When Truth Comes Knocking Chapter 14

“Where are we going?” Ignoring the question, Gordinski continued to drive. Morgan heard a light snicker come from Rodney as the car continued away from the city center. “My team is looking for me, you know that right?” “Your team.” Gordinski chuckled. “Your team will be too late.” “Yeah, there’s a whole lot of bodies buried around this place that have never been found, right Gordinski?” The older man glanced at his cohort shooting a look through the rearview mirror. “You’d know more about that than I would Rodney.” “Yeah whatever.” “You gonna throw away thirty plus years on the force, Gordinski? Because if you kill a federal agent, you’re done! You’ll spend the rest of your life…” “Shut up!” Then to Gordinski, “Man, let me pop a cap in his ass so I don’t have to listen to his mouth anymore!” “Patience, patience. Besides, we’re almost there.” Home of Cara Harris – “My dad found me in Mr. Buford’s office.” “What were you doing there?” Reid already knew in his gut what the boy would reveal next…it was the same thing that was driving Morgan to continue to elude capture, the same thing that kept him silent about his childhood. “Drinking.” “Drinking?” “Mr. Buford, Carl…he always made me drink wine before…” Instinctively Cara pulled her son to her as if protecting him. It was too late to protect him now the damage had already been done. “It’s okay, son.” Rossi interrupted looking at Reid then at Cara. Guilt and […]

Internal Affairs Chapter 13

“Where am I? I can’t move…I can’t breathe…It’s dark…I hate the dark…” Savannah dialed Sam’s number as she rushed out of the room and down the hall. She couldn’t believe he had the nerve to turn on her but the empty room was proof that he’d done just that. Her call went directly to voicemail. Hotch pulled the SUV next to the old worn out building. Kevin had led them to a forgotten building downtown that hadn’t been used in nearly thirty years. According to Kevin, Sam’s family had purchased the building when he was a boy with the intention of turning it into office space. The couple divorced before the renovation began leaving the place abandoned, until now. She needed a plan; a plan to fix the mess created by her first plan. There was no way she was ready to get caught for what she had done. She picked up speed as she rushed toward the exit. Just as she stepped outside she was met by the last people she wanted to see in life. The day couldn’t get any worse. “Don’t move!” JJ rushed toward her as she slowly raised her hands in the air. All guns and eyes were trained on her. “What’s this about?” Hotch glanced to Rossi then Reid then nodded toward the door. The two rushed inside as JJ and Hotch remained outside with Savannah. “Where’s Derek?” Savannah trying to remain confident turned toward the blonde. “I haven’t seen him since he left […]

Do You Know How Much I Love You? Chapter 18

Epilogue 2 Weeks Later… Derek slowly pulled his tired body to a sitting position. His neck, shoulders and back ached but it didn’t matter. The small whimper of his son made him feel alert as he glanced at the restless bundle mere inches away. This had been the routine for the past two weeks and Derek had resigned himself to the reality that sleep was something from his distant past. Penelope sprung to her feet at the sound of Hank crying. She knew Derek would beat her to him but she still got up and headed toward the living room. She watched from the doorway as he massaged his neck and shoulders trying to work the stiffness out before picking up his son. She knew he was determined to go it alone and that made her sad. “I didn’t buy that couch because it was comfortable. I bought it because it was cute.” Morgan smiled tiredly as he stood looking into the bassinet that had been the first official gift from Hank’s godfather. Spencer had been extremely proud of himself to have found and had it in place before Morgan and Penelope brought Hank home. “I’m sorry if Hank woke you, Baby Girl.” “No apologies needed, Handsome.” Morgan began moving his neck back and forth and rotating his shoulders still trying to work out the stiffness. “You know you don’t have to sleep out here on this couch. There’s plenty of room in my bed.” “Penelope…” “What? It’s not like […]

Do You Know How Much I Love You? Chapter 17

Bethesda Memorial Hospital – The loud frantic click-clack of her heels alerted the others that she was coming. Rounding the corner at lightening speed Garcia nearly lost her footing as she slid to a halt at the waiting room doorway. JJ rushed toward her grabbing her firmly by the shoulders breaking her fall. “What happened? Where is he?” “He’s fine! He’s fine Garcia. Calm down.” “I was on my way to his house when you called…I was supposed to help him with the nursery and … oh no the nursery…the house…it’s gone now what? Now…” “Easy, easy! B-R-E-A-T-H-E…” Garcia struggled but she inhaled a shaky breath and exhaled collecting her thoughts. Rossi, Hotch and Reid all gathered around her as she slowly lowered herself into a chair. “I need to see him! I need to see him now.” She tried standing but JJ held her in place. “You can’t see him now.” “But you said he was okay!” “He’s got a slight concussion and some glass imbedded in his back and shoulder from the shattered windows. The doctors are just removing it. When they’re done we can go in.” Reid added. The team exchanged looks. All of them had thought the worst when the call had come in. Like so many times before in the last several months this was close way too close. “When is it going to end?” They’d all been thinking that too. Garcia looked up. One by one she looked into their eyes for an answer […]

Internal Affairs Chapter 12

“What? What did you find?” She knew exactly what she’d found and she knew in an instant that she couldn’t let Kevin see it. She minimized one of the reports before he stood. “Go get Hotch!” “What? Why? Let me see what you found!” “Not now Kevin! Go get Hotch!” “But…” “KEVIN!” “Okaaay…fine!” Then he scurried out of the lair as he was instructed.   Garcia picked up her phone and dialed. Rossi had just stepped into Hotch’s office when Hotch’s phone rang. It was Garcia. “Yeah, Garcia?” “It’s Kevin!” “What?” “I sent him to look for you…I think he knows where Derek is! Please you’ve got to get him to tell you….” “Slow down, slow down…” “I can’t Hotch I found something and Kevin is involved he’s on his way to…” There was a knock on the door. Both men looked up to see Kevin’s face pressed against the glass. Rossi waved the man inside as Hotch continued to listen to Garcia. Kevin nervously opened the door and walked in. “What can we do for you Kevin?” Rossi asked. Before he could answer Hotch ended his call and turned to face the man. “Lynch?” “Uh…Sir, Penelope says she’s found something. She wanted me to come and find you…” “Have a seat Kevin.” Then motioning to Rossi. “Dave, lock the door please.” Unknown Location- “Are you having second thoughts?” Sam glanced back at the sleeping man and quietly stepped into the hall closing the door behind him. He closed his eyes […]

Do You Know How Much I Love You? Chapter 16

Morgan had insisted on no fanfare, no parties, nothing, for his son’s homecoming. He just wanted to take Hank home and begin their lives again. It had been over a week since Savannah was killed and Internal Affairs had been on his ass ever since. He’d been put on administrative leave, which was fine with him. He hadn’t planned on returning to work anytime soon. He hadn’t finished the nursery and he needed to erase all signs of Savannah from the home they’d shared, so today was set aside to get things ready for Hank’s homecoming tomorrow. Derek never saw himself as a parent let alone a single father of a newborn baby. Life had a way of kicking you in the teeth and lately, he’d felt he’d taken his share of lumps. Penelope, JJ, his mother and his sisters had all promised to help and for that he was grateful. Penelope had promised to meet Derek at his house in a few hours. She’d insisted on picking up some necessary items for the nursery and then helping him to get it just perfect for his precious son, her godson. It was like pulling teeth to get him to agree on letting her help and she tried not to take it personally but it was hard. She’d felt him pulling away from her especially after the conversation about Hank possibly not being his son. She’d found out later that he had already ordered a DNA test; it had been done […]