Soul Purpose Chapter 18

Ever the petulant child, Kevin did not obey his father. There was no doubt that the elder Lynch knew best but Kevin wanted what he wanted and what he wanted more than anything in the moment was to be in Penelope’s presence. So, without another thought he made his way to the hospital’s entrance. Much later, he would regret not obeying his father’s orders. “Do you still have your security detail?” “Of course. One arrived just ahead of us and one had our six after we arrived.” Penelope was visibly upset now. She began to pace the room. JJ and Derek exchanged worried looks. They’d devised a plan and now they were certain Penelope would never be able to go through with it. “This is insane!” “Baby?” “No Derek, this is Kevin we’re talking about! Meek, mild-mannered Kevin who wouldn’t hurt a flea! This is crazy!” “The evidence points to him Baby Girl! He and my analyst have been friends for years and they’ve been in contact a lot over the last several months. The dates coincide with the murders…” “No, I don’t care! There has to be another explanation they’re friends, that’s all! I’ve heard him talk about his friend Leo that doesn’t mean he knew what Leo and those agents were doing!” “Believe me, there’s nothing more I’d like than to be wrong about Kevin, but…” Penelope turned to face her husband with fire in her eyes. JJ moved toward the bed and gently pulled Saraya in her […]

Will You Marry Me? Chapter 2

Derek hated the dark. He knew it was because the dark reminded him that he was defenseless and the control he so desperately needed no longer existed. It was cold the temperature had continually dropped over the last few hours and he assumed that it was now late evening. His stomach growled and his head ached from being hit earlier, he had to find a way out. Then his mind went to Penelope by now she would know something had happened to him and she’d be worried out of her mind. Worse than being taken and held in this hellhole, the thought of her afraid for him and imagining all sorts of things about what had happened to him made his situation unbearable. Kevin was eager to welcome his new guest he’d never felt so empowered and vindicated in his life. The fact that none of them had seen it coming made him smile. Being a disheveled, geek had its advantages after all he snickered. Now it was time to have some fun. Even he noticed the pep in his step and the two large men following behind reminded him that he was the boss. He’d never been the boss before even in his relationship with Penelope he was far from the boss. The blonde beauty called all the shots even in the bedroom he followed her lead like a lovesick puppy. Things were about to change. BAU Headquarters – Evening – “The locals have the area locked down tight. […]

Will You Marry Me? Chapter 1

“Penelope, will you marry me?” She was speechless. Her mouth dropped and she could hardly believe her ears. Like every little girl, she’d dreamed of finding her knight-in-shining armor, getting married and riding off into the sunset to live happily ever after. Now here she was looking into eyes filled with expectancy and hope. She watched as he stood in front of her holding his breath waiting patiently for the answer that would make him the happiest man in the world. “Penelope?” “No! I-I won’t marry you!” “But…but…I love you! I’ve loved you for years now! Ever since I met you in the bullpen of the BAU…you were so, so, beautiful it took my breath away!” “I’m sorry…” “I know we’re meant to be together. We know everything there is to know about each other, we’ve been through hell and back and so I want to take things to the next level! Let’s forget the past and all of my dumb mistakes. Please Pen…do me the honors of being my wife!” “I said, NO Kevin! You know I’m with Derek…I’m in love with Derek!” Then she saw the look of expectancy and hope morph into disappointment and rage. “NO? Did you just say, no?” “That’s what I said…I cannot marry you, Kevin!” Kevin, with his face turning a bright shade of red took a step back and pulled his cellphone from his pocket. Garcia watched confused as he focused his attention on the phone’s screen while he pressed a few […]

