Soul Purpose Chapter 18

Ever the petulant child, Kevin did not obey his father. There was no doubt that the elder Lynch knew best but Kevin wanted what he wanted and what he wanted more than anything in the moment was to be in Penelope’s presence. So, without another thought he made his way to the hospital’s entrance. Much later, he would regret not obeying his father’s orders.

“Do you still have your security detail?”

“Of course. One arrived just ahead of us and one had our six after we arrived.”

Penelope was visibly upset now. She began to pace the room. JJ and Derek exchanged worried looks. They’d devised a plan and now they were certain Penelope would never be able to go through with it.

“This is insane!”


“No Derek, this is Kevin we’re talking about! Meek, mild-mannered Kevin who wouldn’t hurt a flea! This is crazy!”

“The evidence points to him Baby Girl! He and my analyst have been friends for years and they’ve been in contact a lot over the last several months. The dates coincide with the murders…”

“No, I don’t care! There has to be another explanation they’re friends, that’s all! I’ve heard him talk about his friend Leo that doesn’t mean he knew what Leo and those agents were doing!”

“Believe me, there’s nothing more I’d like than to be wrong about Kevin, but…”

Penelope turned to face her husband with fire in her eyes. JJ moved toward the bed and gently pulled Saraya in her arms.

“You two talk, my niece and I will be outside.”

“Thanks, JJ.”

Morgan watched as JJ and his daughter left the room. Then he took his wife’s hands in his.

“I know you and Kevin are friends and for the life of me I don’t know why…”

“No, Derek you don’t get it.” She saw the confusion in his eyes. “If I find out that Kevin is involved, that he was a part of this case and especially if he was behind you almost being killed I’ll personally kick his ass!”

“Baby Girl?”

“I mean it! You and our daughter mean everything to me. I know perfectly well how Kevin feels about me. I thought if I maintained a friendship with him then he’d see that…”

Derek silenced her with a gentle kiss on the lips and pulled her close against his chest.

“That you belong here, with me…you always have and you always will.”

Penelope pulled away slightly to look intently into his eyes.

“Exactly! I love you Derek Morgan and if I have to play along with yours and JJ’s plan to get to the truth, no matter what it is, then I’ll do it.”

Penelope placed her head against him and exhaled. Derek kissed the top of her head the next few minutes were spent in silence until JJ and Saraya returned.

“You two okay?”

“Yeah, we’re better than okay.” Derek answered.

Police Department – New York Manhattan Metro –

Brustin waited on the other side of the glass as Hotch ended his interview with Agent Callahan. Like Christiansen and Tavares he had refused to cooperate insisting that he was innocent and after a while demanding to speak with his attorney. Hotch left frustrated and the only satisfaction he had was in knowing that Morgan had put together an airtight case against the three men. Unless one of them talked they’d be spending the rest of their lives behind bars.

“Nothing just like the other two.” Brustin began.

“Their afraid of something bigger than a life behind bars that’s for sure.”

“Yeah but what?”

“Or who?”

Without further conversation about the three, Hotch extended his hand to Brustin and patted him on the shoulder.

“Thank you.”

“My pleasure. I’m just sorry it was two of your own.”

“Me too but there’s bad in all of our ranks unfortunately.”

Brustin accepted his hand shaking it firmly with a knowing smile.

“True.” Then changing the subject. “It was good seeing you again Agent Hotchner. Maybe next time you’re in the city it will be for pleasure and not business.”

“That would be nice.”

“I’ll buy you a drink.”

“You’re on. Thank you again.”

Brustin nodded and watched as the agent turned and headed toward the door.

Manhattan General –

The doctor had arrived and given Derek last minute instructions regarding his discharge. He was supposed to take it easy, expect pain and soreness for the next week. Then giving him a prescription for pain medication and repeating his instructions to take it easy to which, he was certain would be ignored he said goodbye to the group and left the room. Now the room was quiet with nervous energy and Derek pulled his wife in his arms pleading with her to be careful.

“Hotch and Rossi are on their way. Reid is with the SUV.” JJ began.

“As soon as you get Penelope to the SUV with Reid…”

“Relax, Derek. We’re ready. Kevin will never see our security detail. They have eyes on him as we speak.”

