Soul Purpose Chapter 25

Tinsley smiled down at the woman. He could tell that she had been crying. He almost felt sorry for her…almost. He had a job to do and emotions only got in the way. “Mrs. Morgan, how are you feeling?” “I’ve been better.” “Yes, understood.” Penelope watched the man who was a stranger to her. She’d seen him more in the last twelve hours than she had in her entire time working for the bureau. He was more of a phantom than a real live breathing person. Only the elite and department heads ever saw the man who had run the FBI for the last fifteen years. “So, I don’t want to intrude I just wanted to come by and…” The noise of the door opening stopped him. Both he and Penelope watched as Fran came in carrying two large Styrofoam cups. Fran entered cautiously examining the stranger then smoothly taking a position next to Penelope. “Fran this is Director Tinsley with the FBI.” Both smiled while Fran, without taking her eyes off of the man handed Penelope one of the cups. “Director.” Fran nodded. “Ma’am, I uh, was just telling Mrs. Morgan that I wanted to stop by to see how she was doing and to offer my condolences.” “Thank you…” “Agent Morgan, my husband is…” “Was…was my son.” Fran interrupted. Fran grabbed Pen’s hand and squeezed it lightly. “Oh, I’m sorry. Then I guess my condolences go out to you as well, ma’am.” “Mrs. Rossi, please call me Mrs. […]

Family Reunion Chapter 41

Her cousin had made one fatal error but that’s all that needed to made…just one. That error had cost him his life and the lives of two of his associates. She watched as the three body bags were carried away through the basement door while the three other men whose lives had been spared were lead away; cuffed unwitting witnesses to the demise of yet another cog in the Ian Doyle network. She’d hated being invisible and ignored good only for caring for the children that were nothing more than spoils of war. But today, invisibility had had its advantages. Just as Ian had assumed she’d remain obedient and silent, so did her cousin. Both had been wrong and both paid dearly with their lives. She couldn’t allow more innocent people to die while she stood hidden in the dark corners of the mansion; their blood would be on her hands as if she’d pulled the trigger. So, she called Scotland Yard for help then grabbed the gun from the top desk drawer and headed downstairs to the basement. Lauren had always been good to her, she loved Declan and even after Doyle’s arrest she took great care in getting her and Declan to safety. She’d regretted coming out of hiding and returning to the life that was familiar expecting what, she did not know from her cousin. For the first time in her life she willingly stepped into the light and did what only she could do and that […]

Family Reunion Chapter 40

The three had agreed that their long flight had left them famished and so before turning in for the evening they set out in search of food. The doorman opened the door as they stepped out into the cool night air and headed toward a nearby taxi. Neither of them saw the small-framed man parked across the street and they didn’t see their driver acknowledge the man’s presence with a slight nod as they drove by. Lost in their thoughts and desire for a good meal they rode in silence for the next few minutes unsuspecting of what was planned for them. Emily was the first to notice the odd smell in the air, then Morgan who noticed Garcia beginning to lean her head against the window. Emily began to cough and Morgan tried opening the doors just before losing consciousness. Neither of them remembered being brought to the estate and placed in the dark basement. Neither of them knew that they’d walked into a trap. Instinctively, Morgan pulled Garcia closer against his side; he could hear Emily shift her position no doubt she had taken a more defensive posture to prepare for a possible attack. Then the lights above them flickered on blinding the three of them momentarily. Still blinded by the brightness and the remaining drug in his system, Morgan was ill prepared for what happened next. Garcia was roughly pulled from his grasp by one of the men while Emily was grabbed by another. Both women were […]

Family Reunion Chapter 39

Neither of the three noticed the man following close behind them. They were all too tired, to preoccupied and too determined to find the truth and end the nightmare that had halted their lives and sent them careening down into a pit of unknown darkness, fear and danger. Emily had wished that she’d rented a car but she’d never gotten use to driving London’s streets and even while working at Interpol she had enjoyed the luxury of a government provided driver and on other rare occasions she found the city’s taxis to be more than adequate to get around. Emily’s flat would be home for the next few days as the taxi pulled in front of the impressive older building. The doorman quickly opened the door as the three climbed out meeting the driver at the trunk where he was already unloading their bags. The man who had been following them since their arrival sat parked across the busy street. Then as the three disappeared inside he pulled his cell phone from his pocket and placed a call. McMartin Estates – Later – Stiles knew not to get too confident when it came to the extremely difficult Patrick McMartin. Even though he’d done well for him in the past he knew one mistake one failure could quite possibly spell his own demise. He’d seen it happen too many times in the past. His employer had learned well from Ian Doyle taking careful meticulous mental notes then when it was time […]

Family Reunion Chapter 37

BAU – Office of Penelope Garcia – Afternoon – Spencer had left over an hour ago and still Penelope sat staring at the irrefutable facts on her screen; Derek Morgan was not the father of Emily’s baby. The revelation of their night together had drastically altered their lives and then the news of a baby had rocked her world. Still, she’d vowed to stick by him, and to let their love bring them through this storm. Now, after weeks of stress and uncertainty, she’d found information that seemed even more devastating. How was she supposed to tell him that the baby who’d he grieved for the last several weeks was not only alive but was not his? The familiar knock on the door startled her as she quickly minimized her screen and turned to face him as he entered the room. “Hey Baby Girl.” He uttered solemnly. “Hello Handsome. How was your appointment?” He approached her and pulled her to a standing position pulling her into a tight embrace as he held her close to his body. He didn’t respond to her question for several seconds as they stood. She allowed him the time as she heard him inhale. After a few more seconds he released her and placed both hands on each side of her face staring deeply into her eyes. “I don’t deserve you, Penelope Garcia.” “Derek…” “No. Just listen, please?” Already she felt the tears welling in her eyes. “Okay.” “I have made your life hell over […]