Internal Affairs Chapter 17

Savannah wiped the corners of her mouth as she watched her new “friend” pull up his zipper and stuff his shirt back into his pants. He was more than willing to find a secluded spot away from pesky surveillance cameras giving them privacy to work out the details of their alliance. His name was Oscar Clark and he was eager to help her in her time of need. The two looked at each other with unashamed smiles on their faces and she had to admit that the young guard had a lot to offer a woman behind bars. Savannah was resourceful if nothing else and more than that she was determined; determined to make Derek and Penelope pay for humiliating her. She didn’t like losing and she definitely had no plans on losing to the likes of Penelope Garcia. “I was serious, you know. Just say the word and I’ll end him.” Savannah smiled as she ran her hand down his chest then helping him with the last few buttons of his shirt. “Thank you lover but I want to be the one who takes the kill shot.” “That’s going to be a little hard to do seeing that you’re locked up, beautiful.” She kissed him thrusting her tongue deeply into his mouth as she pushed him against the wall. “I’m sure you can arrange for a little field trip, can’t you?” “I…I don’t know…” He felt her hand slip past his waistband into his boxers. He leaned his head […]

Internal Affairs Chapter 15

“DIG!” Potomac General Hospital – 2 hours later… Penelope had secluded herself in the far corner of the room crying quietly. She’d refused the comfort of her friends shooing them away until they finally realized she was serious and wanted and needed to be alone. The fact that no one had given them an update on Derek’s condition brought her no comfort and no solace. It didn’t matter if she closed her eyes or kept them open it didn’t erase the sight of him lying still in the makeshift coffin. They’d managed to reach him three minutes after Sam’s deadline and he wasn’t breathing. The bruises and cuts on his face and body told her that being buried alive was only half of what he’d endured. She kept asking herself, why? Why was she a magnet for broken deranged men? Men willing to kill her and those she loved without even a second thought. It was foolish to think that this was somehow her fault; that she was responsible for what Savannah, Kevin and Sam had done. Still, she knew she played a role and what she had done to drive the three beyond madness had a price. How could she think she wouldn’t be punished too? “One-one thousand, two-one thousand…breathe! One-one thousand, two-one thousand…breathe, dammit!”  “How’s she holding up?” Rossi handed Hotch a cup breaking him from his thoughts. Taking the seat next to the senior officer, Rossi waited for an answer. “Not good. She just wants to be […]

Soul Purpose Chapter 1

Home of Derek Morgan – Evening Derek had made it a point, subconsciously maybe, to return home as late as possible. The last two weeks had been hell and home seemed less like home. Dropping his go-bag at the door he made his way into the kitchen heading straight to the refrigerator to grab a beer. A small fluffy chocolate brown bear lying on the island caught his eye. Setting the beer down he grabbed the bear, his daughter’s favorite and held it to his face inhaling the smell of Saraya’s bubble bath. Derek fought the tears welling in his eyes; he had a rule…no tears…ever. He refused to make an exception, especially now. “It’s over!” His wife’s words and the look of utter disappointment still haunted him. There was nothing he could say, and he’d tried everything but she wouldn’t listen. He hadn’t done anything wrong…he hadn’t done anything right either so he was forced to watch his world crumble before his eyes. He looked around the over-sized kitchen. He’d designed it especially for her. Her culinary skills were limited but her dream was to have a chef’s kitchen and so that was all he needed to make it happen. It had been a few more minutes before he realized that he wasn’t alone in the house. The floorboards in the hallway gave his intruder away. Turning quickly he met the confident gaze of the woman who’d been responsible for his misery. “What are you doing here?” “I thought […]

When Truth Comes Knocking Chapter 15

It had been almost an hour since he’d asked them all to leave. He didn’t want to talk and he didn’t want to hear the details of how James had taken his life. More than that, if he heard that it wasn’t his fault one more time he was afraid there would be another body in the morgue. He had held onto the details of his childhood for dear life. Now, he had already seen the pity and sadness in their eyes. They knew…all of them. It was too much to look at his secrets spilled haphazardly on their faces. Until he admitted the truth he knew their thoughts were mere suspicions but like him, they were all profilers and they had just enough of the pieces to put the entire puzzle together. She didn’t knock. If she did he’d asked her to leave. His secrets were all he had left; the only thing he really felt he controlled and now he had to face the fact that they’d all figured it out. Fran slowly stepped into the room and approached his bed. Her son, the boy who’d insisted on being the man of the house when her husband was killed. Who’d become withdrawn and angry and would spend long hours at the community center and then his bedroom. She should have known something was wrong but instead she’d insisted he go and become one of Carl Buford’s boys. “Ma, what are you doing here?” She gently took his hand […]

