Soul Purpose Chapter 17

Kevin was amazed at how the sound of her voice made him feel. His heart fluttered uncontrollably as she talked a hundred miles a minute. She always rambled when she was nervous or upset and he’d grown to love that about her. Still he was happy to hear her voice…He needed to hear her voice. The fact that she thought to call him at a time like this gave him hope. He pretended that he had just only moments ago heard of the attempt on Morgan’s life and he vowed to stick by her through the whole terrible event. She thanked him profusely and he felt safe in revealing his impulsive travel plans.

“Kevin, you’re what? You don’t have to come all the way to New York for me! I’m fine. Besides, Derek is getting released in the morning.”

“I know I don’t have to come but I want to. I know how you worry about Derek and I just want to make sure you and Saraya are okay. I need to see that with my own eyes, Penelope.”

“Oh…Kevin you are such a sweet man. You’re going to make some lucky lady a great husband one day.”

His heart broke as her words yanked him roughly back to reality. He didn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of winning her back. Whether or not Morgan was dead or alive he’d never be able to replace him in her life. Still it didn’t stop him from feeling the pain and the loss and it didn’t stop him from wanting Derek dead and if he couldn’t accomplish that he’d settle for the next best thing. He’d do what Morgan had done to him and that was to take what meant the most to him away. He’d kill Penelope. Even as she spoke non-stop on the other end of the phone he could imagine the look of surprise in her face as he slowly took her life.


“Uh, yeah, sorry…I’m here, I’m here.”

“Where’d you go?”

“No I’m still here. I just thought I heard them announce my flight. No worries, I’ll see you in a couple hours, Plum Sauce…er…I mean, Penelope.”

Penelope glanced over at her friend as she hung up and dropped the phone into her oversized bag. JJ returned the look and nodded.

“You did good, Pen.”

“Now what?”

“Now we wait.”

“I’m sorry, JJ but I still can’t believe that Kevin would ever try to ruin my marriage to Derek!”

“Penelope, he’s obsessed with you! You left him for Derek and he’s never gotten over that.”

“I know JJ but, Kevin is my friend. He only wants me to be happy! I’d bet my life on that!”

“Really? What about your daughter, would you bet Saraya’s life on that?”

Garcia sat speechless of course she’d never put her daughter in danger but Kevin was her friend and he’d moved on and accepted her marriage with Derek. Her stomach flipped again and rumbled and a wave of nausea hit her reminding her that she hadn’t eaten much all day.

JJ noticed that Garcia had gotten quiet, lost in her thoughts and desperately searching for an explanation to defend Kevin. The fact was, there was no explanation; no words that would explain Kevin’s almost obsessive behavior around her and Saraya especially after she and Derek had separated.

“Hey, you okay?”

Garcia smiled slightly and nodded.


Police Department – New York Manhattan Metro – Morning –

True to his word, Lt. Brustin and his men kept a close eye on Agents Carmichael and Christiansen and they made quite a spectacle as they along with technical analyst Leo Tavares were paraded into the busy precinct cuffed like common criminals. Hotch watched from a far allowing Brustin the joy of closing a case that had left him baffled for months. Arrogant to the end both agents smiled and nodded at the other detectives and officers, confident that this was just a small interruption in their day. Tavares on the other hand was clearly frightened and pleading with whoever would listen that he was innocent.

Hotch waited until all three men were processed and escorted to separate interrogation rooms. He’d take great satisfaction in letting them sit and stew for a while before going in and breaking the news to them that their careers and lives were over.

Manhattan General – Morning –

 Kevin pulled his rental car into the visitors’ parking lot and killed the engine. He wanted to see Penelope arrive so he made sure to find a space that gave him clear view of the hospital’s main entrance without being seen easily by those coming and going. If he weren’t so desperate he’d feel foolish waiting to get a glimpse of a woman that had no desire to be with him. He’d allowed himself to get involved with his father’s evil plan to protect his criminal endeavors and justifying it with the fact the Morgan deserved what he got for stealing his woman away from him.

The elder Lynch had assured his son that he had nothing to worry about and the fact that the wayward FBI agents and the gullible technical analyst were now behind bars posed no threat to the two of them and the director. That did nothing to satisfy the aching place in Kevin’s heart…nothing would until Penelope was back in his life.

Derek eased his sore body out of bed. He knew that his wife and daughter would be there shortly to pick him up. His head still hurt and every other part of his body but he was damn lucky to be alive and because of that fact he welcomed the pain. What was more painful was the fact that he had made her worry and he was determined to make things right.

His mind drifted back to his conversation with JJ the night before. She suspected that Kevin was up to no good and had orchestrated Savannah’s and Penelope’s visits to New York in hopes that Penelope would suspect an affair and leave Derek for good. Not only did his plan backfire, it pushed husband and wife back together. Derek wanted to brush it off as nothing more than the acts of a heartbroken ex-lover; that is until JJ pulled a report from her bag…Kevin was connected to Agents Callahan and Christiansen. It was obvious that Lynch and Tavares were close friends and looking at the phone log that JJ had secretly pulled the dates and times all coincided with Morgan’s case against the New York trio.

