Running To You Chapter 5

“Bet? What bet?” “Everyone else was far less optimistic in their estimate but not me! No sir, I knew it, I knew it! It was only a matter of time…” “Wait…a bet? Who else was in on this bet?” “Um let’s see…Dr. Reid, Dave…” “Figures!” “Ah…Hotch and…” “Not Hotch?” She nodded as she perused her memory. “JJ, Emily, Blake…” “Blake? She’s not even with the bureau anymore.” “Oh and Fran! Such a sweet mother you have there.” “Oh hell no, my mother was in on this, this…bet too?” “Yup! Won’t she be surprised! I tell you I thought she would be my closest competition but boy was she off!” Derek couldn’t believe his ears. His friends and family had taken bets on him and Penelope! How did they know, how could they? He didn’t even know. He carefully set his cup on the table and began pacing back and forth across the room much to Esperia’s amusement. “So now that you’ve admitted how you feel and traveled clear across the country, what are you going to do now?” Home of Dr. Spencer Reid – Evening – Reid had called for backup and now JJ had joined the two in the small cluttered apartment. Neither of them were having any luck with calming their friend down. “What am I going to do now? Derek’s in California and I’m here and…” “Well the first thing we need to do is call Derek and get him back home!” JJ offered. “He’s going to […]

Soul Purpose Chapter 26

Rossi spotted her among the crowd of travelers. Even from his distance he saw the fatigue and worry on her. She carried it in her shoulders as she drug her luggage behind her. Like the rest of them sleep would be delayed for her as well. She managed a slight smile at the sight of his hand raised and waving in the air. Emily welcomed his strong arms as he pulled her into him. They both seemed in need of the contact between friends who were more like family. They stayed in that place longer than they would have had circumstances been different. Then pulling away from each other they saw the sadness and the mess that their decisions had caused swimming wildly and shamefully in their eyes. “Welcome home, Emily.” “Thanks, I wish I could say that I’m happy to be back…not like this…not like this.” “Let’s get you to your apartment…” “No, I want to see Derek.” “It’s late you must be exhausted.” “Please Dave, I need to see him.” He looked into her eyes for what she was not telling him. “Okay. We’ll go see Derek.” The two waded through the crowd and out into the chilly night air. Dave headed toward his car placing her luggage in the trunk. She stood watching him as he closed the trunk not quite ready to face what lied ahead. “Are you sure you don’t want to wait?” “I’m sure.” Emily turned and hopped into the car as Dave hurried […]

When Life Demands Perfection Chapter 10

It had been over an hour since poor nurse Meaghan stormed out of the room. Morgan had quickly fallen asleep and Garcia sat quietly watching the up and down movement of his chest. She so wanted to be angry with him for trying to keep her and the others away but she knew exactly why he did it. He was one of the most stubborn men she knew and he was determined to never show weakness. She had her work cut out for her making him believe that no matter how hard he had tried he would not have been able to stop what had happened. Morgan slowly opened his eyes and was happy that she was still there. Her eyes met his and her smile; that smile was the light he needed in that moment. He had so many questions he wanted to ask about the boys and he needed to know if Hotch, JJ and Will were angry with him. He hadn’t seen them since being admitted so he feared the worse. Just before either of them spoke a soft knock on the door claimed their attention. Rossi and Reid stepped into the room moving toward the bed with looks of relief on their faces. “What are you two doing here?” He assumed that no one else from the team would want to see him. “Where else would we be?” Reid asked puzzled. “And since we’ve been waiting since last night to see you, the least you could […]

