Soul Purpose Chapter 25

Tinsley smiled down at the woman. He could tell that she had been crying. He almost felt sorry for her…almost. He had a job to do and emotions only got in the way. “Mrs. Morgan, how are you feeling?” “I’ve been better.” “Yes, understood.” Penelope watched the man who was a stranger to her. She’d seen him more in the last twelve hours than she had in her entire time working for the bureau. He was more of a phantom than a real live breathing person. Only the elite and department heads ever saw the man who had run the FBI for the last fifteen years. “So, I don’t want to intrude I just wanted to come by and…” The noise of the door opening stopped him. Both he and Penelope watched as Fran came in carrying two large Styrofoam cups. Fran entered cautiously examining the stranger then smoothly taking a position next to Penelope. “Fran this is Director Tinsley with the FBI.” Both smiled while Fran, without taking her eyes off of the man handed Penelope one of the cups. “Director.” Fran nodded. “Ma’am, I uh, was just telling Mrs. Morgan that I wanted to stop by to see how she was doing and to offer my condolences.” “Thank you…” “Agent Morgan, my husband is…” “Was…was my son.” Fran interrupted. Fran grabbed Pen’s hand and squeezed it lightly. “Oh, I’m sorry. Then I guess my condolences go out to you as well, ma’am.” “Mrs. Rossi, please call me Mrs. […]

Soul Purpose Chapter 24

Potomac General Hospital – Fran sat alone next to Penelope’s bed. She’d cried all she was able to and now she just sat thinking about the past several hours. Her anger had morphed into a dull heaviness and she wondered if she’d overreacted. Her husband and the others led a treacherous and precarious life she knew that too well. It was just that she didn’t want to be touched by it so intimately. Both Dave and Derek knew how the death of her first husband had affected her; the pain and grief nearly destroyed her and her children. She didn’t understand why they would play such a cruel trick on her. She wondered if they thought about the damage a lie like this would cause. Looking at the sleeping woman in the bed, she answered her own question. The price had been too high even to save her son’s life. “Fran?” Penelope whispered weakly. “What happened?” Mustering a smile Fran looked into her daughter-in-law’s face. She looked so pale and lost. They needed to talk. “Hey Baby, how are you feeling?” “Tired…Derek?” Then as reality reminded her of their circumstance, “Oh…” “They still won’t tell me where he is.” “But, that’s not fair!” “Shhh…calm down…you need to take it easy…especially now, okay?” Penelope relaxed against the pillow. The look of guilt in her eyes told Fran everything she needed to know. “Does Derek know?” Penelope shook her head, no. “I didn’t know for sure until now.” “You came dangerously close […]

Family Reunion Chapter 15

It wasn’t that Morgan enjoyed killing it was just that he was good at it and his job required it from time to time. Each time he was forced in a position of taking the life of an UnSub it took something from him wounding him. If it weren’t for Penelope he would never be able to find his way back or heal. He prided himself in playing things by the book and he was nothing if not a stickler for protocol and rules and regulations…but…yes it was always a, but. When it came to Penelope Garcia all rules, regulations and protocol be damned. Even though he found himself bound, zip tied to a chair groggy from being blind sided by a sharp object to the back of his head, his plan to kill Clyde Easter and anyone working for him had not changed. As his vision began to clear he saw a very frightened Garcia sitting across the room bound to another chair staring intently at him. O’Riley stood behind her smug and confident that he’d done a good thing bringing him here. The man in black had killed Strauss, no doubt at Easter’s orders and he seemed to be drooling at the prospect of killing him too. That wasn’t going to happen if he had anything to do with it. So he sat, bound, with a raging headache determined to get his girl and himself to freedom. Potomac General Hospital – Emily felt utterly alone; the team had […]

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