Soul Purpose Chapter 20

Angel’s Pizza, Manhattan, New York 10:45pm – It was getting late and just as everyone had gathered their things to head to the hotel, Derek’s phone rang. He pulled it from his pocket and looked at the name on the screen. Shooting a puzzled look toward Dave he stepped away from the group as they continued on toward the SUV’s. “Director Tinsley, how are you, sir?” “I’m sorry I know it’s really late but this can’t wait I’m afraid.” “As long as you’re not calling to say you’re reneging on our agreement.” “No of course not. Although I wish I could get you to change your mind.” “I’m sorry Sir. I really need to get back home.” “Well, New York’s loss is Quantico’s gain. As a matter of fact, I’m calling to ask you to come see me in Quantico tomorrow morning for a debriefing.” “Sure, I guess I can fly back with the team. My wife and daughter will be happy about that.” “It’s settled then. I’ll see you in my office at nine a.m. sharp.” “Yes Sir, I’ll be there.” Derek pocketed his phone and quickly caught up with the group. Everyone had stopped near one of the SUV’s curious as to who was on the phone. “Everything okay?” Hotch asked. “Um, that was Director Tinsley. He wants to see me in the morning. So if it’s okay I’ll fly back with you all tomorrow.” “Of course.” A smile appeared on Penelope’s face as she planted a kiss […]

The Christmas Miracle Chapter 3

“Speak to me Baby Girl!” Rossi, JJ, Hotch and Reid quickly took their seats around the conference table as Derek stood nearby with his phone on speaker. “Harold Simpson.” “Okay, I know that’s one of your pauses for dramatic purposes but I remind you…” “Yes my Chocolate Adonis I want you home for Christmas.” “Good. So, what you got for me Sweetness?” “Harold Simpson, twenty-eight is our common denominator between these victims. He bounced from foster home to foster home after his mother dropped him off on the steps of Christ Our Redeemer Church in downtown Atlanta. AND to make matters even sadder, she dropped him off on Christmas Eve.” “That would definitely give a kid Christmas issues.” “So true Blondie. Now here’s where things get interesting. Two of our victims are registered as emergency Foster care providers and Harold spent time in both of their homes. According to child welfare records, Harold could only stay in each place for a few weeks and because he was a behavior problem he was hard to place in a permanent home. Harold was finally placed with Bertha Masters and things were going well for a while until Harold attacked a teacher at school. Masters insisted he be removed from her home and he was again placed in an emergency home and then finally was sent to stay in a group home until he aged out of the system.” “So Masters was the first victim. He thought he’d finally found a home.” JJ […]

The Christmas Miracle Chapter 2

Home of Derek and Penelope Morgan – Evening The drive back to the Morgan’s had been quiet…deadly quiet. Derek was still fuming at the dirty trick his mother had played. He’d made himself clear, several times that he did not want to play Santa Claus; it wasn’t his thing…his style and she knew it. She knew perfectly well what the Children’s Miracle Network meant to him. He’d even donated the proceeds from the sale of his last two restorations to the network earmarking the local children’s hospital specifically. As he unlocked the door to their home, visions of revenge danced wildly in his head. Fran Morgan had won this battle but if he had anything to do with it she would not win the war. Penelope watched her husband huff and puff as he stormed into the house and head straight to the liquor cabinet. It had been a while since she’d seen him this angry. She had to admit that Fran was a force to be reckoned with and poor Derek never stood a chance. There was no chance in hell he’d not show up in that red suit on Christmas Eve now. One point for Fran Morgan Rossi, she thought. The next few days were sure to be pure hell and her mother-in-law owed her big time. Home of Dave and Fran Rossi – Dave chuckled to himself as he listened to his wife’s humming as she put away the last of the food. Jingle Bells was her […]

