Soul Purpose Chapter 9

New York – Morning – Savannah was excited about being back in the city. It had been almost five years since she’d visited New York and she’d fallen instantly in love with the life and movement and culture that seemed to cover every square inch. She’d suggested spending a quiet weekend here with Derek once but he insisted that his job wouldn’t allow the time away. She brushed the thought from her mind vowing to stay positive and to make the next two days unforgettable for both of them. FBI Headquarters – Morgan found the offices as he had left them the night before, empty. He’d gotten up while it was still dark and showered and dressed. Normally, he would be home in bed savoring the last few moments of precious time cuddled with his wife and anticipating the pitter-patter of little feet entering and breaking the silence in the room. Not now; now he dreaded mornings and the silence was like an anvil on his chest making it hard to breathe. He needed his family back. Nothing worked without Penelope and Saraya by his side. Now was not the time to dwell on the things he could not change. The matter of five dead people, two of them federal agents was his focus. He couldn’t afford to slip up and get careless. His instincts not to trust where on high alert and he hated having to assume that the very people he worked side by side with were potential […]

Will You Marry Me? Chapter 2

Derek hated the dark. He knew it was because the dark reminded him that he was defenseless and the control he so desperately needed no longer existed. It was cold the temperature had continually dropped over the last few hours and he assumed that it was now late evening. His stomach growled and his head ached from being hit earlier, he had to find a way out. Then his mind went to Penelope by now she would know something had happened to him and she’d be worried out of her mind. Worse than being taken and held in this hellhole, the thought of her afraid for him and imagining all sorts of things about what had happened to him made his situation unbearable. Kevin was eager to welcome his new guest he’d never felt so empowered and vindicated in his life. The fact that none of them had seen it coming made him smile. Being a disheveled, geek had its advantages after all he snickered. Now it was time to have some fun. Even he noticed the pep in his step and the two large men following behind reminded him that he was the boss. He’d never been the boss before even in his relationship with Penelope he was far from the boss. The blonde beauty called all the shots even in the bedroom he followed her lead like a lovesick puppy. Things were about to change. BAU Headquarters – Evening – “The locals have the area locked down tight. […]

Will You Marry Me? Chapter 1

“Penelope, will you marry me?” She was speechless. Her mouth dropped and she could hardly believe her ears. Like every little girl, she’d dreamed of finding her knight-in-shining armor, getting married and riding off into the sunset to live happily ever after. Now here she was looking into eyes filled with expectancy and hope. She watched as he stood in front of her holding his breath waiting patiently for the answer that would make him the happiest man in the world. “Penelope?” “No! I-I won’t marry you!” “But…but…I love you! I’ve loved you for years now! Ever since I met you in the bullpen of the BAU…you were so, so, beautiful it took my breath away!” “I’m sorry…” “I know we’re meant to be together. We know everything there is to know about each other, we’ve been through hell and back and so I want to take things to the next level! Let’s forget the past and all of my dumb mistakes. Please Pen…do me the honors of being my wife!” “I said, NO Kevin! You know I’m with Derek…I’m in love with Derek!” Then she saw the look of expectancy and hope morph into disappointment and rage. “NO? Did you just say, no?” “That’s what I said…I cannot marry you, Kevin!” Kevin, with his face turning a bright shade of red took a step back and pulled his cellphone from his pocket. Garcia watched confused as he focused his attention on the phone’s screen while he pressed a few […]

Soul Purpose Chapter 1

Home of Derek Morgan – Evening Derek had made it a point, subconsciously maybe, to return home as late as possible. The last two weeks had been hell and home seemed less like home. Dropping his go-bag at the door he made his way into the kitchen heading straight to the refrigerator to grab a beer. A small fluffy chocolate brown bear lying on the island caught his eye. Setting the beer down he grabbed the bear, his daughter’s favorite and held it to his face inhaling the smell of Saraya’s bubble bath. Derek fought the tears welling in his eyes; he had a rule…no tears…ever. He refused to make an exception, especially now. “It’s over!” His wife’s words and the look of utter disappointment still haunted him. There was nothing he could say, and he’d tried everything but she wouldn’t listen. He hadn’t done anything wrong…he hadn’t done anything right either so he was forced to watch his world crumble before his eyes. He looked around the over-sized kitchen. He’d designed it especially for her. Her culinary skills were limited but her dream was to have a chef’s kitchen and so that was all he needed to make it happen. It had been a few more minutes before he realized that he wasn’t alone in the house. The floorboards in the hallway gave his intruder away. Turning quickly he met the confident gaze of the woman who’d been responsible for his misery. “What are you doing here?” “I thought […]

