Soul Purpose Chapter 23

Flashback continues… “Excuse me? What did you just say?” “I need you to help me end my life.” “Derek…what the hell!” “I just closed a case and…” “The one with the dirty agents?” “Yeah.” “So you closed a case. Go home to your family and fix things with Penelope.” “That’s just it, I don’t think it’s finished. The director wants it closed but…” “But what?” “It was too easy and I think the three men that were arrested were just the tip of a very large iceberg.” “This is bringing back some really bad memories.” “I know and that’s why I need your help. You faked your death to protect the rest of us. I need to fake mine to protect my family and the team.” “Do you remember what happened the last time…?” “I remember and I get it now. I know why you did what you did.” “And you know the damage it caused. I almost lost all of you for good. I think Reid is still pissed at me even though he’ll never admit it.” Several minutes passed before she said another word. The silence was thick and he knew he was asking a lot of her. He wanted to tell her that she owed him for all the months he’d searched for answers to her ‘death’ and he wanted to threaten to send her the bills for all of his therapy hours but he didn’t. He knew that what he was asking wasn’t fair to her […]

Soul Purpose Chapter 17

Kevin was amazed at how the sound of her voice made him feel. His heart fluttered uncontrollably as she talked a hundred miles a minute. She always rambled when she was nervous or upset and he’d grown to love that about her. Still he was happy to hear her voice…He needed to hear her voice. The fact that she thought to call him at a time like this gave him hope. He pretended that he had just only moments ago heard of the attempt on Morgan’s life and he vowed to stick by her through the whole terrible event. She thanked him profusely and he felt safe in revealing his impulsive travel plans. “Kevin, you’re what? You don’t have to come all the way to New York for me! I’m fine. Besides, Derek is getting released in the morning.” “I know I don’t have to come but I want to. I know how you worry about Derek and I just want to make sure you and Saraya are okay. I need to see that with my own eyes, Penelope.” “Oh…Kevin you are such a sweet man. You’re going to make some lucky lady a great husband one day.” His heart broke as her words yanked him roughly back to reality. He didn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of winning her back. Whether or not Morgan was dead or alive he’d never be able to replace him in her life. Still it didn’t stop him from feeling the pain and […]

Internal Affairs Chapter 15

“DIG!” Potomac General Hospital – 2 hours later… Penelope had secluded herself in the far corner of the room crying quietly. She’d refused the comfort of her friends shooing them away until they finally realized she was serious and wanted and needed to be alone. The fact that no one had given them an update on Derek’s condition brought her no comfort and no solace. It didn’t matter if she closed her eyes or kept them open it didn’t erase the sight of him lying still in the makeshift coffin. They’d managed to reach him three minutes after Sam’s deadline and he wasn’t breathing. The bruises and cuts on his face and body told her that being buried alive was only half of what he’d endured. She kept asking herself, why? Why was she a magnet for broken deranged men? Men willing to kill her and those she loved without even a second thought. It was foolish to think that this was somehow her fault; that she was responsible for what Savannah, Kevin and Sam had done. Still, she knew she played a role and what she had done to drive the three beyond madness had a price. How could she think she wouldn’t be punished too? “One-one thousand, two-one thousand…breathe! One-one thousand, two-one thousand…breathe, dammit!”  “How’s she holding up?” Rossi handed Hotch a cup breaking him from his thoughts. Taking the seat next to the senior officer, Rossi waited for an answer. “Not good. She just wants to be […]

