The Fall Chapter 19

Atlanta General Hospital –

“Wake up, Hamilton, since when have you been a sound sleeper?”

“Evelyn, darling. He replied still with his eyes closed.

“The least you can do is open your eyes.”

Hamilton complied opening his eyes and giving her one of his toothy smiles. The Calvary, he thought as he watched her come closer. She’d always been a desperate pushover, clueless to his scandalous dealings and extramarital trysts. She’d take care of everything, just like always.

“You came, how sweet of you.”

“Did you think I wouldn’t?”

“How did you find out?”

“Don’t trouble yourself with the how’s and why’s of my visit, husband.

“Listen, I’m in a little bit of a jam here. Call Harry and have him fly down and take care of this! They’ll be discharging me in a day or so and I really don’t want to spend a moment in…”

“Really, Hamilton? When this gets out, Harry will be far too busy protecting my good name to worry about you. Besides, I’m just as much a victim here as the poor Agent Morgan!”


“I won’t allow your mess to sully my name and reputation. My attorney will be building a case for the poor grieving wife…”



“Yes, grieving.”

Then Hamilton saw the broad, confident smile spread across his wife’s face. He’d only seen it a few times over the years and it always meant trouble for him. No one knew his wife like he did. She wasn’t the sweet, innocent and demure socialite that everyone assumed she was. Evelyn LeBlanc was quite the opposite, quite the opposite indeed.

“But…but I’m your husband, you can’t leave me hanging!”

“Don’t worry, I’m sure the county will assign one of its over-worked and inexperienced public defenders to handle your case.”

“You can’t due this! Please! I can explain everything! I love you, Evelyn!”

Evelyn snickered basking in a moment of sweet awareness.

“You know, the times you’ve said you loved me over the course of our marriage, I can count on both hands and you know what?”


“It was only when you needed something. I didn’t believe it then and I damn sure don’t believe it now!”

“Don’t do this Evelyn! You have to get me out of this! I promise I’ll do better, we can work on our marriage, take a second honeymoon and…”

“If I’m not mistaken your third child was conceived on our honeymoon!”

Deflated Hamilton allowed his body to flop against the pillows and without another word he watched his wife saunter toward the door. Before leaving Evelyn turned to face her husband.

“Goodbye, Hamilton.”

Morgan woke and found himself alone, gloriously alone. His family had allowed him peace and solitude to sleep without being under their watchful, worried and teary eyes and for that he was thankful. It felt like a dagger in his already pain wrecked body every time he looked in their eyes and every time he saw Penelope’s hand on her swollen belly.

It was hard to believe the he’d been gone for six, almost seven months now. Penelope had been pregnant all that time and if they had not found him on a fluke, he’d still be lost to them.

Savannah, Marcos and the doctor were confident that they had won and even now, still struggling Derek wasn’t sure that they hadn’t. He wanted his life back the way it was before he’d been snatched away. Now he had to keep fighting, and he had to hold on until he was able to drag his tired mind and spirit home to where he really belonged.

Morgan stood watching the older man as he slept. Hamilton opened his eyes and smiled at Derek with no fright or surprise as if he’d been expecting him to pay him a visit. Watching Hamilton pull himself up in bed made Derek regret not taking his life on the roof.

“Nice seeing you again, Darren…oops, I’m sorry, Derek.”


“Why, what?”

“Why did you do this to me?”

Morgan couldn’t stand the sound of the chuckle that fell from the older man’s mouth.

“Come on, Derek. You can do better than that! Why?”

“You kidnapped me, drugged me and tortured me. Then you brainwashed me for what? Savannah? Does she mean that much to you?”

“Let’s just say, I owe her.”

Derek closed his eyes for a second and as he clinched his fist at his sides he strained against his desire to ram his fist down the man’s throat.

“You…you owe her? What do you owe her?”

“That’s nothing for you to worry yourself about now.”

“I should have killed you on that roof!”

“You couldn’t. Yes, yes you wanted to but it’s not who you are. I, more than anyone knows that.”

“You don’t know that and you don’t know me.”

“Oh, but I do! I know you Derek and do you know why?”


“Because I broke you and then I made you over again! No matter how hard you fight, you’re Darren Matthews now.”

