When Truth Comes Knocking Chapter 17

She’d finally convinced him to take a shower and get into bed. She watched him struggle to fall asleep before finally drifting off. In all the years she’d known him it had never gotten this bad. Penelope always assumed his nightmares were from the horrible things they saw on their job each day. In fact, most of the team didn’t even realize that he was haunted in his sleep just like they were. Morgan was the strong one of them all. He’d some how been able to compartmentalize keeping every thing in their neat, tiny places. He never seemed to crack or break like the others except of course when it involved children. Then his anger raged and it took a lot more effort on his part to work beyond it. Now she knew why. They all knew why and each one of his friends, especially her was clueless on how to help him. Just as Penelope stepped out of the shower, her phone rang. Quickly grabbing it she stepped into the hallway. “How’s it going Garcie?” “Not good. He’s in bad shape. He’s asleep now so maybe in the morning…” “It’s good that you came he needs you right now even if he won’t admit it.” “I’ve never seen him like this before, JJ. He tries so hard to hide his feelings…I never knew he was so broken.” “Morgan is strong and he’ll get over this, Pen. Hang in there.” “Yeah, always.” Then changing the subject slightly. “I guess […]

Soul Purpose Chapter 3

Present Day – Home of Derek and Penelope Morgan – Evening – It felt good being back home. Her night at Kevin’s had been uncomfortable and even though he’d been the perfect host, it felt wrong some how. Saraya was happy too and the moment Penelope placed her feet on the floor, the toddler took off running through the house. The cheap hotel room she’d fled to was more an act of defiance than of practicality. The house was quiet she missed Morgan terribly the memory of their last night here brought tears to her eyes. It was horrible and they’d fought non-stop for hours. So much had happened over the last several weeks and she did what she did best. She ran. This wasn’t what she wanted not by a long shot. She loved her husband more than words could describe but as she stood watching her daughter get reacquainted with her home, she wondered if her fairytale marriage had come to an end. New York – Evening – It was after nine when Morgan arrived in New York. The drive had given him alone time to think about the mess his life had suddenly turned into. His fight to save his marriage had been futile and for the life of him he didn’t know how he could have done things different to change the outcome. Penelope had given him an ultimatum, which didn’t sit well with him. He loved her more than his own life but she wasn’t […]

Soul Purpose Chapter 2

BAU Headquarters – Morning – Morgan had received an early morning text message from Hotch. He’d been summoned to the office for a private meeting. He knew it was coming. Things had been so bad between Penelope and him that it had spilled into the workplace. Hotch and Rossi had fought for the two of them to be able to remain in the same department but there were stipulations. Morgan had been so sure that their relationship was rock solid that he’d volunteered in writing that he would be the one to leave should problems arise. He was confident, too confident now as he looked back. Now he was headed to see Hotch and it could only mean one thing. Hotch’s Office – “Have a seat, Morgan.” Without a word Morgan sat in the guest chair across from Hotch. His boss’ stern expression gave nothing away. Without looking up from the file in front of him, Derek’s personnel file, Hotch began to speak. “The New York office has once again expressed interest in you running their office.” “Hotch…look, I apologize for the tension and the problems over the last few weeks.” Hotch, still not looking up continued. “The bureau will provide housing for you until you make permanent arrangements.” Then looking up finally. “You leave tonight.” Morgan sat back stunned at the finality of it all. Just like that he’d been discarded, just like his wife had discarded him. No discussion, no emotion, just written off and sealed with a […]

When Truth Comes Knocking Chapter 16

Derek was anxious to leave the hospital and head back home to Quantico. He needed distance between him and Chicago, the place where he normally ran to, not from. His mother had already left at his insistence, reluctantly honoring his wishes. Their conversation from the night before still lingered between them there was much more that needed to be said but for now Derek didn’t have the patience and Fran did not have the courage. The team had discussed their suspicions about Derek’s past and had agreed that until he confirmed anything none of them would broach the subject…for now. It was going to be difficult to pretend that things were normal, that this was just another case, but that was exactly what they would have to do to honor Morgan’s need for privacy. Hotch, Rossi, JJ, Penelope and Reid headed to the hospital immediately after breakfast to pick up Morgan. Cruz had instructed that they head back as soon as possible. Already their assistance had been requested in Baltimore, Maryland and he’d assured the lead detective that the entire team would arrive tomorrow morning. Hotch knew the fragile state of his team, not just Morgan but all of them yet his request for down time was refused. He hadn’t told the team that they had a case waiting on their return. He didn’t have the heart. Morgan was putting the last few things in his go-bag as the team pushed through the door. His broad smile caught them all […]

Internal Affairs Chapter 15

“DIG!” Potomac General Hospital – 2 hours later… Penelope had secluded herself in the far corner of the room crying quietly. She’d refused the comfort of her friends shooing them away until they finally realized she was serious and wanted and needed to be alone. The fact that no one had given them an update on Derek’s condition brought her no comfort and no solace. It didn’t matter if she closed her eyes or kept them open it didn’t erase the sight of him lying still in the makeshift coffin. They’d managed to reach him three minutes after Sam’s deadline and he wasn’t breathing. The bruises and cuts on his face and body told her that being buried alive was only half of what he’d endured. She kept asking herself, why? Why was she a magnet for broken deranged men? Men willing to kill her and those she loved without even a second thought. It was foolish to think that this was somehow her fault; that she was responsible for what Savannah, Kevin and Sam had done. Still, she knew she played a role and what she had done to drive the three beyond madness had a price. How could she think she wouldn’t be punished too? “One-one thousand, two-one thousand…breathe! One-one thousand, two-one thousand…breathe, dammit!”  “How’s she holding up?” Rossi handed Hotch a cup breaking him from his thoughts. Taking the seat next to the senior officer, Rossi waited for an answer. “Not good. She just wants to be […]

Soul Purpose Chapter 1

Home of Derek Morgan – Evening Derek had made it a point, subconsciously maybe, to return home as late as possible. The last two weeks had been hell and home seemed less like home. Dropping his go-bag at the door he made his way into the kitchen heading straight to the refrigerator to grab a beer. A small fluffy chocolate brown bear lying on the island caught his eye. Setting the beer down he grabbed the bear, his daughter’s favorite and held it to his face inhaling the smell of Saraya’s bubble bath. Derek fought the tears welling in his eyes; he had a rule…no tears…ever. He refused to make an exception, especially now. “It’s over!” His wife’s words and the look of utter disappointment still haunted him. There was nothing he could say, and he’d tried everything but she wouldn’t listen. He hadn’t done anything wrong…he hadn’t done anything right either so he was forced to watch his world crumble before his eyes. He looked around the over-sized kitchen. He’d designed it especially for her. Her culinary skills were limited but her dream was to have a chef’s kitchen and so that was all he needed to make it happen. It had been a few more minutes before he realized that he wasn’t alone in the house. The floorboards in the hallway gave his intruder away. Turning quickly he met the confident gaze of the woman who’d been responsible for his misery. “What are you doing here?” “I thought […]