Internal Affairs Chapter 14

Her hands shook as she dialed his number. She wasn’t about to make a move until she spoke with him and heard his voice. She could tell a lot by just listening to him speak. The team stood nearby and waited. Sam smiled as he saw her face appear on the display screen of his phone. He knew she’d call; by now all of them knew that he had Morgan. He expected her to try and talk him into freeing Morgan but he had no intentions on doing any such thing. He was in the driver’s seat and he was calling the shots…he wanted her and he was going to have her. “Sam?” “I knew you would call…” “What have you done? Where’s Derek?” “This is all your fault, my love.” “Sam, please…” “I asked you to marry me, Penelope. You should have been grateful but what did you do?” “Sam, listen to me. We can talk about this but don’t take it out on Morgan; this is between you and me.” “So true, it is just between you and me. It’s time for you to come home we have a lot to talk about.” “Sam, you know I can’t marry you…why are you really doing this?” “I’ve always had a fantasy of being married in my grandmother’s rose garden.” “Sam…” “I must have talked to you about it a hundred times, remember?” “Sam…” “She left me that house but I have been able to bring myself to move in […]

Do You Know How Much I Love You? Chapter 18

Epilogue 2 Weeks Later… Derek slowly pulled his tired body to a sitting position. His neck, shoulders and back ached but it didn’t matter. The small whimper of his son made him feel alert as he glanced at the restless bundle mere inches away. This had been the routine for the past two weeks and Derek had resigned himself to the reality that sleep was something from his distant past. Penelope sprung to her feet at the sound of Hank crying. She knew Derek would beat her to him but she still got up and headed toward the living room. She watched from the doorway as he massaged his neck and shoulders trying to work the stiffness out before picking up his son. She knew he was determined to go it alone and that made her sad. “I didn’t buy that couch because it was comfortable. I bought it because it was cute.” Morgan smiled tiredly as he stood looking into the bassinet that had been the first official gift from Hank’s godfather. Spencer had been extremely proud of himself to have found and had it in place before Morgan and Penelope brought Hank home. “I’m sorry if Hank woke you, Baby Girl.” “No apologies needed, Handsome.” Morgan began moving his neck back and forth and rotating his shoulders still trying to work out the stiffness. “You know you don’t have to sleep out here on this couch. There’s plenty of room in my bed.” “Penelope…” “What? It’s not like […]

Do You Know How Much I Love You? Chapter 13

“How far are you willing to go with this?” Hotch had allowed the silence to guide them both back to the hospital. He knew his friend and he knew he would need time before talking about what had happened at his home. He like the rest knew what Garcia meant to him and he always wondered why the two had never gotten together. Hotch admired the man next to him; his strength and determination…it was beyond human and beyond anything else he’d ever seen. He wondered if in the end those same things would be his downfall. What he did know was that he’d be there for him no matter what happened and no matter what he needed. “All the way.” That was it; it was all he said. It was enough. Morgan climbed out of the passenger side and headed toward the hospital entrance. Hotch followed close behind as the two entered through the automatic doors. JJ, Reid and Rossi had arrived moments before along with Penelope who was being examined by the emergency room staff. JJ watched the concern on Morgan’s face morph into fear when he didn’t see Garcia with them. Quickly she approached him gobbling him up in her arms. “She’s okay, she’s okay.” She felt him exhale into her shoulder as she tightened her grip around him allowing him a moment to let her words sink in. “I need to see my son but I need to see her first.” “Of course.” She released him […]

Do You Know How Much I Love You? Chapter 8

She watched her husband enter the room. His eyes focused on her as if they were strangers and perhaps after all that had happened and that had no doubt been revealed, they were strangers now. His eyes were black, angry and held no hope for them. She’d given him a son; that should count for something; she was smart enough not to put any faith in that fact. He took the seat next to her bed and sat. A chill had followed him into the room and he took his time before speaking to her. “The nurses said you were asking for me.” There was no life in his eyes, just darkness. “It’s been six hours since our son was born I thought you’d come see me before now.” “Hank.” “Excuse me?” “Our son, his name is Hank Spencer Morgan.” He saw the confusion on her face. “We haven’t decided on a…” “His name is, Hank. Spencer. Morgan. Consider it decided.” “Derek…” “No, Savannah. It’s been settled. I’ve decided.” She shifted in bed trying to hide the fact that he had won this round. She weighed her next move against a man that everyone had underestimated. “So is this how it’s going to be?” He didn’t respond. His focus had not waivered since he’d entered the room. “Was any of it real?” “Derek, I’m so…” “Was any of it real, Savannah?” “Derek, I didn’t mean to…” “You didn’t mean to what, Savannah? Hurt me? Help those men hurt me? What […]

