Soul Purpose Chapter 25

Tinsley smiled down at the woman. He could tell that she had been crying. He almost felt sorry for her…almost. He had a job to do and emotions only got in the way. “Mrs. Morgan, how are you feeling?” “I’ve been better.” “Yes, understood.” Penelope watched the man who was a stranger to her. She’d seen him more in the last twelve hours than she had in her entire time working for the bureau. He was more of a phantom than a real live breathing person. Only the elite and department heads ever saw the man who had run the FBI for the last fifteen years. “So, I don’t want to intrude I just wanted to come by and…” The noise of the door opening stopped him. Both he and Penelope watched as Fran came in carrying two large Styrofoam cups. Fran entered cautiously examining the stranger then smoothly taking a position next to Penelope. “Fran this is Director Tinsley with the FBI.” Both smiled while Fran, without taking her eyes off of the man handed Penelope one of the cups. “Director.” Fran nodded. “Ma’am, I uh, was just telling Mrs. Morgan that I wanted to stop by to see how she was doing and to offer my condolences.” “Thank you…” “Agent Morgan, my husband is…” “Was…was my son.” Fran interrupted. Fran grabbed Pen’s hand and squeezed it lightly. “Oh, I’m sorry. Then I guess my condolences go out to you as well, ma’am.” “Mrs. Rossi, please call me Mrs. […]

Running To You Chapter 3

She was gone. That fact hit him square in the gut as his defeated body hit the sofa. He was too late and she’d given up and left town believing that he didn’t love her. He couldn’t accept that, he’d hurt her and humiliated her with his silence. Then it came to him as he hopped to his feet nearly running toward the door. Reid! He would know something. The entire team was like family but he, Penelope and Reid shared an even closer bond. JJ was her girl but he’d just left her house before seeing his mom and with the tongue-lashing she’d given him he knew she’d alert him if something were awry. So, jumping into his truck he headed toward his friend’s apartment. Derek was relieved to see Spencer’s car in his parking slot and he pulled in next to him. Taking the steps instead of waiting for the elevator he arrived at his friend’s door out of breath. He knocked twice before Reid slowly and cautiously opened the door a crack and peering out into the hallway. “Morgan?” “Hey Pretty Boy…” “I’m sorry…did we have plans?” “No. Can I come in?” “Well, I was just…” The odd behavior did not go unnoticed but Morgan would deal with that later, clearly he was hiding something. Maybe Penelope was there; he could only hope. So pushing the door open he stepped inside brushing past Reid without waiting for an invitation. “Gee, most people wait to be invited in…never […]

Running To You Chapter 1

“I love you!” “I love you, too.” “No, I love you…I’m in love with you!” He looked into her glassy eyes speechless. She looked back waiting for his response but he simply stood in the middle of the floor with his mouth open in shock. “Baby Girl, I think I better take you home you’ve had one too many shots and…” “No, I’m not ready to go home…did you hear what I just said?” “Yeah, I heard you and… “And what?” “And I think you’re going to hate yourself in the morning.” “No…I won’t…” She slurred. They’d spent the last twenty minutes dancing and holding each other ignoring the world. He’d imagined holding her like this so many times but he had never been successful in getting her to dance with him until tonight. Now she was drunk off her ass and confessing feelings for him and he didn’t know what to say. He wrapped his arm tightly around her waist and pulled her close against his body. He could feel everyone’s eyes on them and he needed to get her out of there. He loved her, of course he loved her; he’d even told her as much but it had not changed anything between them. He was still her best friend and she had ended up in the arms of Kevin Lynch less than two hours later. Morgan couldn’t remember a time when he wasn’t in love with Penelope Garcia…he wondered what she would say in the morning. Home […]

Will You Marry Me? Chapter 1

“Penelope, will you marry me?” She was speechless. Her mouth dropped and she could hardly believe her ears. Like every little girl, she’d dreamed of finding her knight-in-shining armor, getting married and riding off into the sunset to live happily ever after. Now here she was looking into eyes filled with expectancy and hope. She watched as he stood in front of her holding his breath waiting patiently for the answer that would make him the happiest man in the world. “Penelope?” “No! I-I won’t marry you!” “But…but…I love you! I’ve loved you for years now! Ever since I met you in the bullpen of the BAU…you were so, so, beautiful it took my breath away!” “I’m sorry…” “I know we’re meant to be together. We know everything there is to know about each other, we’ve been through hell and back and so I want to take things to the next level! Let’s forget the past and all of my dumb mistakes. Please Pen…do me the honors of being my wife!” “I said, NO Kevin! You know I’m with Derek…I’m in love with Derek!” Then she saw the look of expectancy and hope morph into disappointment and rage. “NO? Did you just say, no?” “That’s what I said…I cannot marry you, Kevin!” Kevin, with his face turning a bright shade of red took a step back and pulled his cellphone from his pocket. Garcia watched confused as he focused his attention on the phone’s screen while he pressed a few […]

