Internal Affairs Chapter 15

“DIG!” Potomac General Hospital – 2 hours later… Penelope had secluded herself in the far corner of the room crying quietly. She’d refused the comfort of her friends shooing them away until they finally realized she was serious and wanted and needed to be alone. The fact that no one had given them an update on Derek’s condition brought her no comfort and no solace. It didn’t matter if she closed her eyes or kept them open it didn’t erase the sight of him lying still in the makeshift coffin. They’d managed to reach him three minutes after Sam’s deadline and he wasn’t breathing. The bruises and cuts on his face and body told her that being buried alive was only half of what he’d endured. She kept asking herself, why? Why was she a magnet for broken deranged men? Men willing to kill her and those she loved without even a second thought. It was foolish to think that this was somehow her fault; that she was responsible for what Savannah, Kevin and Sam had done. Still, she knew she played a role and what she had done to drive the three beyond madness had a price. How could she think she wouldn’t be punished too? “One-one thousand, two-one thousand…breathe! One-one thousand, two-one thousand…breathe, dammit!”  “How’s she holding up?” Rossi handed Hotch a cup breaking him from his thoughts. Taking the seat next to the senior officer, Rossi waited for an answer. “Not good. She just wants to be […]

Soul Purpose Chapter 1

Home of Derek Morgan – Evening Derek had made it a point, subconsciously maybe, to return home as late as possible. The last two weeks had been hell and home seemed less like home. Dropping his go-bag at the door he made his way into the kitchen heading straight to the refrigerator to grab a beer. A small fluffy chocolate brown bear lying on the island caught his eye. Setting the beer down he grabbed the bear, his daughter’s favorite and held it to his face inhaling the smell of Saraya’s bubble bath. Derek fought the tears welling in his eyes; he had a rule…no tears…ever. He refused to make an exception, especially now. “It’s over!” His wife’s words and the look of utter disappointment still haunted him. There was nothing he could say, and he’d tried everything but she wouldn’t listen. He hadn’t done anything wrong…he hadn’t done anything right either so he was forced to watch his world crumble before his eyes. He looked around the over-sized kitchen. He’d designed it especially for her. Her culinary skills were limited but her dream was to have a chef’s kitchen and so that was all he needed to make it happen. It had been a few more minutes before he realized that he wasn’t alone in the house. The floorboards in the hallway gave his intruder away. Turning quickly he met the confident gaze of the woman who’d been responsible for his misery. “What are you doing here?” “I thought […]

Internal Affairs Chapter 14

Her hands shook as she dialed his number. She wasn’t about to make a move until she spoke with him and heard his voice. She could tell a lot by just listening to him speak. The team stood nearby and waited. Sam smiled as he saw her face appear on the display screen of his phone. He knew she’d call; by now all of them knew that he had Morgan. He expected her to try and talk him into freeing Morgan but he had no intentions on doing any such thing. He was in the driver’s seat and he was calling the shots…he wanted her and he was going to have her. “Sam?” “I knew you would call…” “What have you done? Where’s Derek?” “This is all your fault, my love.” “Sam, please…” “I asked you to marry me, Penelope. You should have been grateful but what did you do?” “Sam, listen to me. We can talk about this but don’t take it out on Morgan; this is between you and me.” “So true, it is just between you and me. It’s time for you to come home we have a lot to talk about.” “Sam, you know I can’t marry you…why are you really doing this?” “I’ve always had a fantasy of being married in my grandmother’s rose garden.” “Sam…” “I must have talked to you about it a hundred times, remember?” “Sam…” “She left me that house but I have been able to bring myself to move in […]