Derek exhaled increasing his grip around his wife. JJ shifted Saraya who was now nodding in her arms as she watched her partner. She’d never seem him this nervous but he knew she would protect his family with her life.

Penelope exhaled too and shot a glance at her daughter then at JJ. Finally she pulled away from Derek taking his hands in hers.

“Don’t worry, we’ll be fine.”

“You sure you’re ready for this, Baby Girl?”

“I’m ready.”

Just before releasing his hands she kissed him on the lips and smiled bravely. Ignoring the fear and worry in his eyes she turned toward the door and gently pulled her daughter away from JJ and held her closely. As she stepped out into the hall a man dressed in a dark suit approached her shielding her with his body. JJ followed close behind taking one final look back at Derek.



“Thank you.”

“Of course. It’s what family does.”

A faint smile crossed his face as he watched the door slowly close.

He’d managed to find a place to hide among the busy-ness of the hospital. The fact that he’d found surgical scrubs to fit didn’t hurt either. He was sure that he wouldn’t be noticed hiding in plain sight. He was relieved to see Saraya sleeping in her mother’s arms as the three left the room. He wanted to reveal himself now but the large agent walking slightly in front and to the left gave him pause. He’d grown to be patient over the last year certain that in the end his patience would reward him with Penelope back in his life where she belonged. He could hear his father’s voice in his head calling him a fool at the thought. It didn’t matter now as he watched her move down the hall toward the elevators.

Once in the elevator JJ called Reid who along with the other agent would escort her and Saraya from the elevator to the SUV. JJ knew her friend was nervous; not for herself but for her husband who was now alone in his room. She didn’t like the plan from the beginning but he swore he could handle himself. Reluctantly she had agreed and now here she was stepping out of the elevator into the lobby where Reid waited. Without a word JJ remained on the elevator and headed back upstairs.

Derek heard the door open. Without turning he continued to place his belongings into his go-bag.

“What took you so long?”

Kevin was startled by the question. Now that he was here he wasn’t sure how he would proceed. Then Derek turned to face him.

“So I suppose your daughter told you she saw me then.”

“She did.”

“She never did care too much for me. I’m not sure why, I’m actually a nice guy.”

“She’s always been a good judge of character, I guess. Even at three.”

Kevin chuckled and turned his back on Derek to face the door. Morgan kept a close eye on the man who’d come to do the unthinkable.

“You have it all, don’t you…Derek?”

“I’m sorry…I don’t under…”

Then Kevin turned back to face Derek. He had a gun in his hand that shook slightly. This wasn’t something that Kevin was familiar with and that made him even more dangerous.

“You sure you know what you’re doing, Lynch?”

“I know I want Penelope back and you’re in my way.”

“Is that all?”

“That and the fact that you’ve uncovered some nasty business that me and a few of my closest friends are into.”

“I see. Well why don’t you do the right thing and put that gun down and help us put them in jail where they belong.”

“I could but you’d still have Penelope.”

“Kevin, if Penelope wanted to be with you, she would be. Obviously, she’s where she wants to be.”


Kevin raised the gun supporting it now with both hands. Derek raised his hands in surrender waiting for the man’s next move.

“Okay, okay. So now what? You don’t think you’re getting out of this room, do you?”

“That’s exactly what I think. I’m sure you and your team would hate to see anyone else get hurt.”

“The only person that’s going to get hurt today, Kevin is you.”

“Look around agent, I’m the one with the gun.”

Derek smirked confidently.

“But I’m not alone.”


Slowly Kevin turned toward the door. There stood JJ with her gun trained on his forehead. He’d seen her place a bullet in a suspect’s head from across the room with amazing accuracy. Now she stood mere inches from him and he had no desire to be her next target. He looked to Morgan again then to JJ.

“Put the gun down!” She calmly ordered.

Everything slowed as Kevin smiled and slowly turned once again to face Morgan. No one expected him to pull the trigger he’d always been squeamish about such things. No, Kevin didn’t want to be JJ’s next target but it seemed far better than rotting in jail and even worse, living without Penelope. So, he found a resolve that he’d kept buried all of his life for just a moment like this. Then while the smile grew broader across his face, he pulled the trigger.






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