Do You Know How Much I Love You? Chapter 17

Bethesda Memorial Hospital – The loud frantic click-clack of her heels alerted the others that she was coming. Rounding the corner at lightening speed Garcia nearly lost her footing as she slid to a halt at the waiting room doorway. JJ rushed toward her grabbing her firmly by the shoulders breaking her fall. “What happened? Where is he?” “He’s fine! He’s fine Garcia. Calm down.” “I was on my way to his house when you called…I was supposed to help him with the nursery and … oh no the nursery…the house…it’s gone now what? Now…” “Easy, easy! B-R-E-A-T-H-E…” Garcia struggled but she inhaled a shaky breath and exhaled collecting her thoughts. Rossi, Hotch and Reid all gathered around her as she slowly lowered herself into a chair. “I need to see him! I need to see him now.” She tried standing but JJ held her in place. “You can’t see him now.” “But you said he was okay!” “He’s got a slight concussion and some glass imbedded in his back and shoulder from the shattered windows. The doctors are just removing it. When they’re done we can go in.” Reid added. The team exchanged looks. All of them had thought the worst when the call had come in. Like so many times before in the last several months this was close way too close. “When is it going to end?” They’d all been thinking that too. Garcia looked up. One by one she looked into their eyes for an answer […]

Internal Affairs Chapter 12

“What? What did you find?” She knew exactly what she’d found and she knew in an instant that she couldn’t let Kevin see it. She minimized one of the reports before he stood. “Go get Hotch!” “What? Why? Let me see what you found!” “Not now Kevin! Go get Hotch!” “But…” “KEVIN!” “Okaaay…fine!” Then he scurried out of the lair as he was instructed.   Garcia picked up her phone and dialed. Rossi had just stepped into Hotch’s office when Hotch’s phone rang. It was Garcia. “Yeah, Garcia?” “It’s Kevin!” “What?” “I sent him to look for you…I think he knows where Derek is! Please you’ve got to get him to tell you….” “Slow down, slow down…” “I can’t Hotch I found something and Kevin is involved he’s on his way to…” There was a knock on the door. Both men looked up to see Kevin’s face pressed against the glass. Rossi waved the man inside as Hotch continued to listen to Garcia. Kevin nervously opened the door and walked in. “What can we do for you Kevin?” Rossi asked. Before he could answer Hotch ended his call and turned to face the man. “Lynch?” “Uh…Sir, Penelope says she’s found something. She wanted me to come and find you…” “Have a seat Kevin.” Then motioning to Rossi. “Dave, lock the door please.” Unknown Location- “Are you having second thoughts?” Sam glanced back at the sleeping man and quietly stepped into the hall closing the door behind him. He closed his eyes […]

Do You Know How Much I Love You? Chapter 13

“How far are you willing to go with this?” Hotch had allowed the silence to guide them both back to the hospital. He knew his friend and he knew he would need time before talking about what had happened at his home. He like the rest knew what Garcia meant to him and he always wondered why the two had never gotten together. Hotch admired the man next to him; his strength and determination…it was beyond human and beyond anything else he’d ever seen. He wondered if in the end those same things would be his downfall. What he did know was that he’d be there for him no matter what happened and no matter what he needed. “All the way.” That was it; it was all he said. It was enough. Morgan climbed out of the passenger side and headed toward the hospital entrance. Hotch followed close behind as the two entered through the automatic doors. JJ, Reid and Rossi had arrived moments before along with Penelope who was being examined by the emergency room staff. JJ watched the concern on Morgan’s face morph into fear when he didn’t see Garcia with them. Quickly she approached him gobbling him up in her arms. “She’s okay, she’s okay.” She felt him exhale into her shoulder as she tightened her grip around him allowing him a moment to let her words sink in. “I need to see my son but I need to see her first.” “Of course.” She released him […]

