The Fall Chapter 10

Home of Darren and Savannah Matthews – Morning – The ride home from the hospital had been quiet. Neither of them had said much and the air in the car had been tense. He was still upset with her behavior toward Sheldon and he wasn’t going to let her slide, not this time. Even with the tension between them it was good to be home. Savannah began fretting over him as soon as they stepped through the door and Darren was not in the mood. Savannah knew that her husband was upset with her. She’d behaved horribly and her little outburst the night before had done nothing to help her immediate concerns. Darren was slipping away from her and she couldn’t deny it. Hamilton and Marcos had warned her too many times not to upset him but she wanted what she wanted and with her constant nagging and emotional outburst things were bad between them; the fall couldn’t have come at a worse time. “How about you relax and I’ll make us some breakfast.” “I’m not hungry.” Darren slowly walked over to the couch and lowered his aching body onto the couch. “Baby, you’ve got to have something on your stomach before you can take your pain meds.” “If it will make you happy, I’ll have some toast and coffee, please.” “Toast and coffee it is.” Savannah rushed off to the kitchen. Darren leaned his head against the wall hoping the pain would subside. He’d been damn luck to have […]

The Fall Chapter 9

Atlantic General Hospital – Sheldon glanced quickly down the hall before quietly entering the room. He knew he wouldn’t have much time before Savannah returned. He’d come to apologize but now the conversation that he’d overheard was also pressing on his mind. Darren slowly opened his eyes and smiled up at the man above him. Darren saw the worry and the guilt. He didn’t blame him, he never would instead he was grateful for the fact that Sheldon may have very well saved his life. “Hey man, it’s a little late for you to be out trolling these halls isn’t it?” Sheldon smiled nervously as he searched for the words to apologize. “I didn’t mean to wake you. I just wanted to…” “Please, I see that look in your eyes. Me falling wasn’t your fault.” “But if I had been on time…” “What, you would have stopped me from climbing up that ladder?” “Yes, I mean no…I should have been there, that’s all.” “It was an accident. Besides, Savannah has been asking me to get rid of that old ladder for months now. This was my fault me and my hard head.” Sheldon shook his head and even though a slight smile appeared across his face, his friend’s eyes told Darren that he wasn’t quite ready to accept absolution for his offenses. “So, when are they springing you from this place?” Sheldon asked changing the subject. “Tomorrow morning. I’m only here as a precaution.” “Who knows maybe I’ll come by […]

The Fall Chapter 8

The Prescott Hotel – Hamilton poured himself a drink and took a seat in the chair near the large window. He’d thought of Savannah often over the years and had even spoken to her a few times when his curiosity had gotten the better of him. He missed the stolen moments they’d spent together. She was so young, so eager to please and impress him. Now as he’d gotten older he felt remorse for taking advantage of her feelings for him. She’d been naïve to believe that they could ever have a future together. There was too much to lose to make a foolish decision. He was relieved that it hadn’t taken much persuasion to get her to abort their child. He’d found a friend that owed him a favor so on a cool Saturday morning two days after announcing that she was pregnant, Hamilton drove her to a quaint medical facility in a nearby town. She cried and pleaded with him just before his friend put her under. Hamilton felt obligated to stay by her side during the procedure to insure that everything went as planned. His friend, Dr. Avery Peters, had discovered a problem the young woman had a rare condition; one that he’d only read about in medical school. The young doctor had alerted Hamilton of the condition feeling it only right to give the woman an opportunity to call off the procedure knowing that this would most likely be her only chance to conceive a child. […]

The Fall Chapter 7

“You’re…what? No, that can’t be.” His response caught her off guard. It was not what she’d envisioned in her head. “Baby…” “Savannah, you knew the rules. I thought you understood how things were. This was just for fun nothing else. Come on now, that’s one of the things I love about you.” “I know but…I fell in love with you and I thought…” “You thought what?” “I…” “Come on Savannah, I’m a married man. I’m not leaving my wife and a baby is not going to change that.” “Hamilton, I love you!” “And I love you but this isn’t about love. My wife is a very rich and very powerful woman. If she knew about a baby, she’d destroy us both.” “But you don’t love her, you love me.” “Maybe and maybe not. I’m not leaving my wife, Savannah not for you not for anyone.” Hamilton pulled the distraught Savannah into his arms and gently kissed her on the top of her head. He loved her he really did in his own way just like he had loved the others before her. It always ended this way but he’d been careless with this one. Savannah had managed to get under his skin but he couldn’t no, he wouldn’t let her ruin things for him. There was too much at stake. “Savannah, you’re young and in a few years you’ll forget I ever existed. So this is how it’s going to be. It’s the best thing for both of us. This […]

The Fall Chapter 6

The Peach Tree Diner – Afternoon – Two Days Later – She breathed a sigh of relief when the two men walked into the upscale eatery. Savannah had placed two calls, one to Marcos and the other to her old college professor. Marcos had been in the city all week keeping an eye on Darren and Professor Hamilton Porter had arrived from New York late last night. As they approached her table she smiled. “Good morning you two. Thanks for coming.” “I’ve been to Atlanta so many times over the last year that I told my wife we may be moving here, permanently.” The sarcasm in Marcos’ voice was not lost on Savannah as she shot the man an evil look before turning to the older man. “You call, I come. That’s our deal, right?” Hamilton smirked and leaned down to kiss her on the cheek, lingering longer than a normal peck would require. The waitress came by and handed each of them a menu, as the men got comfortable in the oversized booth. “Their eggs benedict are amazing.” “This place is rather high-brow to be called a diner, don’t you think?” The professor asked. “That’s a part of its appeal.” She answered. “So, let’s cut right to it. You would never call me to Atlanta if there wasn’t a problem.” Savannah looked at Marcos before answering. She wondered if the two had already talked. “He still won’t agree to have a baby…” “Come on, Savannah, surely you didn’t call […]