Internal Affairs Chapter 15

“DIG!” Potomac General Hospital – 2 hours later… Penelope had secluded herself in the far corner of the room crying quietly. She’d refused the comfort of her friends shooing them away until they finally realized she was serious and wanted and needed to be alone. The fact that no one had given them an update on Derek’s condition brought her no comfort and no solace. It didn’t matter if she closed her eyes or kept them open it didn’t erase the sight of him lying still in the makeshift coffin. They’d managed to reach him three minutes after Sam’s deadline and he wasn’t breathing. The bruises and cuts on his face and body told her that being buried alive was only half of what he’d endured. She kept asking herself, why? Why was she a magnet for broken deranged men? Men willing to kill her and those she loved without even a second thought. It was foolish to think that this was somehow her fault; that she was responsible for what Savannah, Kevin and Sam had done. Still, she knew she played a role and what she had done to drive the three beyond madness had a price. How could she think she wouldn’t be punished too? “One-one thousand, two-one thousand…breathe! One-one thousand, two-one thousand…breathe, dammit!”  “How’s she holding up?” Rossi handed Hotch a cup breaking him from his thoughts. Taking the seat next to the senior officer, Rossi waited for an answer. “Not good. She just wants to be […]

Internal Affairs Chapter 2

Sam He trusted her. More than he’d ever trusted a woman. She was more than he’d ever expected or thought he deserved. Penelope was who she was unashamedly, unapologetically and perfectly aware and comfortable with the fact that she was different and unique in every way. She was free with her emotions and cared without restraint for everyone around her. If Sam had a picture of near perfection, it would be Penelope Garcia. There was one thing that had bothered him and that was her friendship with Derek Morgan. He wanted to believe that he was secure enough in himself and in his relationship with Penelope to not be threatened by the friendship the two shared. He was well acquainted with her former boyfriend’s angst when it came to the friends and co-workers and he promised himself not to be so foolish. So her remained silent. But every time she called to cancel a date or announced that she was spending time with Morgan his heart fluttered and a sense of doom overcame him. As happy as he was with Penelope he’d begun to feel desperate as if he was running out of time. It was nothing specific he could put his finger on but he felt less and less secure in them and their future. He had to do something to win her, truly win her. The two of them had never discussed marriage in the last two years but he assumed it was what every woman wanted even […]

Magic Morgan

A/N: This story is dedicated to my friend and fellow writer, the amazing Jenny Crum and is inspired by a video that was recently posted on Facebook. Okay Jenny, you asked for it. Here it is! Enjoy! *** He lost the bet. He hated losing and he hated losing to her but he was a man of integrity and his mother raised him to honor his word. Still he was nervous about what losing this bet meant. He should have known better; her mind was overactive and their constant shameless flirting had prompted a many lascivious comments to fall from her beautiful plump lips. He’d dreamt about making her flirtatious threats a reality far too many times to count. So why was he nervous? It had been eleven years since he met her and after getting over the initial hurdle of calling her by the wrong name (he still believed that Reid told him the wrong name on purpose), they had become inseparable…best friends. She was his Baby Girl and he was her Chocolate Thunder and together they had been each other’s world. Now on the eve of her birthday, he was planning to do something that would change their relationship forever or humiliate him beyond belief. Either way, he was tired of hiding his feelings for her and he was tired of watching her with other men and if it meant playing along with her silly raunchy games, he’d just have to work it to his advantage. “Hurry up! […]

Great Expectations Chapter 3

Everyone had finally left except Fran and Dave who’d both insisted on staying to help clean up. Dave and Morgan took care of putting away the extra chairs and tables while Fran and Penelope put away the food and washed the dishes. The evening had been everything that Derek and Penelope had hoped it would be with their friends and family overjoyed with their news. “Just think next Christmas, my grand baby will be here I will have an excuse to spoil him or her rotten!” “I don’t think you need an excuse to spoil your grand child, Fran!” The two women laughed as the thought of babies and Christmas ran through their heads. “I’ve never seen my son so happy!” “Yes, that’s all he’s been talking about since we found out yesterday.” “Thank you.” Fran put away the last platter and turned to face her daughter-in-law. Penelope noticed the sudden serious tone in her voice and the moisture in her eyes. “Thank you? For what?” “You saved my son’s life! You did that, Penelope.” “Oh no, he saved mine.” “No, no, no…you saved him! He was drowning and he wouldn’t allow anyone close enough to through him a lifeline. He wanted to be the one who rescued everyone, refusing to let any of us know that he was hurting, and that what Carl Buford had done to him was still tearing him apart.” “Fran…” “Listen to me, young lady; you showed him what love looks like and what love […]

Great Expectations Chapter 2

“So, how do you think we should tell our friends?” Penelope leaned her head on her husband’s shoulder as he absently ran his fingers through her hair while the two sat on the couch enjoying their morning coffee. “I was thinking we could have them all over for dinner tonight. I know it’s cold out but I could through some burgers and hot dogs on the grill and have my mom make her famous homemade fries, what do you think?” “I think that’s a great idea, Handsome! We can tell them our good news after we eat!” “That works for me, Baby Girl. Why don’t you call everyone and I’ll run to the supermarket and get everything we need.” “Sounds like a plan.” He’d never been so happy in his life; he’d married the woman of his dreams, and now he was going to be a father in eight short months. Christmas was in three weeks and he felt as if he were the luckiest man alive. The two continued to sit for a few more minutes enjoying each other’s company wrapped in each other’s arms and day dreaming about a happy life together. D.C. General Hospital – Afternoon – “Just take it easy and make sure she follows this plan very carefully, okay?” The emergency room had been rather slow for a Saturday morning and for that Savannah was grateful. The little girl in front of her had been her only patient since she’d been on duty. Her mother […]