1.  Are the stories in the Derek Morgan Chronicles written in any particular order?

Yes! While some of the stories are written to follow other stories, it is still possible to read and enjoy the stories without following them in order.

2.  Are the stories written by the same author?

Yes all the stories are written by the same author!

3. Can other writers submit stories for the Derek Morgan Chronicles?

Currently, we are not accepting submissions. However, this may change in the future.

4. Do you accept story ideas from your readers?

Yes! We are always looking for story ideas and we love hearing from our readers on what they’d like to read.

5. How would I submit a story idea?

Just click on our, “Contact” page and send us your idea.

6.  Where can I find a list of the story order?

The list can be found here as well as on our, “About” page.

Story Order-

If you want to take your reading experience to a new level consider reading them in the following order:

Alone Time Chapter 1 & 2

Movie Night

Missed Opportunities

Saving Grace

Deep Cover

Broken Promises



Bump in the Night

Day Break


Healing Waters 1&2

Duty Calls


Home for the Holidays


Left Behind Series


Past Tense

Present Tense


Nightmares, Apologies & Things to Come


No Place Like Home


Resurrection Day Series


Real Time Series


Headlights Series


‘Til Death Us Do Part Series


One of Those Days


Valentine’s Daze Series


When Life Demands Perfection Series


Into Thin Air Series


After Effects Series


Do You Know How Much I Love You? Series


Great Expectations Series


When Truth Comes Knocking Series


Internal Affairs


Soul Purpose



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