Will You Marry Me? Chapter 5

Penelope slowly made her way down the hall careful not to be seen by the others. She stopped in front of Derek’s office placing her hand lightly on the gold nameplate in front of her. With her other hand she turned the knob, pushed the door open and quickly stepped inside. She closed her eyes as she inhaled his cologne and imagined him behind his desk and looking up with a smile to greet her. She imagined the wheels turning in his head as no doubt he would be thinking about all the things he wanted to do to her and had done to her in that office. Then she imagined smiling back at him knowingly and hoping he’d make some of those thoughts a reality. Then she fought against the heaviness in her chest as she wondered if she’d get to him in time to save him. She moved toward his desk opening the small top drawer on the left. He kept a key there and seeing it she grabbed it and headed toward the far wall. A new picture that sat on the bookcase nearby caught her eye. She remembered the night it was taken and it made her smile.

Las Vegas, NV – 2 Weeks Ago…

“Wow, I don’t believe we just did that!” She exhaled.

“Damn woman, what was that move?” He moaned as he collapsed next to her.

“No silly! I mean I don’t believe we just got married!”

“Well we did and now you’re stuck with me for life!”

“Are you sure you’re ready for this?”

“I’m more than ready, Baby Girl.”

She never dreamed she could be this happy. In that moment the world could have ended and she wouldn’t care in the least. She had loved him for twelve years and had dreamed of being his but it never seemed in the cards for them. But now, they were husband and wife and as he pulled her tightly into the crook of his arm she silently promised their union that she would fight heaven and hell before she allowed anyone or anything to destroy their happiness.

She so wanted to stay in the bliss of their wedding night but time was running out. Kevin had proven to be a monster and now Derek needed her. With the small key in hand she opened the large cabinet door. Derek kept a gun there. It was the gun he had used to teach her to protect herself after she’d been shot years ago. She hated guns and she refused to carry it. After hours and days of trying to change her mind he told her that he’d keep it here in case she changed her mind.

Thirty minutes later…

Rossi, Reid, Hotch and JJ were now seated together in the conference room. Rossi and Reid had come up empty at the abduction site and Hotch and JJ hadn’t found anything either.

“Nobody can just disappear into thin air…” JJ began.

“Especially Kevin. He’s a good computer tech but it takes a lot of planning and intelligence to just disappear.” Reid interrupted.

“Well so far he’s done just that so despite what we may think of his capabilities he’s managed to kidnap Morgan and vanish into thin air.” Hotch added.

“Now what?” JJ asked.

“Has anyone talked to Garcia lately?”

Rossi looked around the room at the others.

“No.” Reid quickly stood. “I better go check on her.”

Even before he pushed the door open Reid knew the office was empty. It was quiet and all of the computers where on with search results waiting to be read. Garcia never left her computers on and unattended. He read each screen one by one and then he called Hotch.

Unknown Location –

Kevin paced nervously back and forth in the makeshift office on the upper level. He was certain that his last picture to Penelope rocked her. He’d received a text from her letting him know that she was on her way. He was almost giddy in fact, he kept watching the clock above his head waiting and pacing.

“Take it easy boss, you’re wearing a hole in the floor.”

“She’s coming! I can’t believe she’s actually coming!”

“You really think she’ll stay with you, especially after we kill her man?”

“She won’t have a choice. After I put a bullet in Derek’s head, Penelope and I are disappearing and nobody will be able to find us.”

Larry shook his head watching as Kevin continued his non-stop pacing. He’d never met anyone so determined to get what he wanted. Larry had only known Kevin for a few weeks and in that time he’d watched the man spend a small fortune renovating the old building turning it into a giant death trap for the man that was now trapped in the old trunk downstairs. It was insane to watch but it was even more insane to be a participant in it all. Larry had lost his best friend and now he wanted Derek Morgan dead just as much as Kevin Lynch did.

BAU Headquarters –

 “She found them.” Reid announced.

Hotch, Rossi and JJ rushed through the door and joined him in front of Garcia’s bank of computers.

“How?” Hotch asked.

“She changed her search parameters. Instead of looking for property under Kevin’s name she searched through any and all purchases made within a hundred mile radius looking for a hidden clue…”

“And she found it.” Rossi added. “The Purple Currant and Jam Company.”

“Plum Sauce.” JJ began. “That son-of-a-bitch!”

Hotch surveyed each screen one by one. He knew Garcia, they all did and he knew that she’d been careful to leave them a large trail of breadcrumbs in hopes that they would find her and Derek before it was too late.

“Are you guys seeing what I’m seeing?” Reid asked.

“Yeah she wants us to follow her…”

“Thirty-ten Westover Avenue.” Rossi read out loud.

“Let’s go!” Hotch ordered.