Internal Affairs Chapter 14

Her hands shook as she dialed his number. She wasn’t about to make a move until she spoke with him and heard his voice. She could tell a lot by just listening to him speak. The team stood nearby and waited. Sam smiled as he saw her face appear on the display screen of his phone. He knew she’d call; by now all of them knew that he had Morgan. He expected her to try and talk him into freeing Morgan but he had no intentions on doing any such thing. He was in the driver’s seat and he was calling the shots…he wanted her and he was going to have her. “Sam?” “I knew you would call…” “What have you done? Where’s Derek?” “This is all your fault, my love.” “Sam, please…” “I asked you to marry me, Penelope. You should have been grateful but what did you do?” “Sam, listen to me. We can talk about this but don’t take it out on Morgan; this is between you and me.” “So true, it is just between you and me. It’s time for you to come home we have a lot to talk about.” “Sam, you know I can’t marry you…why are you really doing this?” “I’ve always had a fantasy of being married in my grandmother’s rose garden.” “Sam…” “I must have talked to you about it a hundred times, remember?” “Sam…” “She left me that house but I have been able to bring myself to move in […]

When Truth Comes Knocking Chapter 14

“Where are we going?” Ignoring the question, Gordinski continued to drive. Morgan heard a light snicker come from Rodney as the car continued away from the city center. “My team is looking for me, you know that right?” “Your team.” Gordinski chuckled. “Your team will be too late.” “Yeah, there’s a whole lot of bodies buried around this place that have never been found, right Gordinski?” The older man glanced at his cohort shooting a look through the rearview mirror. “You’d know more about that than I would Rodney.” “Yeah whatever.” “You gonna throw away thirty plus years on the force, Gordinski? Because if you kill a federal agent, you’re done! You’ll spend the rest of your life…” “Shut up!” Then to Gordinski, “Man, let me pop a cap in his ass so I don’t have to listen to his mouth anymore!” “Patience, patience. Besides, we’re almost there.” Home of Cara Harris – “My dad found me in Mr. Buford’s office.” “What were you doing there?” Reid already knew in his gut what the boy would reveal next…it was the same thing that was driving Morgan to continue to elude capture, the same thing that kept him silent about his childhood. “Drinking.” “Drinking?” “Mr. Buford, Carl…he always made me drink wine before…” Instinctively Cara pulled her son to her as if protecting him. It was too late to protect him now the damage had already been done. “It’s okay, son.” Rossi interrupted looking at Reid then at Cara. Guilt and […]

Internal Affairs Chapter 13

“Where am I? I can’t move…I can’t breathe…It’s dark…I hate the dark…” Savannah dialed Sam’s number as she rushed out of the room and down the hall. She couldn’t believe he had the nerve to turn on her but the empty room was proof that he’d done just that. Her call went directly to voicemail. Hotch pulled the SUV next to the old worn out building. Kevin had led them to a forgotten building downtown that hadn’t been used in nearly thirty years. According to Kevin, Sam’s family had purchased the building when he was a boy with the intention of turning it into office space. The couple divorced before the renovation began leaving the place abandoned, until now. She needed a plan; a plan to fix the mess created by her first plan. There was no way she was ready to get caught for what she had done. She picked up speed as she rushed toward the exit. Just as she stepped outside she was met by the last people she wanted to see in life. The day couldn’t get any worse. “Don’t move!” JJ rushed toward her as she slowly raised her hands in the air. All guns and eyes were trained on her. “What’s this about?” Hotch glanced to Rossi then Reid then nodded toward the door. The two rushed inside as JJ and Hotch remained outside with Savannah. “Where’s Derek?” Savannah trying to remain confident turned toward the blonde. “I haven’t seen him since he left […]