Broken Chapter 3

Garcia hated commercial flights. Even though she’d only been on the jet a few times she’d gotten used to the convenience and the quickness in which it was able to get them to their destinations. She needed to get to San Diego to Derek but the first flight out didn’t leave for another three hours. So, with her bags in tow she found a seat near the boarding gate and made herself comfortable. She’d tried to call him several times after JJ’s first call and each time all she got was his voicemail. She assumed he was pissed at her now after all, the way she had treated him she couldn’t blame him. “Where you going, honey?” The unwelcomed intrusion into her thoughts shifted her attention to the elderly woman who’d taken the seat next to her. It was late and most of the seats were empty yet the woman had chosen to sit next to her, rather on top of her banging into Penelope, as she got comfortable. “Let me guess, a sexy rendezvous with a handsome lover?” Penelope wasn’t in the mood to talk as the woman waited for an answer. She reminded her of her grandmother on her mother’s side and she didn’t have the heart to tell her to get lost. “Not exactly.” “Oh I see. I bet you’re already married am I right? Tall, dark and handsome…” She shook her head and strained to smile hoping the woman would leave her alone; she didn’t. “I […]

Only Reid Chapter 1

Potomac General Hospital – Evening Hotch, Rossi and JJ burst through the door weaving and dodging the sea of slow moving, aching and sick patients waiting to be seen. The news had come after a much-needed night out with the team relaxing, acting silly and drinking way too much. Their last case in Dallas had drained them all and pushed each one of them to the brink of their tolerance levels. Now they were rushing to see about one of their own who had become a victim of a sadistic attack. Their evening of gathering together to forget had suddenly crashed and burned dragging them to the realization that there was no place to run from evil and no one even them were immune from its touch. Hotch rushed to the nearest nurses’ desk and pushed his way to the front not carrying how inconsiderate it may have seemed. “Spencer Reid!” The over worked frazzled clerk looked up and her face softened at the FBI credentials now within inches of her nose. “He’s in Exam room one…” Without as much as a, ‘thank you,’ the three rushed down the hall leaving the clerk in mid sentence. “Sir! You can’t go in there!” She yelled. Just as Hotch placed his hand on the door a nurse came out and blocked his way preventing them from going any further. “We need to see …” “He’s being examined by the doctor and as soon as he is finished he’ll be out to see […]

When Life Demands Perfection Chapter 9

“What? What do you mean we can’t see him?” Garcia screeched. “The doctors told us he was going to be fine. What happened in the last fifteen minutes?” Reid asked. The nurse looked at the three not knowing how to delicately tell them that their friend did not want to see them. They’d been waiting for hours, neither of them had gotten any sleep and the confusion on their faces was totally understandable. Rossi squinted and leaned in focusing on the young woman’s nametag before he began to speak. “Meaghan, is it?” “Yes.” “Meaghan we don’t understand; what’s going on? Has he taken a turn for the worse?” “Mr. Morgan is stable and as the doctor said earlier, he’s expected to make a full recovery.” “Then what?” Garcia asked impatiently. “He said he wasn’t feeling well with the swelling and bruising, he didn’t want to see anyone.” The three looked at each other then at the troubled woman before them. Clearly she was new at giving out unpleasant information. “He said he didn’t want to see anyone. He was pretty adamant about it in fact. That’s all I know. I’m sorry.” Garcia couldn’t believe her ears. How could Morgan not want to see them, not want to see her? They were best friends and they’d seen each other at their worst. It had to be more to it.   She wasn’t going to accept this foolishness from him without some sort of explanation. “I don’t care what he said, I’m going […]