Do You Know How Much I Love You? Chapter 16

Morgan had insisted on no fanfare, no parties, nothing, for his son’s homecoming. He just wanted to take Hank home and begin their lives again. It had been over a week since Savannah was killed and Internal Affairs had been on his ass ever since. He’d been put on administrative leave, which was fine with him. He hadn’t planned on returning to work anytime soon. He hadn’t finished the nursery and he needed to erase all signs of Savannah from the home they’d shared, so today was set aside to get things ready for Hank’s homecoming tomorrow. Derek never saw himself as a parent let alone a single father of a newborn baby. Life had a way of kicking you in the teeth and lately, he’d felt he’d taken his share of lumps. Penelope, JJ, his mother and his sisters had all promised to help and for that he was grateful. Penelope had promised to meet Derek at his house in a few hours. She’d insisted on picking up some necessary items for the nursery and then helping him to get it just perfect for his precious son, her godson. It was like pulling teeth to get him to agree on letting her help and she tried not to take it personally but it was hard. She’d felt him pulling away from her especially after the conversation about Hank possibly not being his son. She’d found out later that he had already ordered a DNA test; it had been done […]

When Truth Comes Knocking Chapter 12

Morgan followed Rodney and Stevie careful not to be seen. He remembered his nemesis as being extremely paranoid. The police cars were still patrolling and officers were still questioning people on the street. Morgan watched Rodney enter a small corner house two blocks away with his son following close behind. He needed to talk to Stevie somehow Morgan had a feeling that Stevie knew something that could help prove his innocence. An attractive dark-skinned woman met the two on the porch quickly sending the boy inside. She and Rodney stood talking, it was obviously heated their body language said as much. Morgan had found a place across the street out of sight watching the scene play out. He was surprised to discover that Rodney had a family. He’d spent most of his years as the neighborhood’s number one drug dealer and he was known for his violent temper. Derek had several run-ins with Rodney and his last encounter was the start of his trouble with the law. Chicago Police Department – Garcia had begun hunting they’d all agreed that Stan Gordinski had something to hide and Morgan was the key to uncovering it. She stared at the screen as the search continued her mind kept focusing on the conversation they almost had before they were interrupted. Then it was there…glaring on her screen. Hotch pulled his phone from his pocket. It was a text from Garcia. They needed a break and with hope pumping and pushing him toward the conference […]

Internal Affairs Chapter 11

“How is he?” “No change.” Savannah came closer and looked down on the man who’d only an hour ago left their home headed to work. He had no clue she was on to him; that she would do whatever necessary to stop him from reporting back to his team. More importantly, she knew that she could never let him live a life that should have been hers with the likes of Penelope Garcia. “Did anybody see you?” “No.” Another man stepped out of the shadows and joined her at the bedside. “Are you sure?” “I’m positive. No one saw me.” Then she looked at the taller man. “Let me know if there is any change.” She turned to leave the room. “He needs to be in a hospital. I’m a research scientist not a doctor.” “But I am a doctor and I say he stays here until…” “Until what?” “Until he wakes up or dies.” BAU Headquarters – “Nothing! I’ve called him three times and all I get is his voice mail.” Garcia made no attempt to hide the panic in her voice. “He’s not at home. No sign of him or Savannah.” JJ rushed into the room followed closely by Reid. Something was definitely wrong. Savannah’s admission had caught them all by surprised and convinced them that the threat was over. “I’ll call Savannah and…” “Uh, no. I don’t think you’re the best one to call Savannah.” Hotch looked at her sternly. “Oh…right, I suppose not.” “I’ll try her.” […]

Do You Know How Much I Love You? Chapter 15

County Morgue – Morning – Morgan stood stone-faced and numb while the coroner slowly pulled the white sheet away revealing the ashen lifeless body of his wife. He’d pictured her dead more than once over the past week. So many feelings invaded his being; anger, confusion and regret. The grief he also felt was not because she was dead. His grief was spawned from the loss of time, loss because he had allowed himself to believe that they could work. It had been hard always feeling as if he’d come up short in making her happy always wondering if she was just going through the motions. He had his answer. It wasn’t what he’d wanted but the truth seldom was. Hotch watched his friend from the other side of the glass. He never wanted something like this to be what bonded them together. The two men had had their differences over the years but there was no other man he respected or admired more than Derek Morgan. Hotch was often baffled by his strength, focus and determination. He seemed to be super human at times never seeming to bring home the horror or the stains that scared the rest of them. Now here he was saying his last goodbye to his wife. Unlike, Haley, Savannah had only pretended to love Morgan…it was the worst thing that could be done to a man who never fully trusted anyone. Hotch had trusted Morgan with his life and that had not changed and […]

When Truth Comes Knocking Chapter 11

Morgan knew he had to be careful. By now Gordinski would have every cop in Chicago looking for him. It was foolish of him to leave but his history with the older cop taught him that he was safer on the streets than he was locked up in a tiny room with Stan Gordinski drooling and looking for any excuse to beat the hell out of him. So far he’d been able to stay out of sight blending in, keeping his head down and not doing anything to draw attention to himself. He wasn’t sure where he was going; for sure he couldn’t go home that would be the first place cops would show up. Police Department – Garcia watched as Gordinski orchestrated his plan to bring Morgan in. He’d ordered his officers to use whatever means necessary to bring in the homicide suspect. JJ had pleaded with the man to take caution but he assured her that his only concern was to bring Morgan in no matter what it took. She was terrified that Gordinski would find Derek before they did…before they could prove his innocence. “He’s awfully anxious to pin these murders on Morgan.” Garcia turned to face Reid. He had the same look in his eyes as he had earlier. She could always tell when the wheels were spinning in his overactive brain. Now they both stood watching the action around them. “Yes he is. What did you and JJ find out?” “His mother said he started […]

Internal Affairs Chapter 10

Home of Derek Morgan – Morning – “I’m sorry.” He hadn’t heard her enter the kitchen. His mind had been so focused on getting his coffee and getting out of the house before she woke up that he nearly jumped when she placed her hand on his shoulder. “Savannah…” He turned to face her and was met with her tears. Despite her threats he felt bad and guilty for driving her to such extreme behavior. “No, please. Let me finish.” She turned away from him and took a seat at the table. “You must really think I’m some sort of lunatic. This isn’t me, I don’t know what came over me.” He reluctantly joined her at the table. “Savannah, I am so sorry. You didn’t deserve what I did. I was wrong, so, so wrong.” She wiped her tears and looked out the window to avoid his stare. “You can go. I won’t hold you here any longer.” “Are you serious?” “Yes, I’m serious. I thought if you knew I’d gotten hurt you’d care and…” “Of course I care. I’ll always care…I should have never…I thought I could be happy, that we could be happy but I couldn’t stop loving Penelope. I never deserved you, Savannah. I drove you to this.” “No. No you didn’t. I knew the moment I saw the two of you together that you loved her.” “What?” “Yeah. I just thought I could change your mind…make you love me instead.” Derek reached across the table and […]