“I am not, Darren…”

“YES, yes you are! Derek Morgan is dead! He died the moment we grabbed you from that market parking lot and threw you in the back of that van.”

“No, that’s a lie!”

“It’s the truth. Don’t you remember what happened and what I promised I would do if you didn’t behave?”

“No, stop talking!”

“You’re Darren! You’re Savannah’s husband and you love her! Your job is to make her happy or…”

Hamilton watched as Derek grimaced and held his hands tightly over his ears denying the words that he was hearing.

“NO! My name…”

“Savannah is very upset, you’ve failed her and you know what happens if you fail her, don’t you Darren?”

Derek shook his head as he slowly looked at Hamilton.


“Tell me, what happens if you make her unhappy, Darren?”


“And how do you die, Darren?”

“I kill myself.”

“Good…verrrryyyy good.”

Dr. Flores had asked to meet with Morgan’s family and friends to give them an update. The group had virtually set up camp bouncing back and forth from her patient’s room, the waiting room and the small room she’d managed to reserve for them to work from.

“Thanks for taking the time to talk to us doctor.” Hotch began.

“It’s my pleasure but I’m afraid I don’t have good news.”

Penelope grabbed Fran’s hand and held it tight. Reid and JJ shot glances at each other while Dave placed a firm hand on his wife’s shoulder.

“Please tell us what’s happening with my husband.”

“The little good news is that the drug level in his system is decreasing slightly.” She began. “The bad news is that the effects are doing a lot of damage that his immune system is having a hard time fighting.”

“Which means it’s causing new problems.” Reid interrupted.

“New problems that his body may be too weak to fight if we don’t get ahead of this.”

“What’s next?” Fran asked.

“If we can find an antidote within the next twenty-four hours then we can neutralize the remaining drugs and begin hopefully reversing some of the physical damage and use some conventional methods to help his body fight and get stronger. But…”

“But what?” JJ asked.

“If he gets an infection before we find an antidote I’m afraid we’ll lose him, he’s too weak to fight it off.”

“Oh my god. It just keeps getting worse.” I can’t lose him not after everything that’s happened.”

Fran wrapped her arm around Penelope’s shoulder and pulled her close. The two of them cried together silently as the doctor continued.

“Don’t give up hope, please. He’s a fighter and even though he’s in a lot of pain he’s fighting. He wants to get out of bed and walk around but we need him to stay in bed and save his strength…he’s going to need it.”

“What can we do, doctor?” Sheldon asked.

Dr. Flores stood and looked at each person before responding to Sheldon’s question.

“I hear you’re quite a computer whiz.”

“I know my way around cyberspace.”

“Then keep looking. If you can find something, anything that can tell us what Dr. Hamilton did to your friend then he’ll have a fighting chance of beating this thing.”

“Don’t worry, the last thing I’d ever do is stop looking. You can count on that.”

Morgan slowly made his way back to his room stopping every few steps to lean against the walls to ride out the waves of pain. His body was betraying him but the fact that he was able to see Hamilton face-to-face gave him enough strength to make it back.

Just as he pulled his weak body into bed the door opened and his family and friends filled the room.

“Derek Morgan what were you doing out of bed?”

He tried to smile at Fran but she was insisting on an answer to her question.
“I want out of here.” He said weakly.

“You have to get stronger before you get out of here.”

“I know it’s hard Handsome, but we need you to be patient, okay? Let the doctors do their job.”

“The doctors? They don’t know how to help me! I want to go home, I hate hospitals!”

Sheldon quickly stepped forward and placed a light hand on his friend’s shoulder.

“Hey, listen between me and your beautiful bride here, we’re doing everything we can to find some answers, just hang in there.”

Derek looked over the faces in the room. He knew that everyone was doing all they could, including the doctors. He immediately felt bad for his outburst.

“Yeah I know, I know…I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry.” Hotch began. “We’re not giving up so you can’t either.”

“I take it Savannah and her friend didn’t tell you anything?”

“No, but we still haven’t talked to Hamilton.”

Hotch’s comment was interrupted by the appearance of Dr. Flores. Dave was the first to speak.

“Hey Doc, we were just bringing our patient up to speed.”

“Well, I’m afraid I have some more bad news.”

“What is it?”

“It’s about Dr. Hamilton.”

“What about him?” Hotch asked.

“He was just found dead in his room.”

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