When Life Demands Perfection Chapter 9

“What? What do you mean we can’t see him?” Garcia screeched. “The doctors told us he was going to be fine. What happened in the last fifteen minutes?” Reid asked. The nurse looked at the three not knowing how to delicately tell them that their friend did not want to see them. They’d been waiting for hours, neither of them had gotten any sleep and the confusion on their faces was totally understandable. Rossi squinted and leaned in focusing on the young woman’s nametag before he began to speak. “Meaghan, is it?” “Yes.” “Meaghan we don’t understand; what’s going on? Has he taken a turn for the worse?” “Mr. Morgan is stable and as the doctor said earlier, he’s expected to make a full recovery.” “Then what?” Garcia asked impatiently. “He said he wasn’t feeling well with the swelling and bruising, he didn’t want to see anyone.” The three looked at each other then at the troubled woman before them. Clearly she was new at giving out unpleasant information. “He said he didn’t want to see anyone. He was pretty adamant about it in fact. That’s all I know. I’m sorry.” Garcia couldn’t believe her ears. How could Morgan not want to see them, not want to see her? They were best friends and they’d seen each other at their worst. It had to be more to it.   She wasn’t going to accept this foolishness from him without some sort of explanation. “I don’t care what he said, I’m going […]

Into Thin Air Chapter 9

Wayne’s Market – Hotch rushed through the door with Rossi, JJ and Reid close behind. With the exception of the dozen detectives and crime scene investigators there were very few signs that something out of the ordinary had occurred in the small market. Hotch spotted Detective Chris Perkins near the register talking to a man in his mid-forties, obviously upset and talking animatedly with his hands flailing in the air. They’d worked with the detective before so persuading him to allow them to assist hopefully would be easy. The body of the young woman lay in a black body bag behind the counter no doubt the spot where she’d been brutally raped and killed. Reid surveyed the room with his eyes as they approached the detective and the emotional man. He wanted an opportunity to investigate closer but until they got the go ahead he would have to rely on his eidetic memory to recall everything later. “Agent.” Perkins extended his hand to Hotch. Hotch shook his hand as the other man ran his hands through his hair avoiding the newcomer’s questioning eyes. “Your technical analyst notified me that you all were on your way. Sorry to hear about your agent.” “Thanks. I know we haven’t been invited in but if you would allow us to join in…” “You don’t have to ask, of course we could use all the help we can get. Nothing like this has ever happened out here and the folks are already pretty spooked.” “We’ll […]

When Life Demands Perfection Chapter 8

Chester Barker wasn’t finished; even as he sat handcuffed in the back of a patrol car he was determined to make them pay.  He’d come so close to avenging the deaths of his family, so close to ending the life of Derek Morgan and the two little boys and forcing the others to watch as he took their lives.  Something had gone wrong he’d underestimated the BAU and because of it here he sat on his way to jail.  If he were to get any satisfaction it was in watching Supervisory Special Agent Derek Morgan being rushed to a waiting ambulance.  Perhaps he’d get his wish after all. Life was funny just when you thought you were on the right track and dedicated to doing the right thing something happened to remind you that despite all of your efforts, sacrifice and intentions it just wasn’t enough.  Morgan and the rest of the team had fought against evil for a long time.  They’d sacrificed personal lives, relationships, and families to keep the innocent safe.  Yet, like the last twenty-four hours had taught them they were still human, and sometime still late despite their efforts to be on time and be the champion for the helpless and innocent. Morgan had made the mistake the others on the team had made.  More often than not the things that people remembered were your mistakes and seldom did the ones they saved stuck around to say thank you.  It was their job plain and simple […]

When Life Demands Perfection Chapter 7

“Miranda, get those brats!” Miranda turned to head out of the room at Barker’s command. Jack and Henry ran past the woman and out of sight down the dark hallway. Miranda had mixed emotions as she headed out after them secretly hoping that they’d found a way out of the building. Jack held on tightly to his little friend’s hand as he surveyed the open space of the warehouse. He noticed the two other men who’d brought them here and he quickly pulled Henry behind a stack of shipping crates before they could be seen. The two boys watched as Miranda slowly approached in their direction. Jack felt confident having worked at least two cases with his dad so he kept a keen eye on the three as they approached from each side. “They’re coming…” Henry whispered. Jack clamped his hand over the little boy’s mouth. Miranda stopped dead in her tracks she could have sworn she’d heard a small voice. Turning to her right she looked dead into the eyes of Jack Hotchner. She saw his wide-eyed glare…and the fear. “What’s up?” The heavier man asked as his cohort followed close behind. “I thought you were supposed to be keeping a lookout, Roscoe?” Miranda asked. “Andy, Chester told you to wait in the van, right?” “Who put you in charge, Little Mama?” Roscoe asked irritated. “Nobody, I just know how pissed off Chester would be if he knew you two were inside.” “Don’t worry about us you just do […]

