Soul Purpose Chapter 29

  County Morgue – Tinsley walked hurriedly toward the late model Rolls that was parked across the street. Richard Lynch had made no effort to be inconspicuous as he sat behind the wheel impatiently tapping his index finger on the leather steering wheel. Quickly Tinsley jumped in on the passenger’s side and closed the door. “Why did you call me all the way downtown just to sit and wait on you to decide to show up?” “Not now, Lynch. Not now.” “Please don’t tell me that you’ve screwed up again.” “We need proof that Derek Morgan is dead, I mean really dead!” “Have you lost your mind, Tinsley? Of course he’s dead they carried him out of FBI Headquarters in a body bag for heaven’s sake!” “I’m not so sure. His wife was discharged from the hospital and instead of coming here to pay her respects, she headed to the BAU instead.” “Okay, maybe the happy couple wasn’t all that happy after all. My son told me that they were having problems.” “I’m telling you, no matter what was going on in that marriage, there’s no way in hell that Morgan’s wife would not do everything in her power to see her husband one last time.” Tinsley watched the smug confident look on Lynch’s face slowly melt away. “So, what’s your plan?” “I’m going to walk in and demand to see the body, that’s what I’m going to do!” “That’s the most idiotic thing I’ve ever heard! If he’s still […]

The Fall Chapter 14

Sheldon had decided to make an unexpected visit to see his parents. He felt he needed to see them, talk to them and to apologize for being such a disappointment and a failure. His mother looked confused and puzzled as he bared his soul holding back tears for an unknown offense. She’d always been proud of her only child and she’d told him as much numerous times. Yet, he felt compelled to tell her how much he loved her for everything she’d done for him while he still had a chance. Not knowing what had really brought him by she simply pulled him into a warm embrace and held him tight against her bosom. Now he was back at his tiny apartment that he shared with his best friend and while he climbed the steps he prayed that Evan would be as understanding as his mother had been minutes ago. Then he heard the shots, one, two then three and for a moment he was frozen, his hand hovering just over the rusty doorknob that led inside. The hurried steps prompted his fight or flight instinct and without further pause he fled toward the janitor’s closet nearby. “Oh my god! Oh my god!” He whispered to himself as the footsteps passed him disappearing down the stairway. When he was certain that it was safe he inched the door open and after looking from side to side down the hallway he hurried from his hiding place and ran for dear life […]

The Fall Chapter 13

Golden Adobe Apartments – Sheldon felt like an outsider and with his emotional outburst he felt he needed to put some distance between himself and the others. So while they headed down the hallway towards Darren or Derek’s room he made his exit. Letting himself inside without being seen by his insistent landlord, Sheldon made his way to the small bedroom closet. He’d promised to never touch a computer or to step foot into cyberspace again and since being in Atlanta he’d kept that promise. Over the last several months he knew he was still being watched. The thought of losing his freedom and the remembrance of the consequences of his careless, if not arrogant actions kept him true to his promise. Sheldon stared at the dusty worn backpack. He’d found it relatively easy to stay away from his old ways until now. Even as he struggled to survive he hadn’t considered going back. Darren had helped him, taking a chance and hiring him when no one else would. He’d been more than an employer he’d been a friend. These were desperate times and without a second thought he pulled the bag from the closet. 2 Years Ago – Office of Homeland Security – Morning – “You’re in a lot of trouble Mr. Rice” The Agent began. Sheldon looked away as the suited man took the seat across from him. “Did you hear what I said? Agent Kominski continued. “We’ve been looking for the elusive Jackal for five years and […]