Flashback… the night before…

“I think Kevin is up to something.”

“Kevin Lynch?”

“I think he had something to do with Savannah showing up here.”

“Are you serious?”

“He’s the one who talked Penelope into coming. He damn near booked the flight and flew the plane. He drove them to the airport and everything.”

“Maybe it’s just a coincidence.”

Derek watched as she pulled a white piece of paper from her bag. Then she glanced down at the sleeping woman and handed the paper to him. She watched as he surveyed it intently.

“I don’t believe in coincidence, not in our line of work and you don’t either.”

Without looking up he responded.

“You’re right, I don’t.”

Derek continued to stare at the report, which was a detailed log of all of Kevin’s phone calls over the last several weeks.

“I was just tracking his calls to Garcie. I don’t trust him and he’s just a little too involved with her especially since you guys have been having problems…”

“You were never a fan of Kevin’s.”

“Look who’s talking!”

Derek nodded still studying the report.

“Damn it, that Son-of-a-bitch.”

“Then I saw the other numbers, all from New York…do they mean anything to your case?”

“Hell yeah. These numbers are to Leo Tavares and agents Christiansen and Callahan.”

“You think he’s involved with the murders?”

“Without a doubt.”

Flashback ends…

The familiar sound of clacking heels and the squeals of an active toddler broke Derek from his thoughts as the door opened and his three-year old ran at top speed toward him.

“Easy baby, Daddy is not feeling his best this morning.”


He moaned as he picked up Saraya and hugged her tight planting kisses on her cheeks.

“How’s Daddy’s princess this morning?”

“Fine Daddy!”

Penelope entered and planted a kiss on his lips as JJ brought up the rear.

“Your chariot awaits.”

The adults shared a laugh as Saraya wiggled out of her father’s grasp then pounced on the bed.

“I saw Kebin!”

JJ and Derek exchanged puzzled glances.

“What baby?”

Derek gently stopped her from jumping up and down.

“I saw Kebin.”

“Of course we saw him when he took us to the airport.”

“No mommy, I saw Kebin now!”


Penelope looked at her husband who was obviously upset.

“Penelope, what’s going on?”

Kevin locked eyes with the precocious little girl as her mother lifted her into her arms. He’d tried so hard to get the little brat to like him but nothing he did had worked. Even for the brief time Penelope had stayed with him Saraya kept her distance from the man who wanted to replace her daddy; it was as if she knew. Now as Kevin fidgeted in his seat he hoped the little girl would not blow his cover.


“Kevin called while we were on our way to your place.” JJ began.

“And he’s coming…here…” Penelope began. Then looking at her watch. “He’s probably already…here…in town…”

“What? Are you kidding? What the hell is he doing here?”

“He wanted to make sure I was okay?”

“Who is he your personal body guard? Kevin doesn’t need to make sure of anything, Garcia! You have a husband and I’ll make sure nothing happens to you and Saraya!”

Derek grimace in pain as his head began to hurt.

“Calm down, both of you.” JJ shot a glance at Derek.

“I’m sorry Hot Stuff, I told him he didn’t have to come…”

“Well obviously he wasn’t listening! This has to end!”


“This…this crazy friendship between the two of you! It’s not normal!”

“Normal? Says the man who took nearly a decade to tell me he loved me really, Derek? I don’t think you’re the one who can judge what’s normal or not.”

“Okay you two, stop it or I’ll have to put you both in time out. This is exactly what Kevin wants.”

“Daddy Mommy loud!”

“Daddy’s sorry, Sweetheart. It’s okay, it’s okay.”

Derek quickly gobbled the little girl into his arms and held her tight against his body. Then shooting a remorseful look at his wife he approached her.

Penelope gently rubbed her daughter’s back as the little one laid her head on her daddy’s chest.

“I’m sorry Baby Girl. I shouldn’t have…”

“What’s wrong, Derek. I know you and this is not just about Kevin showing up uninvited and don’t think I didn’t see that look you gave JJ when we walked in the door!”

“Baby Girl, I…”

“Spill it, Derek!” She whispered.


“You’re WHERE?”

Kevin pulled the phone from his ear at the sound of his father’s shriek.

“I had to see her! I need to see her… and I need to take care of some unfinished business.”

“Oh so you’re taking to getting your hands dirty now, the same little boy who cried at the thought of stepping on an ant? Get the hell out of there! NOW!”

“But…but…she saw me!”

“Who, that pudgy, bleached blonde computer geek?”

“Dad! Don’t talk about my Penelope like that! I love her and she loves me…”

“Loved you so much that she dropped you and married Derek Morgan! Please, you are so weak! I can’t believe you’re my son!”

“He’s supposed to be dead! Callahan and Christiansen are in jail and so is Leo!”

“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of those three. They know not to open their mouths.”

“But…what about the kid?”

“What about the kid?”

“She saw me!”


“She saw me sitting in the car…in the hospital parking lot!”

“Damn it, Kevin! If she’s anything like her parents, she’ll have the cuffs on you before nap time! Now, get out of there!”







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