The Christmas Miracle Chapter 1

“He’s got to.” “What? No! He can’t!” “He has to. If he doesn’t Ma will have his head!” Penelope knew her sister-in-law was right. Derek had been dodging this for months now and both she and her stubborn husband had run out of excuses. “Sarah, tell me how I’m supposed to look my delicious, gorgeous hunk of a husband in the eye and tell him he has to go to church…of all places wearing a red velour suit trimmed in white faux fur, shouting ho-ho-ho at the top of his lungs?” The woman was overcome with a vision of her brother dressed as Santa and she broke into hysterics. Penelope saw nothing funny but she couldn’t help joining Sarah as they both doubled over with tears streaming down their faces. “You tell him!” Penelope looked up pleading into Sarah’s face as she struggled to catch her breath. “No way, Sister…you tell him…after all he won’t try to kill you…he sleeps with you and you’re caring his child…so no…you tell him.” Grabbing her purse, scarf and coat, Sarah cowardly, still laughing…deep in her gut laughing and bolted toward the door of her brother’s brand new, pristinely appointed home. Penelope holding onto the banister with dear life still recovering from her own fit of laughter watched her dear sweet sister-in-love bail on her. “COWARD!” BAU Headquarters – “Come on, Morgan what’s the big deal? It’s only once a year!” “There’s no way in hell, Derek Morgan is going to dress up in […]

Soul Purpose Chapter 6

Derek had beaten the sun up. He couldn’t sleep so he’d found himself sitting in the dark living room of his apartment working on his second cup of coffee. He wasn’t ready for the day, not by a long shot and the fact that he hadn’t slept well, made him feel even worse. He was glad Dave had shown up and glad that he’d decided to sleep over. The emptiness of the apartment had made him regret the last several weeks. He should have given Penelope what she wanted. He wished he hadn’t been so stubborn, insisting on his male pride over his wife and child. He ran each and every argument over and over in his mind and saw the hurt in his wife’s eyes and heard his daughter’s cries as the adult voices grew louder and louder. He prayed he could somehow get her to forgive him and take him back. “Couldn’t sleep, eh?” Derek looked up to see Dave enter the room. He’d helped himself to the coffee and Derek didn’t mind. “Nah. I’ve got to report to work in a couple of hours and I’m exhausted.” Dave sat in the chair across from the couch and stared intently at his stepson. “I don’t want this, Dave. I never thought I’d lose her. Not like this. Not over a case.” “The truth?” “Of course.” “You couldn’t have changed a thing.” “What?” “Penelope loves you. In spite of everything that has happened she still loves you.” “But it […]

Soul Purpose Chapter 5

Jackie’s Bar & Grill – New York – Evening – “So how are you holding up, Kid?” Derek kept his eyes on the half-empty glass in front of him. He wasn’t sure how to answer that question since he hadn’t thought much about anything or anyone except Penelope and Saraya. “I’m not sure how I got here, Dave. I can’t help but think that I’ve lost everything I thought was important to me.” “Give it time. Everything will work out the way it’s supposed to work out.” “But what if that means that Penelope and I weren’t meant to be together after all? I don’t think I can accept that, Dave.” “Listen, if there’s one thing I know for sure is that you two are meant to be together. You two just got lost that’s all.” “She wanted me to choose. She gave me an ultimatum. I don’t do ultimatums, Rossi.” “You both are stubborn; too stubborn for your own good. If you two love each other you’re going to have to let go of your pride and meet each other in the middle. That’s what marriage is all about.” Morgan looked up finally at his stepfather as if he were seeing him for the first time. “From a man that’s been married five times.” He chuckled. “Four.” “What?” “Four times. I’ve only been married four times. Your mother is number four.” “And she better be the last, old man.” The two laughed and drained their glasses. Dave checked his […]

When Life Demands Perfection Chapter 8

Chester Barker wasn’t finished; even as he sat handcuffed in the back of a patrol car he was determined to make them pay.  He’d come so close to avenging the deaths of his family, so close to ending the life of Derek Morgan and the two little boys and forcing the others to watch as he took their lives.  Something had gone wrong he’d underestimated the BAU and because of it here he sat on his way to jail.  If he were to get any satisfaction it was in watching Supervisory Special Agent Derek Morgan being rushed to a waiting ambulance.  Perhaps he’d get his wish after all. Life was funny just when you thought you were on the right track and dedicated to doing the right thing something happened to remind you that despite all of your efforts, sacrifice and intentions it just wasn’t enough.  Morgan and the rest of the team had fought against evil for a long time.  They’d sacrificed personal lives, relationships, and families to keep the innocent safe.  Yet, like the last twenty-four hours had taught them they were still human, and sometime still late despite their efforts to be on time and be the champion for the helpless and innocent. Morgan had made the mistake the others on the team had made.  More often than not the things that people remembered were your mistakes and seldom did the ones they saved stuck around to say thank you.  It was their job plain and simple […]