The Fall Chapter 12

Atlanta General Hospital – Afternoon – “Thank you.” Hotch glanced back at Rossi before speaking. “Thank you?” “Yes. Thank you. Thank you for insisting I come along on this case.” “I just thought we could access your skills faster if you were here, that’s all.” A slight smile appeared on Penelope’s face as she continued to stare out the window. “You’re a softie, you know that Aaron Hotchner?” “Who, me?” He smiled ever so slightly as he stood behind her. “Yeah you but I won’t tell.” “Thanks.” His smile broadened. Penelope rubbed her hand over her bell absentmindedly. “If he doesn’t make it…” “He’ll make it.” “But will he be the same? Will he be the same Derek, my Derek?” Hotch had no words that would reassure her. Nothing that they had ever come up against had prepared him for this. What he did know was that Morgan had obviously gone through a lot they’d all seen it especially Garcia. He wanted to embrace her and tell her that Derek would be okay but he withheld his emotions because it was all he knew how to do. “Derek Morgan?” The group stood and approached the middle-aged petite woman. Penelope led the way making it to the doctor before the others. “How’s my husband?” The doctor looked around at the desperate faces before beginning. “My name is Doctor Flores and I’ve been treating Mr. Morgan since he was brought in.” “Is he going to be okay?” Penelope asked. “I must admit […]

The Fall Chapter 11

“Damn it, Kevin! Why am I just now hearing this?” “I was placed on a special assignment training newbie techs…” “You’re supposed to be keeping an eye on them! Now you’re telling me they’re here in Atlanta?” “Savannah, I’m really sorry! I told you this plan was crazy. I even think they may be on to me because this training assignment came up suddenly. I’ve never been asked to train before.” “Maybe it’s just a coincidence.” “Let’s hope, what I do know is that when you’re training you are under heavy surveillance. It would have been a big problem for both of us if I did anything outside of those parameters.” “I’ve got to get him out of town before they accidentally find us here.” “I’ll do what I can on this end but you need to be careful.” Savannah ended the call as she started her engine. Her heart was beating a mile a minute. She’d tried calling Darren but her call went straight to voicemail. As she headed toward home her next call was to Hamilton. Aquarian Café – “GARCIA!” Penelope turned toward the familiar voices. She was hysterical as Hotch, Rossi, Reid and JJ reached her. Several detectives and uniformed officers followed them across the street. “What happened? Hotch asked. “I saw him! He was right here! Then he was gone!” “Garcia, are you sure?” Reid asked. “Yes, I talked to him, he talked to me!” “Where did he go?” “I don’t know…this guy…he was with him. […]

The Fall Chapter 10

Home of Darren and Savannah Matthews – Morning – The ride home from the hospital had been quiet. Neither of them had said much and the air in the car had been tense. He was still upset with her behavior toward Sheldon and he wasn’t going to let her slide, not this time. Even with the tension between them it was good to be home. Savannah began fretting over him as soon as they stepped through the door and Darren was not in the mood. Savannah knew that her husband was upset with her. She’d behaved horribly and her little outburst the night before had done nothing to help her immediate concerns. Darren was slipping away from her and she couldn’t deny it. Hamilton and Marcos had warned her too many times not to upset him but she wanted what she wanted and with her constant nagging and emotional outburst things were bad between them; the fall couldn’t have come at a worse time. “How about you relax and I’ll make us some breakfast.” “I’m not hungry.” Darren slowly walked over to the couch and lowered his aching body onto the couch. “Baby, you’ve got to have something on your stomach before you can take your pain meds.” “If it will make you happy, I’ll have some toast and coffee, please.” “Toast and coffee it is.” Savannah rushed off to the kitchen. Darren leaned his head against the wall hoping the pain would subside. He’d been damn luck to have […]

The Fall Chapter 9

Atlantic General Hospital – Sheldon glanced quickly down the hall before quietly entering the room. He knew he wouldn’t have much time before Savannah returned. He’d come to apologize but now the conversation that he’d overheard was also pressing on his mind. Darren slowly opened his eyes and smiled up at the man above him. Darren saw the worry and the guilt. He didn’t blame him, he never would instead he was grateful for the fact that Sheldon may have very well saved his life. “Hey man, it’s a little late for you to be out trolling these halls isn’t it?” Sheldon smiled nervously as he searched for the words to apologize. “I didn’t mean to wake you. I just wanted to…” “Please, I see that look in your eyes. Me falling wasn’t your fault.” “But if I had been on time…” “What, you would have stopped me from climbing up that ladder?” “Yes, I mean no…I should have been there, that’s all.” “It was an accident. Besides, Savannah has been asking me to get rid of that old ladder for months now. This was my fault me and my hard head.” Sheldon shook his head and even though a slight smile appeared across his face, his friend’s eyes told Darren that he wasn’t quite ready to accept absolution for his offenses. “So, when are they springing you from this place?” Sheldon asked changing the subject. “Tomorrow morning. I’m only here as a precaution.” “Who knows maybe I’ll come by […]