When Truth Comes Knocking Chapter 14

“Where are we going?” Ignoring the question, Gordinski continued to drive. Morgan heard a light snicker come from Rodney as the car continued away from the city center. “My team is looking for me, you know that right?” “Your team.” Gordinski chuckled. “Your team will be too late.” “Yeah, there’s a whole lot of bodies buried around this place that have never been found, right Gordinski?” The older man glanced at his cohort shooting a look through the rearview mirror. “You’d know more about that than I would Rodney.” “Yeah whatever.” “You gonna throw away thirty plus years on the force, Gordinski? Because if you kill a federal agent, you’re done! You’ll spend the rest of your life…” “Shut up!” Then to Gordinski, “Man, let me pop a cap in his ass so I don’t have to listen to his mouth anymore!” “Patience, patience. Besides, we’re almost there.” Home of Cara Harris – “My dad found me in Mr. Buford’s office.” “What were you doing there?” Reid already knew in his gut what the boy would reveal next…it was the same thing that was driving Morgan to continue to elude capture, the same thing that kept him silent about his childhood. “Drinking.” “Drinking?” “Mr. Buford, Carl…he always made me drink wine before…” Instinctively Cara pulled her son to her as if protecting him. It was too late to protect him now the damage had already been done. “It’s okay, son.” Rossi interrupted looking at Reid then at Cara. Guilt and […]

Do You Know How Much I Love You? Chapter 17

Bethesda Memorial Hospital – The loud frantic click-clack of her heels alerted the others that she was coming. Rounding the corner at lightening speed Garcia nearly lost her footing as she slid to a halt at the waiting room doorway. JJ rushed toward her grabbing her firmly by the shoulders breaking her fall. “What happened? Where is he?” “He’s fine! He’s fine Garcia. Calm down.” “I was on my way to his house when you called…I was supposed to help him with the nursery and … oh no the nursery…the house…it’s gone now what? Now…” “Easy, easy! B-R-E-A-T-H-E…” Garcia struggled but she inhaled a shaky breath and exhaled collecting her thoughts. Rossi, Hotch and Reid all gathered around her as she slowly lowered herself into a chair. “I need to see him! I need to see him now.” She tried standing but JJ held her in place. “You can’t see him now.” “But you said he was okay!” “He’s got a slight concussion and some glass imbedded in his back and shoulder from the shattered windows. The doctors are just removing it. When they’re done we can go in.” Reid added. The team exchanged looks. All of them had thought the worst when the call had come in. Like so many times before in the last several months this was close way too close. “When is it going to end?” They’d all been thinking that too. Garcia looked up. One by one she looked into their eyes for an answer […]

Internal Affairs Chapter 12

“What? What did you find?” She knew exactly what she’d found and she knew in an instant that she couldn’t let Kevin see it. She minimized one of the reports before he stood. “Go get Hotch!” “What? Why? Let me see what you found!” “Not now Kevin! Go get Hotch!” “But…” “KEVIN!” “Okaaay…fine!” Then he scurried out of the lair as he was instructed.   Garcia picked up her phone and dialed. Rossi had just stepped into Hotch’s office when Hotch’s phone rang. It was Garcia. “Yeah, Garcia?” “It’s Kevin!” “What?” “I sent him to look for you…I think he knows where Derek is! Please you’ve got to get him to tell you….” “Slow down, slow down…” “I can’t Hotch I found something and Kevin is involved he’s on his way to…” There was a knock on the door. Both men looked up to see Kevin’s face pressed against the glass. Rossi waved the man inside as Hotch continued to listen to Garcia. Kevin nervously opened the door and walked in. “What can we do for you Kevin?” Rossi asked. Before he could answer Hotch ended his call and turned to face the man. “Lynch?” “Uh…Sir, Penelope says she’s found something. She wanted me to come and find you…” “Have a seat Kevin.” Then motioning to Rossi. “Dave, lock the door please.” Unknown Location- “Are you having second thoughts?” Sam glanced back at the sleeping man and quietly stepped into the hall closing the door behind him. He closed his eyes […]

Do You Know How Much I Love You? Chapter 16

Morgan had insisted on no fanfare, no parties, nothing, for his son’s homecoming. He just wanted to take Hank home and begin their lives again. It had been over a week since Savannah was killed and Internal Affairs had been on his ass ever since. He’d been put on administrative leave, which was fine with him. He hadn’t planned on returning to work anytime soon. He hadn’t finished the nursery and he needed to erase all signs of Savannah from the home they’d shared, so today was set aside to get things ready for Hank’s homecoming tomorrow. Derek never saw himself as a parent let alone a single father of a newborn baby. Life had a way of kicking you in the teeth and lately, he’d felt he’d taken his share of lumps. Penelope, JJ, his mother and his sisters had all promised to help and for that he was grateful. Penelope had promised to meet Derek at his house in a few hours. She’d insisted on picking up some necessary items for the nursery and then helping him to get it just perfect for his precious son, her godson. It was like pulling teeth to get him to agree on letting her help and she tried not to take it personally but it was hard. She’d felt him pulling away from her especially after the conversation about Hank possibly not being his son. She’d found out later that he had already ordered a DNA test; it had been done […]

