Internal Affairs Chapter 20

6 Months Later…


“Relax Baby Girl! I promised that the next time you set foot in this house I’d be carrying you over the threshold as my wife!”

Derek gently placed her feet on the hardwood floor of the home’s entryway.

“And I’m a man of my word, Mrs. Morgan!”

She shook her head and smiled up at him as he leaned down and planted a sweet kiss on her lips. Pulling out of his arms she let her eyes roam around the large entry. It sparkled and smelled of fresh paint. It was absolutely beautiful. Who would have ever thought that a muscle-bound super agent like Derek Morgan who tackled unsubs twice his size for lunch could design something so exquisite? The detail and quality of the work and materials was superior just like every other project he’d done before but this one was different; it was their home.

“You like it Baby Girl?”

“Like it…I love it!”

He took her hand in his and they walked through each room. He’d paid attention to her ideas and tried his best to create something that she’d feel a part of. Her eyes widened as he described each and every detail.

“I never thought I’d want to set foot in this place after…”

“Shh…don’t think about that…”

He turned her to face him then he placed his hands on her swollen belly. Penelope placed her smaller hands on his and found it impossible not to think of the last time that she’d been there. She was now standing in the very spot where Savannah was holding a gun to Derek’s head ready to end his life. She remembered the look in his eyes as the crazed woman turned the gun on her.


“No Pen…we won not Savannah. I knew I wanted this to be our home the moment I laid eyes on this place and I will not let Savannah steal that from us.”

Penelope turned in his arms without breaking the hold he had around her waist. She loved the house and she could envision their son running around squealing and reminding them that life was good.

“You’re right Handsome. We did win and I’m going to make you a promise.”

“What’s that?”

“That I will not utter that, woman’s name in this house again.”

“That’s my girl.”

The tour continued through the kitchen that was larger than her entire apartment. She vowed silently to herself that she’d take cooking more seriously now. It would be a crime to let such an amazing space go to waste.

“I’ve got a surprise for you.” Derek said interrupting her thoughts.

“A surprise?”

“Come with me.”

He pulled her up the large staircase and down the hallway stopping at the last doorway.

“Oh my…” She gasped.

He released her hand as she floated into the brightly colored room. The walls were painted in a shade of bluish gray with white clouds that looked as if they were in 3D. The crib, dresser and changing table where a rich cherry wood which she knew must have cost him a small fortune. Then her eyes fell on the rocking chair that had caught her eye on a shopping trip months ago.

“You remembered!”

“Of course I remembered.”

He took a step into the room smiling as she continued to slowly survey every inch of the nursery. He’d been worried not sure if he’d gotten it right. Her reaction told him he had.

“It’s perfect! So perfect!”

“I’m glad you like it Baby.”

“No, I don’t like it, I absolutely positively love it!”

“I saved the best for last.”

Taking her hand again he pulled her out of the room and into the room across the hall. She giggled as she saw the shades of purple and gray elegantly put together that screamed not only her but him too. Never in her wildest dreams could she imagine a room like this. It was warm and cozy and she couldn’t wait to break it in with her new husband.

“As I live and breathe never in a million years would I expect you, the Derek Morgan to come within a hundred yards of the color purple!” she teased.

“I’d do anything if it makes you happy, Baby Girl…even purple!” he teased back.

“Thank you, Handsome.”

She kissed him hard giggling against his mouth pulling him into a lighthearted moment. He was happy that she was happy but he couldn’t help but to think about how close he’d come to losing it all.

“You don’t need to thank me. Besides, I can’t take all of the credit.”


“This may sound crazy but I owe everything to Amanda…”

“Savannah’s sister?”

“Yeah. If she hadn’t decided to call Hotch we’d both be dead right now.”

“Baby, I thought…”

“Even after turning her in she still thought that she could talk some sense into Savannah…never in her wildest dreams did she ever think she’d have to kill her.”

“Baby…I thought we weren’t going to mention Sav-, that woman’s name in this house again.”

“I know, I know, I’m just grateful, that’s all.”

“Well at least Savannah…last time, I promise…at least none of her sister’s misdoings affected her and her career.”