The Fall Chapter 8

The Prescott Hotel – Hamilton poured himself a drink and took a seat in the chair near the large window. He’d thought of Savannah often over the years and had even spoken to her a few times when his curiosity had gotten the better of him. He missed the stolen moments they’d spent together. She was so young, so eager to please and impress him. Now as he’d gotten older he felt remorse for taking advantage of her feelings for him. She’d been naïve to believe that they could ever have a future together. There was too much to lose to make a foolish decision. He was relieved that it hadn’t taken much persuasion to get her to abort their child. He’d found a friend that owed him a favor so on a cool Saturday morning two days after announcing that she was pregnant, Hamilton drove her to a quaint medical facility in a nearby town. She cried and pleaded with him just before his friend put her under. Hamilton felt obligated to stay by her side during the procedure to insure that everything went as planned. His friend, Dr. Avery Peters, had discovered a problem the young woman had a rare condition; one that he’d only read about in medical school. The young doctor had alerted Hamilton of the condition feeling it only right to give the woman an opportunity to call off the procedure knowing that this would most likely be her only chance to conceive a child. […]

The Fall Chapter 7

“You’re…what? No, that can’t be.” His response caught her off guard. It was not what she’d envisioned in her head. “Baby…” “Savannah, you knew the rules. I thought you understood how things were. This was just for fun nothing else. Come on now, that’s one of the things I love about you.” “I know but…I fell in love with you and I thought…” “You thought what?” “I…” “Come on Savannah, I’m a married man. I’m not leaving my wife and a baby is not going to change that.” “Hamilton, I love you!” “And I love you but this isn’t about love. My wife is a very rich and very powerful woman. If she knew about a baby, she’d destroy us both.” “But you don’t love her, you love me.” “Maybe and maybe not. I’m not leaving my wife, Savannah not for you not for anyone.” Hamilton pulled the distraught Savannah into his arms and gently kissed her on the top of her head. He loved her he really did in his own way just like he had loved the others before her. It always ended this way but he’d been careless with this one. Savannah had managed to get under his skin but he couldn’t no, he wouldn’t let her ruin things for him. There was too much at stake. “Savannah, you’re young and in a few years you’ll forget I ever existed. So this is how it’s going to be. It’s the best thing for both of us. This […]

The Fall Chapter 6

The Peach Tree Diner – Afternoon – Two Days Later – She breathed a sigh of relief when the two men walked into the upscale eatery. Savannah had placed two calls, one to Marcos and the other to her old college professor. Marcos had been in the city all week keeping an eye on Darren and Professor Hamilton Porter had arrived from New York late last night. As they approached her table she smiled. “Good morning you two. Thanks for coming.” “I’ve been to Atlanta so many times over the last year that I told my wife we may be moving here, permanently.” The sarcasm in Marcos’ voice was not lost on Savannah as she shot the man an evil look before turning to the older man. “You call, I come. That’s our deal, right?” Hamilton smirked and leaned down to kiss her on the cheek, lingering longer than a normal peck would require. The waitress came by and handed each of them a menu, as the men got comfortable in the oversized booth. “Their eggs benedict are amazing.” “This place is rather high-brow to be called a diner, don’t you think?” The professor asked. “That’s a part of its appeal.” She answered. “So, let’s cut right to it. You would never call me to Atlanta if there wasn’t a problem.” Savannah looked at Marcos before answering. She wondered if the two had already talked. “He still won’t agree to have a baby…” “Come on, Savannah, surely you didn’t call […]