Soul Purpose Chapter 19

Derek saw the blood lots and lots of blood. He breathed a sigh of relief as he looked into the eyes of his friend still holding the gun outstretched in her hands. Together their eyes fell on the wide-eyed corpse of Kevin Lynch as he lay on the worn tile. He didn’t see it coming. He didn’t see the flaw in his impulsive plan. Morgan was ready, he should have known that but he wasn’t thinking clearly. Now, there he was at Morgan’s feet dead and defeated. The room was flooded within seconds with agents, police and hospital staff all too late to have changed the outcome and the actions of one demented foolish man.

“You okay?” JJ surveyed Derek as she slowly lowered and holstered her gun.

“Yeah, I’m alright, I’m alright.” Then, “Nice shot.”

“ I had a good teacher. You were right, he did come after you instead of Penelope.”

“He was predictable and it cost him his life.”

“Let’s get out of here Pen’s probably going crazy by now.”

“And I’ve already broken my promise once already.”


“Not to make her worry.”

“Yeah, I still don’t know what you were thinking…”

“Come on JJ, we already talked about this…”

JJ smiled with relief as she wrapped her arm around his shoulder and led him from the room.

The walk down the hall seemed like eternity as they finally reached the exit and out to the parking lot. Saraya wiggled and Penelope placed her feet on the ground where she sprinted toward her father. Relief and tears showed on Garcia’s face as her husband, grimacing picked up his speed toward them. Then scooping his eager toddler into his arms he hugged her tight while watching his wife approach.

“Are you okay?”

“I’m fine, Baby Girl.”

He pulled her to him with his free arm and held his family tightly while the rest of the team, Hotch, Rossi, Reid and JJ looked on.

“It’s over.” He whispered as she trembled slightly against him and even as he spoke those words he didn’t quite believe them but he had to say whatever it took to make her feel safe again.


She pulled away slightly to look into his eyes. She saw her answer but now she needed to hear the words.


Laying her head against his chest she sobbed. All the years spent with the insecure, Kevin Lynch flooded her mind as she drew strength from the arms of her husband. She’d always be disappointed in herself for settling for a man that she didn’t love and even though Derek and the others would tell her otherwise, Kevin’s journey to this end began the moment she’d let him into her life.

Derek knew her tears were birthed not from sorrow or loss but from guilt and for that his own heart broke for her. She wasn’t to blame and no matter what her and Lynch’s past was his path most certainly would have lead him to the same end. He had his work cut out in making her see and believe that truth. Most likely he’d never be able to convince her that this wasn’t on her but it wouldn’t stop him from trying.

Park Avenue Towers – Manhattan – Next Morning –

Robert Lynch had planned a business trip to the city. He never imagined it would include identifying the body of his only child. The elder Lynch had achieved great success in business but had failed miserably as a parent. He had to admit that he never wanted children but after many months of negotiating with his wife who’d never asked for much he consented. Kevin’s birth had given him no real satisfaction except to see the smile on his wife’s face who had put up with a lot to be his wife.

He had to admit that his relationship with his son was not the best and he’d never gotten use to the fact that he had spawned a weak, uninspired dreamer who had always believed that the world owed him something. His mother had over-indulged him and he had become a man that had no real purpose in a world that chewed up and spit out men with no purpose. Now he laid in the morgue, a victim of his own uselessness and insistence on having his own way. So, as Robert Lynch sat at the dining room table in his opulent Park Avenue penthouse, he penciled in a visit to the morgue. His day was full with business meetings and an unpleasant stop at the Manhattan precinct to tidy up a few stray ends. Then it was off to lunch with a special lady whom he hadn’t seen in a while. She had a way of making him forget his worries and somehow she was always able to make him feel as if he weren’t the utter scoundrel he knew deep down that he was. Taking one last sip of his coffee, Robert Lynch stood and headed out for the day.

Apartment of Derek Morgan –

“I don’t understand why we can’t stay here with you. I can work from here and Saraya…”

“No, Penelope. It’s time for you and our daughter to go home and get back to your lives.”

She watched as he walked away from her and headed toward the kitchen to refill his coffee mug. She was certain he was trying to get rid of her and to resume their separate lives as if it was okay for him to remain in New York alone and she in Quantico raising Saraya without him.

“Derek, are you saying that you don’t want to be with me, with us?”

Derek turned to face her; as usual she’d gotten it wrong. There was nothing more in the world that he wanted than to be with his family again, but there was a lot to sort out and he’d made a deal with the director whom he had no power to force to honor his word.

“No, that’s not what I’m saying.”

“Then what?”

“Your lives have been disrupted enough and I just want to get through these next few weeks or months…”

“Months, Derek you said the director would send you home after this case.”

“I did and he said he’d give me whatever I asked but it’s still going to take some time and if you and Saraya are here I’ll…”

“You’ll what?”

“I’ll be distracted.”

He kissed her lovingly on the lips. Then glancing at their daughter who was sitting in front of the television preoccupied with her princess movie, he smiled and pulled her close.

“I thought you liked my, “distractions” Mr. Morgan.” She cooed.