When Truth Comes Knocking Chapter 12

Morgan followed Rodney and Stevie careful not to be seen. He remembered his nemesis as being extremely paranoid. The police cars were still patrolling and officers were still questioning people on the street. Morgan watched Rodney enter a small corner house two blocks away with his son following close behind. He needed to talk to Stevie somehow Morgan had a feeling that Stevie knew something that could help prove his innocence. An attractive dark-skinned woman met the two on the porch quickly sending the boy inside. She and Rodney stood talking, it was obviously heated their body language said as much. Morgan had found a place across the street out of sight watching the scene play out. He was surprised to discover that Rodney had a family. He’d spent most of his years as the neighborhood’s number one drug dealer and he was known for his violent temper. Derek had several run-ins with Rodney and his last encounter was the start of his trouble with the law. Chicago Police Department – Garcia had begun hunting they’d all agreed that Stan Gordinski had something to hide and Morgan was the key to uncovering it. She stared at the screen as the search continued her mind kept focusing on the conversation they almost had before they were interrupted. Then it was there…glaring on her screen. Hotch pulled his phone from his pocket. It was a text from Garcia. They needed a break and with hope pumping and pushing him toward the conference […]

Internal Affairs Chapter 11

“How is he?” “No change.” Savannah came closer and looked down on the man who’d only an hour ago left their home headed to work. He had no clue she was on to him; that she would do whatever necessary to stop him from reporting back to his team. More importantly, she knew that she could never let him live a life that should have been hers with the likes of Penelope Garcia. “Did anybody see you?” “No.” Another man stepped out of the shadows and joined her at the bedside. “Are you sure?” “I’m positive. No one saw me.” Then she looked at the taller man. “Let me know if there is any change.” She turned to leave the room. “He needs to be in a hospital. I’m a research scientist not a doctor.” “But I am a doctor and I say he stays here until…” “Until what?” “Until he wakes up or dies.” BAU Headquarters – “Nothing! I’ve called him three times and all I get is his voice mail.” Garcia made no attempt to hide the panic in her voice. “He’s not at home. No sign of him or Savannah.” JJ rushed into the room followed closely by Reid. Something was definitely wrong. Savannah’s admission had caught them all by surprised and convinced them that the threat was over. “I’ll call Savannah and…” “Uh, no. I don’t think you’re the best one to call Savannah.” Hotch looked at her sternly. “Oh…right, I suppose not.” “I’ll try her.” […]

Do You Know How Much I Love You? Chapter 15

County Morgue – Morning – Morgan stood stone-faced and numb while the coroner slowly pulled the white sheet away revealing the ashen lifeless body of his wife. He’d pictured her dead more than once over the past week. So many feelings invaded his being; anger, confusion and regret. The grief he also felt was not because she was dead. His grief was spawned from the loss of time, loss because he had allowed himself to believe that they could work. It had been hard always feeling as if he’d come up short in making her happy always wondering if she was just going through the motions. He had his answer. It wasn’t what he’d wanted but the truth seldom was. Hotch watched his friend from the other side of the glass. He never wanted something like this to be what bonded them together. The two men had had their differences over the years but there was no other man he respected or admired more than Derek Morgan. Hotch was often baffled by his strength, focus and determination. He seemed to be super human at times never seeming to bring home the horror or the stains that scared the rest of them. Now here he was saying his last goodbye to his wife. Unlike, Haley, Savannah had only pretended to love Morgan…it was the worst thing that could be done to a man who never fully trusted anyone. Hotch had trusted Morgan with his life and that had not changed and […]