3010 Westover Avenue –

Penelope pulled her over-sized orange Cadillac through the wire gate and parked in one of the spaces in front of the warehouse. She knew he’d be watching and waiting so she made no attempt to hide her arrival. She took a deep breath to calm her nerves and got out of the car. She was nervous about the extra weight in her purse but she proceeded toward the door determined to save Derek’s life at all cost. Placing her hand on the dusty knob she was not surprised to find it unlocked.

Kevin felt like a schoolboy as he walked toward the front door followed by his trusty employee. He smiled at the thought of their reunion and to know that finally he was the one in charge added a little pep to his step. She would have a thousand questions and a thousand demands all of which he’d refuse to answer and refuse to grant. It was his turn to give the orders and he’d show Penelope and Derek that they never stood a chance against him. Then he saw her as she appeared like an angel out of the darkness into the light and stood in front of him.

“Where’s Derek?”

“Well hello to you too, Plum Sauce.”

“I told you not to call me that, Kevin!”

“It looks like you are in no position to make any demands, my lovely Penelope and might I add you are looking lovelier than ever!”

She hated him and the wicked grin on his face.

“I’m here just like you wanted so let’s get this over with.”

“Of course, of course follow me.”

Larry quickly came around Kevin and grabbed her arm and followed Kevin back down the hallway toward the last room on the right. Penelope tried in vain to free her arm while Kevin unlocked the door.

“Patience my dear I know you are just as excited to start our life together as I am but you must be patient.”

The three stepped into the room and Penelope gasped in horror at the sight of the trunk before them.

“The picture didn’t do it justice, did it Plum Sauce? It’s much smaller in person.”

“Oh my god, Derek!” She muttered.

“I understand he has a thing for dark tiny spaces.” He joked. “Well, I aim to please.”

Larry seemed to be amused and began to laugh as he tightened his grip on her arm.

“Please get him out of there! I did what you wanted, I’m here and I didn’t tell my team! Let him out!”

“Of course he’s the guest of honor for our little gathering, Penny! We wouldn’t want him to miss a thing.”

Then Kevin nodded at Larry. As Larry slowly released her arm Kevin quickly wrapped his arm around her shoulders pulling her tightly against his side. They both watched as Larry approached the trunk. Just before Larry unlocked it Kevin stopped him.

“Just a minute Larry.”

Kevin turned Penelope to face him careful not to break his hold on her. Smiling and looking deeply into her eyes he waited until he knew his words would have the perfect affect.

“Penelope, darling…” He exhaled.

“Kevin, please enough with the games.”

“Games? It’s funny you should say that Pen…”

Then with one hand Kevin digs into his pocket pulling out a crumpled piece of paper and shoves it into her chest.


Staring at the maniac in front of her Garcia peeled the wrinkled paper off her and read it. She looked at him in disbelief then back at the paper.

“W-Where did you get this?”

“It’s public record Plum Sauce.”


But, but, but…how stupid do you think I am, Penelope, huh?”

“Do you really want me to answer that?”

Then violently he slapped her across the face sending her crashing to the floor. He relished in her scream and watched as she looked up at him in fear.

“Your first lesson, Plum Sauce is to never try to outsmart me! I’ve been watching you for a very long time and I know all about your little trip to Las Vegas! I know what you and Derek did…your little…secret!”


“Don’t what, Penelope?” Then grabbing a hand full of her hair he pulled her to her feet. “Don’t what?”

Kevin looked toward Larry who was watching the scene play out before him.

“Get him out! I want him to watch what happens to liars and cheaters and people who think they can outsmart Kevin Lynch! Get him out!”

Penelope struggled against Kevin’s grip while Larry, now terrified himself fumbled with the lock on the trunk.

“Hurry up, you idiot!!! I want him to watch what I do to her before he dies!”

“Kevin, NO!”

“Shut UP, Penelope!”

“Leave him alone! Don’t touch him!”

Larry opened the trunk and began roughly pulling Morgan from the trunk. He was so still that Penelope couldn’t tell if he were alive or dead. She felt herself panic even more as Larry dropped Derek’s limp body on the ground.

“What do you think about your Hot Stuff now?”

“He’s still more of a man than you…”

Before she could finish, Kevin slapped her hard again and threw her roughly to the ground. Then without another thought he turned to face Derek who was slowly coming to and moaning against the pain. Penelope realized that she still had a death grip on her purse. Kevin never thought to check to see if she were hiding anything. He’d always underestimated her and this time he’d pay for it.

“This is it!” JJ yelled as Hotch pulled the SUV through the wire fence.

After parking next to Garcia’s caddy, the team rushed out and headed toward the building and waited for Hotch to signal their entry.


Then the sound of gunshots sent them rushing inside down the dark hallway. Another shot rang out before they reached the room. The sight before them stopped them in their tracks.

“Oh my god…Garcia!”












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