Soul Purpose Chapter 8

“Yes, thank you so much for calling and I’ll be sure to call you when I get back.”

Ending the call Savannah quickly dropped her phone into her purse and continued packing. She made a mental note to do something special for her new friend once she returned. She’d never had reason to associate with the odd little man until now and he was the last person she expected to hear from in the middle of the night but the call couldn’t have come at a better time and with the next two days off from the hospital she was anxious to get out of town.

Kevin smiled as the call ended. Proud of himself he marched into the kitchen to warm up leftovers from last night’s takeout. Knowing that Savannah was on her way to New York to surprise Derek made his heart skip a beat. Now to convince Penelope to make a trip to New York as well was next on his agenda. The thought of the two women coming face to face in the city that never sleeps made him giddy. Maybe things would work out for him after all.

New York – Home of Derek Morgan – Evening –

Derek had to be careful he knew that until he found the mole among his agents he had to watch his back. Everyone in the New York office was a suspect. The director was certain that at least two agents were responsible for the murders of five people, two of them fellow agents.

The large offices were quiet everyone had gone home for the evening including the cleaning staff. The only light on was his, which seemed to cast an ominous glow onto the large room just beyond the glass walls of his office. Over the last four hours he’d combed through file after file each one giving him much needed information on the agents of the New York office and he now had a list of names that he could start with. He scribbled the names on his note pad, Agent Craig Christiansen, Agent Ryan Carmichael and Technical Analyst Leo Tavares.

Derek dropped his pen and leaned wearily against the back of his leather chair. It was obvious that these men had formed some sort of partnership and had been too arrogant to cover their tracks. Judging by the case files of the five victims, the agents had formed some sort of extortion operation, which had been supplementing the three men’s income for years. Agents Chester Fields and Armand Packer had stumbled upon the dirty dealings of their fellow agents which had led to them being eliminated before they could blow the whistle. Now it was up to Derek to bring the dirty agents down…there was nothing worse, nothing he despised more than a dirty federal agent. Derek checked his watch, there was nothing more he could do for the evening and so he grabbed the files and placed them neatly back in the bankers box along with his note pad. He couldn’t shake the uneasy feeling in his gut as he headed towards the door. Finding the dirty agents had been too easy; he was good but not that good, he thought as he juggled the box and his computer bag and pushed the down button to the elevator. He’d always trusted his gut it had never betrayed him and as the elevator descended Derek Morgan knew that here and now, his gut was the only thing he could trust.

BAU Headquarters – Quantico, VA – Morning –

Director Tinsley took the short ride to the fifth floor and headed to the last office at the end of the dimly lit hall. Without knocking he turned the knob pushing open the door. The smell of stale kung pao chicken hit him in the face while the greasy haired man turned and greeted him with a crooked smile.

“Morning Director Tinsley!”

The man was much too chipper for this early in the morning. He found it irritating perhaps it was because he’d been summoned there against his will. There was nothing about the younger man he could stomach especially the fact that he was at least ten pay grades beneath him and smelled like the back alley of Mr. Lee’s restaurant.


“Welcome back! How was your trip to New York?”

“Agent Morgan has arrived and as we expected he’s hit the ground running.”

“Good, very good. The super agent is so predictable.”

Tinsley chuckled at the sarcasm in Kevin’s voice.

“Supervisory Special Agent Derek Morgan is damn good at what he does. You might want to take some notes.”

“I think not.”

Tinsley pulled a seat from the corner and sat in front of Kevin.

“You’re going to a lot of trouble for a woman. I hope she’s worth it.”

“Penelope is worth that and more.”

“How are your buddies going to feel about being caught in the middle of your plans?”

“Who, Christensen and Carmichael?” Kevin smiled confidently. “They have as much to gain as the rest of us. They’re on board, trust me…”

“…And that gnat of an analyst…Lester, Lonnie…”

“Leo Tavares.”

“Yeah, him…”

“Leo is our ace in the hole. Morgan won’t be able to make a move without us knowing.”