The Fall Chapter 5

Home of Darren and Savannah Matthews – Atlanta, GA – Evening – Savannah frowned at the burnt casserole that seemed to get more and more unsightly by the minute. Some things hadn’t changed she chuckled to herself. So, turning off the oven she headed upstairs to find her husband. Darren closed his eyes and let his forehead rest on the cold tile. The hot water felt good against his skin. It had been a long day and he needed to find a way to get back in Savannah’s good graces. He seemed to be letting her down a lot lately and he wasn’t sure how to fix things. He wanted to make her happy; it was all that was important all that he lived for. He didn’t realize that she had entered the bathroom until the cool air hit his back as she joined him in the shower. Startled from his thoughts, he turned to face her. Darren watched as she grabbed the sponge and the body wash. “Savannah, what…?” She silenced him before he could finish his question with a passionate kiss on his lips. Then she poured the liquid on the sponge and returned the bottle to the ledge where it had been earlier. “Turn around.” “I-I…” “Shh…” So obediently, he turned to face the wall. “I’m sorry I disappointed you, Baby.” He felt the sponge slowly rub against his back. “No, I was wrong for getting upset. I know that isn’t who you really are. I need […]

The Fall Chapter 4

Savannah listened for the sound of the door closing. Grabbing her phone from her purse nearby she moved to her bedroom window and watched as he ran toward the street. Once he was out of sight she looked at her phone and placed a call. “He’s on his way.” It was dark and cold. Darren hated running in the dark and he hated the cold but here he was running as if his life depended on it. She needed some space he could understand that after all, his wife had had high hopes for him and his business. Too bad his desires and hopes were not the same as hers. Running helped him clear his head of the cobwebs and relieved the stress that seemed to be building in his mind. Marcos hated Atlanta. Six months travelling back and forth and spending time away from his family was not his idea of a good time but it paid well. He’d even gotten used to the waiting and the hiding in dark shadows for the man to round the corner. He was a creature of habit, a slave to fitness and an obedient husband. She had him where she wanted him but things hadn’t been as easy as she’d expected. That’s where he came in. Marcos was good at what he did and he’d been a part of this whole twisted plan from the beginning. The good doctor called him the little insurance policy…the good hands, the one who plugged the […]

The Fall Chapter 3

Home of Dave and Fran Rossi – Dave had decided to stay home this morning and he was glad he did. His wife had been struggling and with every passing day, week and month he watched her helplessly slip further into despair. She continued to apologize to him for not being able to move past the fact that her only son had disappeared into thin air. Dave continued to assure her that she had nothing to apologize for. Still, Fran had fallen into the habit of crying uncontrollably during those times when she thought she was alone. Today was no different. Dave had offered to run out for breakfast and when he returned Fran was sitting alone in their bedroom, thumbing through a photo album. She’d paused on a picture of Derek and his sisters. Judging by the picture, Derek looked to be about thirteen. Flanked on each side by his sisters, the smile on the young boy’s face didn’t seem to match the sadness in his eyes. “That’s not going to bring him back Bella.” Fran slowly ran her fingers across the picture before closing the album and turning to face her husband. “I miss him. I miss him so much, Dave.” “I know you do. I miss him too, we all do.” “It doesn’t make sense. It’s been six months and still…” Dave rushed to her side and sat next to her on the bed. He had no answers and no words to explain what was happening. So, […]

The Fall Chapter 2

BAU Headquarters – Quantico, VA – Afternoon – Kevin derived a certain amount of pleasure watching Penelope walk the halls coming and going like a zombie. She was a mere shell of herself Morgan’s unexplainable disappearance had taken a toll on her. The love she had for the agent was like a badge of honor that she waved in his face as she declared that there would be no second chances for them. He’d never considered Morgan a threat to his relationship with Penelope. There was no way in hell a man like that with his reputation would see anything remotely attractive or desirable about her. Penelope was Kevin’s safe choice and he had fooled himself into believing she was his forever. But he’d been wrong. She wasn’t his…never had she been his not really. The moment she’d laid eyes on the bureau’s playboy, she was hooked…that had been two years before Kevin had met her. He never had a chance. Now here she was bloated and waddling around like a penguin pregnant by a man that everyone secretly believed walked out on her but Kevin knew better. Derek would never leave Penelope and he would never leave their child. So in the end his satisfaction began and ended with the fact that he was one of only two people who knew what had happened to Supervisory Special Agent Derek Morgan. Atlanta, GA – City Hall – Afternoon – Darren was nervous as he adjusted his tie for the umpteenth […]

The Fall Chapter 1

Savannah was content giving up her life in Quantico. She’d failed miserably at being happy there and so she’d made up her mind to move to a place where she could start over. Atlanta had always been a place of curiosity for her. Several friends from medical school had moved there finding success, great jobs, new businesses and love. After taking the leap Savannah had become one of the lucky ones too. Six months of planning and getting settled into a large Victorian just outside of town, she’d managed to find happiness at last. The love of her life had followed her there it seemed. It had been easier than she thought persuading him to come with her; the thought of him by her side had merely been a fantasy until now. But here he was in her bed every morning when she woke and every night when she went to sleep. This was heaven and she promised herself that nothing and no one would ever take it from her. As she poured herself a cup of coffee she felt his strong arms snake around her waist. She smiled as he planted a soft kiss on her neck. She loved him and she smiled confidently allowing her body to fall against his strong chest. He moaned his approval as memories of the night before raced through her mind. “Good morning beautiful.” “Good morning my sweet husband.” They’d married two months after their move. It had been a quiet ceremony downtown […]