Soul Purpose Chapter 31

Avery alerted Emily as he watched Tinsley from the monitors. The man seemed anxious as he stood waiting for entrance into the building. Common sense would dictate to leave the man outside in the chilly D.C. air after all, he was a cold-blooded killer and his intentions were clear. He wanted to kill one of his patients and anyone who stood in his way.

Tinsley was the Director of the FBI and he was one of a handful of people whose security clearance gave him access. So despite the feelings of doom, Avery made his way down the elevator toward the front of the building. He prayed that Dave and Emily were ready and knew what they were doing. This was their work not his and he didn’t want what they did for a living brought here into his world. But these were desperate times and his choice in the matter had been taken away. Avery couldn’t help but feel Emily had used his love for her to her advantage and he didn’t like it, not one bit.

“Director Tinsley, Dr. Avery Peterson.”

Avery stepped aside to let the man inside.

“Where is he?”

“Excuse me?”

“Agent Morgan. Where is he?”

“I’m sorry I…”

“Listen to me, Doctor If you don’t want this place shut down you’ll tell me right now where my agent is!”

“With all due respect, director, this place belongs to me and I don’t think you should be here. So, if you don’t mind…”

“Doctor Peterson, several years ago, you made a deal with the Devil otherwise known as the American government, do you remember? I’m sure you remember those ridiculously large checks you get each month, am I right?”

Avery looked away briefly then back again.

“I agreed to use my facility to help heal and to…”

“And to keep the government informed of who is here, that includes me! Why haven’t I been told that Agent Morgan is here?”

“I-I assumed you were told.”

“Well, I wasn’t.”

“Agent Morgan’s condition is still grave…”

“No doubt and I’ll keep that in mind when I see him.”

“Please if you could just come back…”

“In case you didn’t know, I have a killer on the loose and I don’t take kindly to anyone trying to kill one of my agents.”

Avery couldn’t believe the arrogance of this man. He was the killer and he had been running loose since trying to kill Derek. As much as he didn’t want this man or his trouble in the building he wanted him stopped almost as much as the others did. So, Avery played along he didn’t want to be the one that tipped Tinsley off that the BAU were on to him.

“I’m asking again, are you sure about this, Derek?”

Emily saw the determination swimming in his eyes. If things went wrong again she knew Tinsley would succeed in killing Derek this time.

“I’m sure. Besides, we have the element of surprise.”

“What do you mean?”

“You. Tinsley has no idea you’re in town, that part of our plan hasn’t changed.”

“I suppose. Just don’t get cocky and cause this man to spiral too soon.”

“Who me?”

“Yeah you. We need him to confess everything before…”

“What? Before he tries to kill me? It’s okay, you can say it.”

“This isn’t a joke Derek. If we screw this up Penelope will kill all of us.”

“Who are you telling? This is going to cost me months on the couch.”

BAU Headquarters –

“I am so angry…and, and…scared…I want to strangle that husband of mine!”

“Join the club Sweetie. Dave is in so much trouble but I know this is what they do but…he lied to me! He had me believing that my son was dead!”

“Things have being going so crazy these last few days. Derek and I were just getting back on track, now this.”

Fran suddenly pulled Penelope from the room and the two headed down the hall.

“Where are we going?”

“I think we both could use something a little stronger than the stale coffee from the break room.”

“I…I… can’t…”

Fran continued to pull her into the office turning on the light and fishing a small key out of Dave’s top desk.

“Pen, can you grab those two glasses over…”

She suddenly realized that Penelope hadn’t moved from the doorway.


“Unless you’re about to pour us a glass of grape juice, I’ll have to pass.”

“Since when did you start passing on an expensive taste…of…?”

Fran stopped mid-sentence and looked knowingly in the face of her daughter-in-law.

“Oh my goodness Penelope, are you…”

Penelope shook her head with a sheepish grin on her face.

“Does my son know?”

Penelope shook her head again as the grin disappeared.

“I haven’t had a chance to tell him. I found out just before all of this happened.”

Fran pulled her into her arms and held her tightly.

“Oh, baby! I’m so happy, another grandbaby!” Then pulling slightly away. “Oh these men of ours are in big trouble now!”

Fran again pulled her close and for the next few moments she was too overcome to speak.

As Emily made herself comfortable in the small bathroom of Derek’s room, Dave sped toward the medical facility. Hotch, Reid and JJ had discovered the hotel where Richard Lynch was staying. Thanks to a phone call he’d made to Tinsley moments ago, Penelope was able to begin tracking both of their phones and now the race was on.