“Yeah with Hotch and me putting in a good word for her she’ll be just fine. Even Kevin got a break on his sentence…”

“Twenty years is still going to feel like thirty to Kevin, Hot Stuff.”

“Okay enough about Kevin and the woman who will remain nameless, let’s go. Our family will be here in less than an hour and I haven’t even fired up the grill.”

“Okay Husband…”

“Oh, I like the sound of that!”

5 Years Later…


Morgan dropped his go bag and bent down to gobble his four year-old in his arms. No matter how many times he heard himself being called, ‘Daddy’ it never grew old and it reminded him that everything that he’d gone through in his life was worth it if this is where he landed in the end.

“How’s daddy’s big man?”


“Have you been a good boy for mommy?”

“Yes, the twins were naughty!”

“Oh they were, were they?”

Derek tried hard not to laugh. DJ, his namesake was so serious, so intense. Everyone said that the two of them were so alike. He squeezed the boy tight against him and inhaled overcome suddenly with emotions.

DJ shook his head and wiggled until finally his father placed him on his feet. Morgan followed the little boy through the house toward the kitchen where he could hear his wife talking.

Penelope had missed him terribly and she knew that this case had been hard on him. Children were the victims and he’d nearly ripped the unsub to shreds had it not been for JJ and Reid. He was home now and she counted the seconds until he rounded the corner. She saw the pain in his eyes hiding deceptively behind his smile but he couldn’t fool her. She locked Abigail safely in her high chair next to her twin sister, Samantha and met him halfway.

“Welcome home, Handsome.”

She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him into a passionate kiss. He held her tight against his body. He needed this badly. He craved her more than he craved food. She knew he wasn’t in a good place and had barely enough energy to drag himself home. This place…the place that seemed like chaos to most was quiet solace to him…it was his life’s center.

“You feel good, Baby Girl. I missed you.” He glanced over her shoulder and smiled. “And them.”

“We missed you too.” She kissed him gently on the lips. “Bad huh?”

“Yeah it was pretty bad.”

Derek felt a tug on his pants.

“Daddy! I want pizza!”

Penelope and Derek shared a quick chuckle as Derek pulled his son into his arms.

“Pizza! You’ll have to check with Mommy.”

“Pizza sounds good to me.”

Penelope tickled her son sending the little boy into a fit of laughter. Derek kissed him and set him on his feet and then quickly wrapping her in his arms again.

“Pizza it is. How about if you go and soak in a nice bubble bath, I’ll order the pizza and watch the kids.”

“Are you sure? I know you’re exhausted.”

“No more than you, Baby Girl. I can handle them.”


“MA! DAD!” DJ bellowed.

“You sure about that?”


He kissed her and the two of them glanced at the joys of their lives.

“We do make pretty babies.”

“That we do, Handsome.”

He pulled her close inhaling the sweet smell of chocolate chip cookie dough. Penelope loved being held in his arms and it was where she felt safest. She loved the family they had created and even though she was exhausted she couldn’t imagine a life without Derek and her children.

“Go.” he whispered. “I can handle these munchkins.”

“Okay, but don’t say I didn’t warn you, Hot Stuff.”

She kissed him and headed out of the kitchen. From the doorway, she watched Derek with his children. He was amazing even after a hellacious case he still found the strength to come home to them.

She had news. She’d found out two days ago but she wanted to tell him in person. Now he was home surrounded by a four year-old and one and a half year- old twins. This was his solace now; his haven and she wouldn’t interrupt that for anything in the world.

Smiling she was so full of emotion as a lone tear trickled down her face. Penelope watched as Abby tossed her spoon on the floor kicking her tiny legs in a tantrum. Sami, the calmer of the twins noticed that her sister had daddy’s attention now. Not to be out done, she began to cry and pushed her bowl of spaghetti onto the floor while poor DJ looked on flabbergasted. It was all she could do not to burst into laughter as she quickly covered her mouth.

Her news could wait…besides she had a bubble bath calling her name…Then fully confident in her husbands abilities to handle the munchkins, Penelope turned and headed down the hallway.


“They say a person needs just three things to be truly happy in this world: someone to love, something to do, and something to hope for.” – Tom Bodett











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