When Life Demands Perfection Chapter 6

The door opened suddenly and she jerked around to see the puzzled look in his eyes. “What are you doing in here?” He barked. “Nothing!” “Miranda?” “I-I was just checking…I was going to clean him up a bit, like last time…the boys are going to want to visit again.” “I’ll decide if they visit or not. He may not be alive long enough for another visit.” “I’m sorry, I just thought…” “I didn’t ask you to think, Miranda!” Chester came closer still looking hard at the young woman. Morgan lay still watching the man, hoping he wasn’t there to continue where he’d left off only minutes ago. His pain had now morphed into numbness he was helpless to stop whatever the crazed man decided to do next. He thought for a second that he’d gotten through to the girl but now watching her reaction to her guardian he knew she was not only loyal but she was terrified of him. Chester shifted his glare to the half–conscious man and pushed him with his foot watching for a response from him. Morgan strained to hold his moan inside closing his eyes trying to shut himself off from his present reality. “Your quite resilient, Agent Morgan. I’m impressed.” He chuckled. “That just means I’ll have a lot more fun watching you suffer before I kill you.” Morgan remained silent opening his eyes ever slightly glancing at Miranda searching for some sign of compassion but all he saw was her undying desire to […]

When Life Demands Perfection Chapter 3

Flashback… Home of Derek Morgan Derek and the boys were having a blast; they’d played at least four rounds of Hide-and-Go-Seek and eaten more junk food than any of them would admit to. His house was a wreck but he didn’t mind and he didn’t regret making the offer to watch the boys for the evening. Truth be told he thought he probably had more fun than Jack and Henry and he was seriously considering making it a standing Friday night thing. The boys had fallen asleep in the homemade tent the three had made in front of the television, and he had cleaned up erasing all signs of their evening when there was a knock on the door. He looked at the clock, 10:45, much too late for unannounced visitors, he thought as he looked through the peephole. She couldn’t have been more than twenty; there she stood trembling crying and pounding furiously on his door. He opened his door and the hysterical girl pushed past him into his home. Surprised he turned to follow her shocked at her gall and intrusion. “What are you doing?” He began as she took a seat on his couch. “I didn’t invite you in!” Ignoring him she rocked back and forth, back and forth not saying a word. “Did you hear me? What are you doing? You can’t be here! I’ll call for help but…” A stinging pain to the back of his head sent him spiraling to the floor dazed. Quickly […]

When Life Demands Perfection Chapter 2

Chester Barker had planned his revenge for five years and now he was going to watch as Derek Morgan and his team suffered like he’d suffered years ago. Barker’s life revolved around his gorgeous wife, Meghan and their three young children; Amy, 6; Chester Jr., 4; and Bethany, 8 months. He worked long hours as a general contractor to provide a comfortable life for them. Nothing mattered more to him than his family and he and Meghan had made plans for a long happy life together. That was until a sadistic killer by the name of Montrell Gibson entered their lives. Gibson had killed three other families before he’d entered Barker’s life and the BAU had already been called in to consult on the case by Maryland PD two weeks before Gibson and Barker’s family crossed paths. They were supposed to be the best at predicting behavior, understanding motives and catching criminals with minimal loss. But unfortunately, they hadn’t been smart enough or fast enough to prevent Barker from suffering a loss no man should ever have to suffer. For that they would pay dearly. BAU Headquarters – The team was assembled in the conference room. Cruz had assigned Rossi to lead the case and ordered that Hotch and JJ not be involved except as observers; they were victims now and each one was wreck. Cruz also brought in another team of agents to take up the slack. They all knew the stats on child abductions and the clock was […]