Richard Lynch attributed a great deal of his success to knowing when to get out; when to get out of business deals, relationships, marriages…and knowing when to get out of town. So, with his bags packed he headed toward the elevator of his penthouse hotel room.

Bentley Manor –

Hotch pulled the SUV out front and brought the vehicle to an abrupt jerky stop. The others jumped out and rushed through the door past the front desk. The staff who hadn’t seen much action all day in the elite upscale hotel lobby were stilled at the agents running toward the elevators.

“Reid, you and JJ head to the penthouse and I’ll stay here and wait for the locals and keep my eyes on the front door.”

“Got it.”

Reid nodded at JJ as the elevator pinged and the doors opened.

Lynch impatiently looked from the slow-changing numbers above to his watch and then down the empty hallway. He was cutting it close he knew but if he could gain any solace it was in the fact that in a few minutes Derek Morgan would finally be dead and his poor departed imbicile of a son would be able to rest in peace.

Finally, the door opened and Lynch felt a sense of relief that was quickly snatched away when he looked up and into the stern frown of SSA’s Aaron Hotchner, Jennifer Jarreau and Dr. Spencer Reid.

Hotch was the first to step out forcing the older man to step back nearly bumping into the wall.

“Richard Lynch, you’re under arrest!”

Unknown Medical Facility –

“Here we are. This is the room.”

Avery and Tinsley stopped in front of the large window. Derek appeared to be sleeping peacefully in his bed…this would be easy he thought to himself.

“Thank you, Doctor that will be all.”

“Please, Mr. Tinsley won’t you reconsider? Agent Morgan is still very weak. Any stress could set his recovery back…”

“I said, that…will…be…all, Doctor!”

Tinsley placed his hand on the doorknob and without giving the doctor another thought he opened the door and stepped inside.

Derek slowly opened his eyes and stared at the man coming toward him.

“You’re awake.”

“Yes, I am.”

“You and your friends had me fooled for quite a while, bravo!”

“Can I ask you a question first, before…?”

“Before I kill you?”

Avery’s heart was beating a mile a minute as he waited for his call to be answered. He had a bad feeling, a very bad feeling…

“Come on, Dave…pick up, pick up!”

 By the time Dave answered Avery was sweating bullets.



Tinsley slowly pulled on a pair of black leather gloves. He was nothing if not cocky as he took another step towards Derek’s bedside.

“Okay Agent, I’ll humor you.”

“Why? A man who’s accomplished so much, you’ve risen to the bureau’s highest position, why would you be a part of this criminal network?”

“Why?” He smirked. “Why does anyone do anything? Money! Lots and lots of money!”

Derek tried to move but the pain stilled him almost immediately.

“Easy agent, you don’t want to hurt yourself.”

Tinsley giggled watching Morgan grimace in pain. There wasn’t much time, surely the good doctor had alerted the others of his presence. Still he couldn’t help himself and so he indulged himself an extra few moments before putting the injured man out of his misery.

Dave was met at the front door by a frantic Avery Peterson and the two quickly ran toward Derek’s room.

Emily placed her hand on the doorknob as Tinsley spilled his guts freely admitting his role in one of the country’s largest criminal networks. He was gloating and he was proud at what he’d achieved with the despicable Richard Lynch’s help.

Agreeing to Derek’s plan was insane not once but twice; utter insanity yet she’d said yes, just like Dave had said yes knowing that things could go very, very wrong.

Derek flinched as Tinsley calmly pulled the gun from his pocket and pointed at him.

“Don’t do this. You won’t get away…”

“Please agent, save your breath.”

“It’s time to die.”

“Not yet.”

Emily turned the knob and quietly opened the door.

He’d gotten there just in time to see Tinsley raise the gun toward Derek’s head.

“Is there anything you’d like me to tell your wife? She is rather beautiful, you’re a lucky man, agent Morgan, very lucky indeed.”

Guns drawn Emily and Dave stepped into the room as if their moves had been choreographed with flawless precision but it didn’t matter. It didn’t stop Tinsley or his intentions as they all watched his finger pull against the trigger.

Then the loud blasts of three shots fired in unison stilled them all in their places but it was the look of shock, the wicked smile of an evil man and the blood…lots of blood that would stain their memories for years to come.












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