Director Tinsley stood and returned the chair to its place. He was beginning to feel ill from the smell and the realization that he was about to screw an innocent agent.

“This better work, Lynch!”

Tinsley placed his hand on the doorknob then turned back to face Kevin.

“One more thing, tell your father that this makes us even. No more…after this, I’m out…done!”

Kevin smiled at the older man and nodded. The poor man had no idea how prophetic his words were because after this favor he was of no use to him and Kevin’s father had done a masterful job of teaching him how to do away with things that were no longer of use.

“No worries, Director…this will definitely make us even.”

Penelope’s morning had started out a little rough. Her precious three year-old had been cranky and had thrown a temper tantrum just before they left the house. She missed her daddy…Pen missed him too. Hearing his voice the day before made her realize that she’d made a huge mistake in walking away from him and their marriage. Now here she was near tears and thirty minutes late for work. Her heart was aching and she wasn’t sure how she was going to manage the day without Derek invading her every thought.

Then without so much as a knock, Kevin barged through her door leading with a silly toothy grin. She wasn’t in the mood and now her little girl’s dream of super powers came to mind. She’d wanted the power of invisibility and she imagined the look on his face as she disappeared before his eyes.

“Good Morning Sunshine!” He began.

He was way too chipper for this time of morning, she thought to herself.

“Kevin…I’m really busy…Saraya through a hissy fit this morning and I just got here. Hotch is going to be so pissed if he finds out I was thirty minutes late and…”

“Wow! Wow…breathe, Penelope!”

She felt foolish. Taking a deep breath she tried to calm down. She failed.

“I’m sorry. This is not a good morning.”

“Well maybe I can cheer you up, Plum Sauce.”


“I’m sorry, I’m sorry…no more nicknames. Listen, I think I have just the thing that will cheer you and my little niece up.”


“Okay, she’s not my niece but…anyway.”

“Kevin, I’m really behind…”

“Hear me out.”

Penelope held her hands up in surrender.


“I thought about our conversation yesterday. Look, I know you love Derek and even though I still have feelings for you what I want most of all is for you is happiness.”

“Thank you Kevin.”

Kevin held his hands up to stop her from talking.

“I’m not finished. I just dropped off some reports to Hotch and I know for a fact that you all have the next two days off.”


“Yes! I heard Hotch and Director Tinsley talking on the phone.”

“Great just what I need more time to think about how I singlehandedly wrecked my marriage.”

“No, no this is perfect!”

“How do you figure?”

“You and Saraya can go to New York and surprise Derek!”

“What? No! Derek is just starting a new assignment. Running the New York office is going to be a bear. He doesn’t need me and our daughter distracting him!”

“It’s exactly what he needs! If he’s half as miserable as you are you and Saraya are just the distraction he needs!”

“I don’t know…”

“Well, I do and as your friend I’m insisting that after you get off work today you go home and pack a bag and go visit your husband.”


“No but’s; just do it! Honestly, if you two are going to fix things, one of you will have to make the first move.”

Kevin was right. One of them had to make the first move at reconciliation. She was miserable and Saraya was miserable. If she wanted Derek back she had to do something before it was too late and before he got used to not having her in his life. For the first time in days she felt hopeful.

Kevin looked at her and he could tell she was seriously considering his suggestion. He knew her and he knew it would only take a little nudge to get her on a plane to New York. She loved Derek more than anything and Kevin needed to prove once and for all that the man who’d stolen her heart was not worth her efforts.

Penelope stood and closed the distance between her and Kevin. She felt him jump in shock as she pulled him into a tight embrace wrapping her arms around his neck, kissing him on the cheek and whispering sweetly in his ear.

“Thank you, Kevin! You’re a true friend.”

He smiled as he wrapped his arms around her waist and inhaled thrilled that for once she did not pull away from him or go stiff under his touch. This is where she belonged, where she always belonged. Soon, very soon she’d be in his arms forever.

“Saraya and I will leave first thing in the morning!”









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