When Truth Comes Knocking Chapter 9

Derek slowly pulled himself away from Carl’s lifeless body.  He was a federal agent and a former Chicago Police officer. He knew what he needed to do.  This was a crime scene and he was a witness; but a witness to what?  Carl was dying before he’d arrived and he hadn’t seen anyone or anything.  This was bad, really bad.  He forced his mind to focus, carefully picking up his phone out of the puddle of blood. 9-1-1 was still on the display and without hesitating he pressed the send button and waited for someone to answer. Stan Gordinksi had never worked with the FBI before but he knew he was out of his league with this case.  Morgan had been absolutely correct; young boys in the community were dying but it wasn’t at their own hands.  James Barfield had been one of the few that had risen from his circumstances and he’d done all the right things to get out.  Jonah Martinson, the latest victim had had a few scrapes with the law but nothing that had gotten him into any big trouble.  Both boys had left behind a letter addressed to Derek Morgan and it was those letters that made Stan agree to call in the BAU. Gordinski had attended a seminar years ago where he’d personally met SSA Jason Gideon who’d agreed to look at some old cases that had left the then detective baffled.  Deep in his gut he suspected Derek Morgan of the crimes that […]

Internal Affairs Chapter 8

Derek rushed from the hospital unable to clear his mind of Savannah’s threat. He wasn’t sure if she was serious or just hysterical from what had happened between them. Nonetheless, he needed to get as far away from the woman as possible. Savannah had never shown any signs of being a crazy psycho…then his phone rang it was Penelope. What would he say? How could he tell her that he couldn’t be with her and that he’d decided to stay with Savannah after all? He loved her too much and breaking her heart was like breaking his own. Derek ignored the call letting it go to voicemail. He knew it would make her worry but he was clueless on how to tell her about Savannah. So he drove and kept driving turning the radio up to its fullest volume to drown out the sound of the ringing phone in the background. After almost an hour of driving around, Derek pulled into the lot. He knew what he had to do there was no way of avoiding the mess he’d created in his life. Closing the door of his truck and climbing the steps of the apartment building, he took a minute before pressing the doorbell. Savannah smiled past the pain. Her lip was swollen and her jaw was tender to the touch but it was nothing compared to the pain she’d felt when Derek had announced that he was ending their relationship. She rubbed her hand across her bruised ribs […]

Do You Know How Much I Love You? Chapter 11

“He’s not safe you know.” Hotch looked into Omar’s eyes. The man had been more than cooperative in his earlier interrogation but Hotch knew he was withholding something…something the man could use as a bargaining chip later. “Excuse me?” “Your agent Morgan isn’t safe. She’s got plans for him. Annah doesn’t like to lose.” “Well like you, Savannah Hayes is going to spend the rest of her life in prison.” “It won’t matter. Agent Morgan will be dead and then who will take care of that precious baby boy?” Hotch watched the dead calm and confident expression staring back at him. “Maybe Penelope will raise him. After all, she’s in love with Morgan; she’d do anything for him.” “Do you have something to tell me or did you call me here to waste my time?” “You think that this is over but it’s not. She won’t rest until he’s dead.” Omar glanced at the clock on the wall behind Hotch. “Right now Agent Morgan and the lovely Penelope Garcia are at his home; eating, and resting…I know these past several hours have been quite stressful for the poor man.” “What does she have planned?” “She’s so resourceful, my Annah…it’s amazing what you can get accomplished from a hospital bed.” “What are you trying to tell me? I don’t have time for games.” “She made him leave the hospital, to shower and eat and sleep. They’ll make plans to return to the hospital and check on little Hank…but they’ll never make […]