Internal Affairs Chapter 9

Home of Penelope Garcia – JJ wasn’t sure if anything that she had said had reached her friend. Garcia sat across from her mouth open and wide-eyed in disbelief. JJ had struggled with the information herself after Hotch had called and ordered her to Garcia’s. “Garcia…say something.” “I-I don’t know what to say, JJ except…this Bitch is crazy!” “Well, that’s a start.” “I don’t understand, why hasn’t Derek called me or come back?” “Hotch thinks that there’s a good chance he’s being watched and we need to make sure everything is set before…” JJ wasn’t sure how to explain the rest. “Before what? What haven’t you told me?” “Garcia, Derek is going back to Savannah.” “WHAT!” “Hold on…just listen.” BAU Headquarters, Quantico, VA – “Savannah did what?” Reid began. “I’m still trying to wrap my head around Morgan and Garcia having a baby…together.” Rossi interrupted. “Why? You’re the one who said they were working on a, love child.” Hotch entered the conference room followed by Morgan which stopped the conversation between the two. Morgan placed a firm hand on the older man’s shoulder before taking a seat across the table. “I heard that.” “Busted.” “Let’s get started.” Hotch took his seat at the head of the table. “I’ve asked Kevin Lynch to join us.” Reid and Rossi exchanged puzzled looks and as if on cue, Kevin Lynch stepped in the room cradling a laptop to his chest. “Kevin, take a seat.” “Yes Sir.” “Where’s JJ and Garcia?” Reid asked. “They’ll […]

Broken Chapter 13

It was getting late. Kevin had hung around nearly two hours after his normal day hoping that Penelope would agree to have dinner with him. It was seven now and he hadn’t heard a peep out of her. Frustrated, he grabbed his jacket and bag and headed toward the elevator. He’d managed to finagle an assignment in Mail Fraud on the sixth floor that put him close to her just in case she called he would be close enough to get to her within seconds…if he hurried. Kevin nearly collided with Jordan as she rushed off of the elevator. He was surprised to see her since she had no reason to be on the sixth floor. He panicked looking around to make sure no one saw them together and pulled her into a nearby hallway out of sight. “What the hell are you doing up here, Jordan?” “Calm down, Kevin.” She whispered. “I just wanted to say hello to my old friends at the BAU.” “Since when?” “Since when what?” “Since when have you been friends with anyone at the BAU?” “Well…” “Exactly! Listen, do you want to screw up our plans to keep Derek and Penelope apart?” “No…I just…” “First the attempted move-in at Derek’s now the little reunion with the team. Damn Jordan!” “I want to see Derek and I know you said he’s in Chicago but…” “But what?” “Well, if I could get his family’s address I could pop over and pay him a little visit!” “Jordan, […]

Love, Life and Words Unspoken Chapter 8

He couldn’t imagine his life without her; her smile and the light in her eyes that guided him through the dark days of his existence. He hated the fact that he’d let so much time go by without telling her how he felt. In the back of his mind he thought he had time. Time…time was up and for all he knew she was already dead. Morgan had been cleared by the paramedics on the scene and Hotch, irritated by his outbursts had ordered him to take a walk to cool off. He knew he was in trouble with his boss but he needed to find her and worrying about Hotch’s feelings was the least of his concerns. All that mattered was getting her back safe and sound. He’d promised her that nothing would happed, that he’d protect her…he wasn’t ready to accept the fact that he’d failed her. “We’ve got to find out who was on duty when Morgan and Garcia checked in last night. Our unsub is probably someone who works here or has access to hotel records.” Hotch began. “I’ll call Kevin and have him to start digging.” JJ offered. Garcia’s room was now their makeshift headquarters. The CSI’s had completed their work and now every available officer and detective was conducting room-to-room searches. If the unsub stayed true to his pattern, then Garcia was running out of time. Chelsea watched him pace the halls he was beyond upset. She closed her eyes and pretended that it […]