She returned his kiss with a familiar devilish grin on her face. He kissed her back again and again and again…

“I love your distractions, Baby Girl but if you want your husband home, I need to focus.”

“Fine but I promise to be utterly miserable until that fine chocolate body of yours walks through our front door.”



FBI Headquarters – Quantico, VA – Afternoon –

Martin Tinsley knew that he was a lucky man. He’d tried successfully several times to get Derek Morgan to the New York office. His original plan did not include killing the agent however. He’d heard a lot about him and knew that he was the best. Derek Morgan was a leader and he was fearless more than capable to head one of the busiest offices in the world. When the opportunity arose to get him even against his will he jumped at the chance.

Tinsley also saw Morgan as a means to an end. Agents Christiansen and Callahan had begun doing things that put his outside operation at risk. They were sloppy and his partner Robert Lynch was getting anxious. The two plus the little weasel computer geek Tavares had become a liability that would eventually bring them all down. Tinsley and Lynch had dodged a bullet it seemed. Christiansen, Callahan and Tavares knew to keep their mouths shut the consequences of talking made life in prison seem like a holiday. Breathing a shaky sigh, Tinsley pulled his phone from his pocket and dialed he wanted to be the first to congratulate SSA Derek Morgan on a job well done.

Angel’s Pizza – Manhattan – Evening –

The team had agreed to go for Pizza since Hotch suggested they spend the night in New York before heading back to Quantico. The large rowdy group had lucked out and found a way to take over the far corner of the quaint restaurant. Just as the waitress brought their drink orders Dave noticed that Derek seemed unusually quiet. He was certain no one else had noticed as they talked and laughed relieved that they’d all survived another personal attack against their family. Dave quietly slipped out of his seat next to Hotch and sauntered over to Derek who was so lost in his thoughts that he didn’t notice the man next to him until Dave placed a light hand on his shoulder.

“Hey, let’s get some air.”

Derek looked up at the man who’d become more like a father than just a friend so without protest he stood and followed him outside.

“Where’d you go in there?”

“I don’t know…I know I should be happy. I mean I just put away two bad agents and I’m going home…”

“So what’s got you down? I know that look it’s the same look you had when Emily died.”

“I can’t shake this feeling that I missed something; that there’s something or someone I missed.”

“You just built an airtight case against two agents and an analyst who’ve been operating outside of the law for years, case closed.”

“It was just too easy. Callahan and Christiansen aren’t smart enough to keep an operation like that going. There’s someone else out there and they think they’ve gotten away with murder.”

“Are you willing to stay in New York until you figure it out?”

“I want to go home, Rossi. Besides, the director is satisfied and he’s officially closed the case.”

“So, let it go and come home. Your family needs you and we need you back on the team.”

“Yeah I hear you.”

Dave watched the wheels turning in Derek’s head. He wasn’t going to let this go no matter what the director did or said. Memories of Ian Doyle danced through his head.

“I know that look.”

“What look?”

“That look that sent you after Ian Doyle for seven months until you found him and destroyed him and his network of criminals.”

“Dave, I can’t let this go! My gut is telling me that somebody’s playing me for a fool. I’m telling you this case was way too easy.”

“Maybe you’re just that good at what you do?”

“Thanks but I don’t think that’s it.”

“Look Derek, you just said it; your gut is telling you there’s more. So, you’ve got to follow your gut. Just know that whatever you decide to do, I’ve got your back…we all do.”

“Thanks, man.”

FBI Headquarters- Office of Director – Evening –

Martin Tinsley had worked late he wasn’t sure why but the clock on the wall read nine-thirty and everyone on his wing had left hours ago. It was quiet except for the buzz of a distant vacuum cleaner. His wife had called twice inquiring about his departure and he’d given her some lame excuse to which he was certain she wasn’t buying. Reluctantly, he stood and gathered his belongs. Just as he was about to leave his phone rang. Looking at the name across his cell, he frowned. It was never good news when his partner called at this hour. Exhaling and closing his eyes he answered the call.


“We’ve got a problem.”

“Can’t this wait. I’ve had all the problems I can handle for one day.”

“NO, it can’t wait.”

“Fine, what is it?”

There was a pause, perhaps for dramatic affect but Tinsley was too exhausted to care.

“He’s still looking…”

“What? Who’s still looking?”

“Your agent, that’s who! Damn it, Martin I thought you ordered the case close!”

“I did. I gave strict orders that it was not to be pursued any further.”

“Well, obviously he didn’t hear you because he’s still searching and I don’t think I need to remind you what’s at stack.”

“No. No you don’t have to remind me of what’s at stack.”

“Good! Handle it and now!”

“Don’t worry he’ll be back in Quantico in a few weeks…”

“We don’t have a few weeks, Martin.”

“Fine, fine…I’ll order him back to Quantico for a debriefing tomorrow. Trust me he will no longer be a problem.”

“Make sure of it.”

Martin continued to hold the phone to his ear as the hum of the ended call sounded in his ear. He’d underestimated things and he’d underestimated a determined FBI agent. He knew what he had to do and this time he couldn’t trust the task to anyone else but himself.

“Damn you, Morgan!”












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