he’s…don’t touch me, don’t!” “Man up, boy! Look up to the sky!” […]