Internal Affairs Chapter 7

Home of Penelope Garcia – Morning – She hadn’t slept and judging by the sounds of him tossing and turning on her sofa, Derek hadn’t slept either. She felt awful for how she’d treated him the night before banishing him to the sofa and refusing to listen to what he had to say. No matter what had happened with them she knew Derek and she knew that he would never hurt her…not intentionally anyway. She again allowed her fear to dictate her behavior and now she wasn’t sure were they stood with each other. The thought of raising their child alone was horrible but living the rest of her life without her best friend was something she didn’t want to ever consider. The sunshine creeping through her bedroom blinds coaxed her from beneath her down comforter. She needed caffeine…facing the day without it was pure suicide. She stopped and watched him as he slept. The pillow and blanket she’d given him were tossed on the floor along with most of his clothes. Penelope couldn’t help but smile. She also couldn’t deny the fact that she loved him madly. The smells of breakfast…bacon, eggs and coffee pried his eyes open. His body felt like lead and his back and neck ached. The sound of Penelope making breakfast gave him hope that she still cared enough to feed him before banishing him from her life. He dragged himself from the couch and headed toward her kitchen. She looked gorgeous in his t-shirt; […]

Internal Affairs Chapter 6

Derek was the last to step off of the elevator. It had been a long week and if anyone had called him on it he would have had to admit that he’d been distracted. The four days in New York felt like a month and he managed to somehow dodge Hotch’s discerning eye while numbly forcing his way through the case and in the end being the one who’d slapped the cuffs on the man who’d eluded them killing seven young women before Morgan realized that he was one of the investigators on the case. The time away had only made his life an even bigger mess; Savannah barely took his calls and Garcia had resorted to calling in her findings to JJ and only talking to him when he insisted on it. He climbed the steps to her office and even before getting to the top he noticed her lights were off. She hadn’t met them at the elevator as usual and he knew that this was another attempt to avoid talking to him. The problems the two of them had caused weren’t going away and her running from him wasn’t going to make him go away either. Home of Derek Morgan – Two Hours Later – (Midnight) Derek slowly turned the key in the door and stepped inside. He’d fallen in love with this house the first day he’d come to tour the remains of the ranch style house. It was in serious need of repair but he […]

Do You Know How Much I Love You? Chapter 10

It was hard to breathe through the steam that had consumed the large bathroom. He’d taken to extremely hot showers since recovering from his kidnapping and torture. The scalding hot water took his mind off of the pain that still radiated from the scar that ran down his chest. He stood naked in front of the mirror, numb and freezing even though the temperature in the room was at least eighty-six degrees. With his right hand he wiped the condensation away revealing his reflection. His eyes went immediately to the discolored darkened strip of melted skin that seemed to divide him in half. From time to time the pain was excruciating as if he were back in that farmhouse six months ago. His doctors had warned him that it could take years to fully heal if ever. Mercifully, the steam slowly covered the mirror again and he turned and stepped into the shower under the water allowing it to beat against him and take him away from the memories of that night. Now he needed something to take his mind away from the present and the admission of his wife that she’d aided the others in hurting him. She’d shared his life, this house and had been close enough to him each night to kill him in his sleep. He’d always believed that if he could survive his childhood abuse, he could survive anything…he had second thoughts about that now. Penelope had found the remnants of a roast beef dinner. […]

When Truth Comes Knocking Chapter 6

Derek didn’t know what he would do if he ever saw Carl Buford again; if they were ever alone in a room… He wasn’t sure why he’d come to the Community Center but he found himself getting out of his rental car and crossing the busy street to the building where he’d spent countless hours as a young boy. He’d been forced to go; his mother’s answer to his wayward ways. She thought he needed an outlet for his energy to keep him from his mischievous antics. His hand trembled slightly as he pulled the door open. The lights were off and it was quiet. Derek’s mind pulled him back to the times he’d spent here alone with Carl. Then his heart stopped and so did his feet. He heard a familiar voice and then one of a much younger boy. His heart started again, pounding ferociously in his chest. He could feel the pain of each beat and now he was running toward the office at the end of the hall. The pounding of his fist against the plexi-glass caused the voices inside to cease. “Carl? Let me in now!” There was no response as Derek began pounding again. “CARL! I swear I’ll kick this door down if you don’t open it right now!” After a few short seconds the door opened and Derek was face to face with Carl Buford the man who’d run the center for nearly forty years. The two stared into each other’s eyes speechless. […]