When Life Demands Perfection Chapter 7

“Miranda, get those brats!” Miranda turned to head out of the room at Barker’s command. Jack and Henry ran past the woman and out of sight down the dark hallway. Miranda had mixed emotions as she headed out after them secretly hoping that they’d found a way out of the building. Jack held on tightly to his little friend’s hand as he surveyed the open space of the warehouse. He noticed the two other men who’d brought them here and he quickly pulled Henry behind a stack of shipping crates before they could be seen. The two boys watched as Miranda slowly approached in their direction. Jack felt confident having worked at least two cases with his dad so he kept a keen eye on the three as they approached from each side. “They’re coming…” Henry whispered. Jack clamped his hand over the little boy’s mouth. Miranda stopped dead in her tracks she could have sworn she’d heard a small voice. Turning to her right she looked dead into the eyes of Jack Hotchner. She saw his wide-eyed glare…and the fear. “What’s up?” The heavier man asked as his cohort followed close behind. “I thought you were supposed to be keeping a lookout, Roscoe?” Miranda asked. “Andy, Chester told you to wait in the van, right?” “Who put you in charge, Little Mama?” Roscoe asked irritated. “Nobody, I just know how pissed off Chester would be if he knew you two were inside.” “Don’t worry about us you just do […]

When Life Demands Perfection Chapter 6

The door opened suddenly and she jerked around to see the puzzled look in his eyes. “What are you doing in here?” He barked. “Nothing!” “Miranda?” “I-I was just checking…I was going to clean him up a bit, like last time…the boys are going to want to visit again.” “I’ll decide if they visit or not. He may not be alive long enough for another visit.” “I’m sorry, I just thought…” “I didn’t ask you to think, Miranda!” Chester came closer still looking hard at the young woman. Morgan lay still watching the man, hoping he wasn’t there to continue where he’d left off only minutes ago. His pain had now morphed into numbness he was helpless to stop whatever the crazed man decided to do next. He thought for a second that he’d gotten through to the girl but now watching her reaction to her guardian he knew she was not only loyal but she was terrified of him. Chester shifted his glare to the half–conscious man and pushed him with his foot watching for a response from him. Morgan strained to hold his moan inside closing his eyes trying to shut himself off from his present reality. “Your quite resilient, Agent Morgan. I’m impressed.” He chuckled. “That just means I’ll have a lot more fun watching you suffer before I kill you.” Morgan remained silent opening his eyes ever slightly glancing at Miranda searching for some sign of compassion but all he saw was her undying desire to […]

When Life Demands Perfection Chapter 5

Morgan jumped when he heard the door open. It had been a while since Miranda had left him and he hadn’t moved from his spot on the floor. He was glad that he hadn’t been strapped back into the chair; the zip ties had cut deeply into his wrists during his struggle to get free. He wondered what Chester’s next move would be. Turning his head slowly toward the door he saw the little boys rush to him grabbing him around his neck and holding on for dear life. His heart leapt to see them in one piece unharmed. He wrapped his arms around them and closed his eyes grateful that it wasn’t a dream. “You have five minutes!” Chester growled. The door slammed shut and the lock shifted in place. He pulled the two away from his body and examined them closely. Tears and fear in their wide eyes broke his heart but he was grateful to the beast who’d brought them here for a moment of compassion. He hugged them close to his body again before remembering that time was passing.   He sat the boys on either side of him. “Are you guys okay?” The two shook their heads, yes. “Uncle Derek, why did the bad men and lady bring us here?” “I don’t know, Jack.” He began. “But, I’m going to get you home to your parents, okay?” “I scared…” Henry said softly his lip trembling. “I know you are, little man.” “What happened to your face? […]