Hell Or High Water Chapter 12**

**WARNING: This chapter contains sexually explicit language and situations and may not be suitable for minors! You’ve been warned! ** The two women heard the shouts for paramedics once then twice. For a moment fear held them in place as if time had stood still and for a moment they were afforded the luxury of denial. Then JJ released her grip on her friend and without a word they rushed down the steps into the large lower cavernous room below. Garcia was the first to arrive, dropping to her knees at the place where Derek lay on the floor. She glanced at the room next to him that had been designed to be his death chamber; it looked even bigger now than it did from the T.V. screen. She watched as Reid performed CPR on her husband; he wasn’t responding. Reid continued to work on him as they heard footsteps behind them running down the stairs. “Derek!” Her voice was desperately quiet. “Derek! Come on, baby! Wake up!” Hotch, Rossi and JJ stood helplessly looking on. Then the sweet sounds of coughing and gasping filled the still quiet of the room and they all exhaled a collective sigh of relief. Morgan lay on the floor fighting for each breath but he was alive and for that those surrounding him felt a dull stab of hope. Reid quickly moved as the paramedics took over. Penelope absently placed a firm hand on her stomach as she watched the scene before her. Everything […]

Left Behind Chapter 15

The commotion drew the attention of several nurses and doctors as they rushed into the room.  Quickly several of them were at the side of Garcia methodically working on her.  Then the others had the task of keeping Morgan in bed as he struggled to get to Garcia.  “Let’s get her out of here and on a gurney!”  “Agent Morgan! Agent Morgan you’ve got to remain still!”  “Penelope! Get off me! I’ve got to see her!” The staff swiftly moved Garcia out of the room onto a gurney where she was wheeled away out of sight.  JJ was moved out of the room as the other nurses fought to get Morgan back in bed and calmed down.  Reid and Hotch ran from Rossi’s room toward the commotion and stood in shock next to JJ. “Agent Morgan if you don’t calm down, we’ll have to sedate you!” “NO! I need to see her now, right now!” Even in his weakened state, it was extremely difficult for the three nurses, two of which were male to hold the determined patient in bed.  In the end, they realized that they had no choice but to sedate him. Morgan fought to the bitter end until the medication won dragging him into a fitful sleep. Two hours later… The light beep of the monitor was the only sound in the otherwise quiet room.  The dim lighting added to the peaceful stillness.  Penelope was just beginning to wake up when the doctor entered the room. “Hello, […]

Left Behind Chapter 14

Rocky Mountain Community Hospital – Garcia waited pacing crying nervous tears outside of the Emergency Room. The chopper transporting Morgan was due to land momentarily. She was thankful and anxious to see him with her own eyes. According to the initial reports, he’d sustained serious injuries and would be headed straight to surgery. Still, she had to see him, to touch him and confirm that he was indeed breathing. It had been a long few days of waiting and JJ was more than happy that Morgan would be rejoining their circle their family. Thoughts of him risking his life and being left in the forest alone had kept her awake at nights. She felt so guilty for benefitting from a promise he’d made. Finding out about Penelope’s pregnancy didn’t help ease her guilt. She was anxious because Will was on his way back and she expected him to walk through her door any moment. She couldn’t wait to have her arms around him again. She missed her son too; it had been too long since she’d seen him. Thirty minutes later… The helicopter touched down and rushed Morgan on a gurney toward the hospital door. Garcia ran and met them halfway. He was unconscious and bruised and battered he looked so weak and frail but at that moment he never looked better. She talked to him all the way through the doors until the doctors prevented her from going further. She stood at the door of the surgical suite watching […]