Family Reunion Chapter 36

London, England – He hadn’t planned on falling in love but as he looked down on the two little boys he realized he was hopelessly in love with the little curly headed boys that had occupied the west wing for the last few years. In the beginning he purposely kept his distance leaving their care to his cousin Louise but as time passed their cries and their laughter drew him in and he was hooked. Both boys had been conceived against the will of the mothers as a part of Ian Doyle’s dastardly plans to leave a living legacy in case he met an untimely end. In his line of work he knew it would be sooner rather than later. Now as Patrick McMartin looked down into the lush garden below he realized that things happened for a reason. He’d never thought much about family and with his work, there was no time for such lofty ideas; in fact such images of love and family had been his mentor’s downfall when he’d fallen in love with Lauren Reynolds. When he’d heard of Ian’s death he swore an oath to himself that he would not follow that path to sure destruction. Yet, here he stood a father by proxy to two young boys and he knew that he’d do anything even kill to protect them. He marveled at their similarities and even with two different mothers, they were the splitting image of each other. He was well aware of Doyle’s and […]

Family Reunion Chapter 35

Home of Derek Morgan – Evening – Derek knew that sleep would elude him again tonight. His mind stayed on the baby and secrets that had been kept from him. He didn’t understand Emily’s reasoning and he wasn’t sure if he’d ever get it. Still, she was his friend and he wanted more than anything for her to be healthy and back to normal. One thing he knew for sure was that he’d made a mess of things with Hotch and the team and with Penelope. He looked over at the sleeping beauty and slipped out of bed careful not to wake her. Grabbing his laptop before leaving the room he knew he wouldn’t rest until he found his son; he owed him that much. He took a seat at the kitchen table and his mind took him back to an earlier time. This is how he started when he began his relentless pursuit of Ian Doyle who he’d held responsible for Emily’s “death.” Now he was at it again, looking, hunting for his son. He needed to connect and make sense of his birth and death he knew his soul would not let him go on otherwise. He in no way had Garcia’s skills but he was no scrub either and he’d managed to get deep enough in his searching to rattle Doyle’s cage and cause him to come after him and the team. It may take him a while but if his son was buried any where on […]

Family Reunion Chapter 34

“PUSH! Push, Emily! Good, good!” She never imagined anything could hurt so bad; she’d been hurt in the field numerous times but nothing compared to the pain that was ramming through her body at this moment. “There’s the head! Okay, one more push and your son will be here! PUSH!” Seconds later the noise of a high-pitched young scream filled the air and Emily struggled to catch her breath and make sense of what had just happened. The nurse held the baby up for her to see before placing him on her chest. He was the most beautiful thing she’d ever seen. Until now she had never realized that she wanted children. Tears of both joy and sorrow overcame her as she wished that Derek were there to see his son. She began second guessing her decision to keep this child a secret from him as the nurse quickly scooped up the newborn and rushed away. “Wait, please! Where are you going?” Then the smiling Clyde Easter stepped into view almost magically and looked down into the puzzled face of Emily Prentiss. “It’s okay, Dahling, they’re just going to get him cleaned up. You can see him later.” She shook her head and relaxed onto the bed while the nurses worked to get her ready to be moved to her room. It was the last time she would see her son. Emily’s body shook uncontrollably and her legs could no longer hold her as she allowed her body to slide […]

Family Reunion Chapter 33

Derek slowly opened his eyes roused awake by the smells of lasagna and homemade bread. He was starved and he loved Penelope’s lasagna. He pulled himself to a sitting position and braced himself against the pain that was still throbbing and making itself known even though the Advil had helped a lot. “You’re awake.” Penelope stepped into the room and sat next to him on the couch. She watched him trying to hide his discomfort from her; he was failing miserably. “Derek, we need to get your pain meds.” “I’m fine Baby Girl. Is that your lasagna I smell?” “And homemade rolls.” “Wow, I can’t remember the last time you made homemade rolls.” He leaned his head against the back of the couch and closed his eyes. “What’s the occasion?” “No occasion I just wanted to do it.” “Thanks Baby.” She quickly stood fearing the sudden silence between them. Maybe dinner would calm the awkwardness that had settled in the room. “Let me fix you a plate.” He grabbed her wrist holding her in place. “Can we talk first?” She sat down and waited for him to begin. “Okay.” “I’m sorry for hurting you. I didn’t mean to ever do anything to hurt you.” “Derek…” “No just listen, please.” She settled back and stilled herself against what he had to say. “Emily was pregnant with my child.” Penelope could swear that in that instant she heard glass shattering all around her. Her heart stopped then sped up ramming itself against […]

Family Reunion Chapter 31

Lankershim Institute – The physical pain in Morgan’s body began to remind him why he was ordered to bed rest once he was discharged from the hospital. His meds had worn off and that mixed with his emotional pain things were beginning to come crashing down on him but he wasn’t ready to leave. “Derek, are you okay?” “I’m fine.” “You don’t look fine…” “Emily! Please…drop it! Just tell me why we’re here; why am I just now hearing about a pregnancy and a child…my child!” He grimaced. “I thought I had my life under control; I knew who I was, what I was and I loved my job. You, the team, were my family, the family I never had. Then Ian came back hell bent on destroying everything.” Morgan looked at her for the first time since they’d begun talking; really looked at her, the pain and agony had aged her slightly some how. She’d been a victim not once but twice and even though Ian was dead he was still very much alive and in control of her life and she had very little to say about it. “As long as we had him locked up I could foolishly believe that that chapter of my life was closed, that it had just been another case, another criminal brought to justice but, I’d gone above and beyond the call to make sure he spent the rest of his life in jail.” “Emily, I don’t want to hear about what […]