Soul Purpose Chapter 30

Unknown Medical Facility –


The weak sound of Derek’s voice startled him for a moment as he looked up and into his stepson’s face.

“Hey.” Dave inched to the edge of his seat. He was overjoyed to see Derek awake. “You’re making a habit out of scaring the crap out of us, kid.”


“Don’t worry, we’re protecting Penelope and Saraya, okay?”

Derek shook his head.

“Who did this? Who shot you?”

“Tinsley, Director Tinsley shot me.”

“That son-of-a-bitch!”

“You have to promise me that you’ll take him down before…”

“Take it easy. Let us handle this.”

Dave stood and pulled his phone from his pocket. Derek closed his eyes to ride out the pain.


“Yeah Morgan, what is it?”


Dave took his seat again.

“I need you to do something else for me.”


“Take care of my family.”

“Don’t do that, I mean it. Don’t talk like that. You’ll be out of here in no time.”

Derek shook his head, no, painfully inhaling through the pain.

“I mean it Old Man. Promise me!”

Dave fought back his tears and shook his head. Then grabbing Derek’s hand he leaned in close.

“You hang in there, Derek. You’re family needs you…I need you, you hear me!”

Derek nodded as a lone tear escaped down his face.

Dave composed himself and headed toward the door. Just as he stepped out he turned toward Derek.

“Are you going to be here when I get back?”

Derek weakly raised his arm and gave Dave a thumbs up and with a half smile, Dave stepped out of the room in search of Emily.

Coroner’s Office –

“It’s not him!” Lynch yelled into the phone.

“What do you mean, it’s not him?”

“It’s not him, damn it!”

Lynch rushed down the dark hallway toward the exit.

“How do you know?” Tinsley asked.

“The coroner’s assistant would only let me see him through the glass. He said the widow had insisted that no one be allowed to see him except through the window.”


“So, I’m telling you it’s not him! It looks like him and I thought it was him but…”

“But what?”

“After I left and stepped on the elevator I remembered.”

“What did you remember?”

“The lion tattoo! There was no lion tattoo.”

BAU Headquarters –

“You’re on speaker, Dave.”

Hotch and the others fell silent as Dave’s voice yelled across the line.

“That son-of-a-bitch Tinsley shot Derek!”

“Director Tinsley?” Reid asked. “That means he’s been running this whole thing all along!”

“But why’d he send Derek to New York to bring his own network down? It doesn’t make sense.” JJ wondered.

“He had to know that he wouldn’t stop until he was satisfied that everybody involved was behind bars, including Tinsley himself.” Rossi added.

“After Ian Doyle, Morgan should have been the last person assigned to that case.” Hotch answered.

“What’s the point of us looking for criminals when they all live here?”

Penelope was frustrated and angry. Fran grabbed her hand and held it tightly in her own.

“Well now that we know, we can stop them before they do anything else.” Fran reassured her.

Hotch and the others glanced at Reid who was in deep thought. Hotch knew that look he’d seen it a million times.

“What’s going on Reid?”

Reid stood and began pacing the room.

“Kevin Lynch. He’s the reason Morgan was sent to New York. He needed him out of the way.”

“Out of the way for what?”

“Think about it Garcia. Kevin’s never been willing to accept your break up. He’s always blamed Morgan for coming between you guys.”

“Yeah but he’d have to have a lot of influence over the director of the FBI to get him to go along with a plot to get rid of Morgan.”

“Kevin wouldn’t do that. No, I can’t believe…”

“Kitten, listen to me. Morgan wasn’t sent to New York to solve a case.”

“Are you telling me that my son was sent to New York to be killed?”

“It looks like that’s exactly why, Bella. The case was just a convenience. If it wasn’t the case, Tinsley would have just found another way to get Morgan out of the picture.

Fran looked at her husband. Her face seemed to soften a bit. Dave was hopeful but cautious.

Hotch’s phone began to ring and he stepped away while the conversation continued. It was the coroner’s office. He had left strict orders that he was to be called if anyone came wanting to see Morgan’s body. He’d also left orders that no one be allowed passed the large glass window. All of this had been done in a matter of minutes after Derek was shot.

Hotch ended his call and rejoined the others.

“I think I found our missing link.”

“What’s going on Hotch?” Penelope asked.

“Richard Lynch just walked into the coroner’s office demanding to see Derek’s body.”

“Richard Lynch?”

Penelope looked at Hotch. She hadn’t heard from Kevin’s father in years. She always felt as if the elder Lynch disapproved of her as a choice for his son. Now she was learning that he was a part of a dastardly plan to kill her husband.

“Pen, are you up to doing some work?”

“If it brings this nightmare to an end, hells yeah I am!”

“Good. I need you to find everything you can on Richard Lynch and I need to know how he and Tinsley are connected.”

“Dave you head back to Derek. I’ll have back up to meet you there.”

“Got it.”

“The rest of us will pay Lynch and Tinsley a visit.”

Without another word, the team led by Hotch headed toward the door. Penelope remained seated battling the myriad of emotions running through her. Fran stood and watched as her husband was the last to reach the threshold.


Dave stopped waiting for the others to leave before turning around.

“Yes, Bella?”

Fran closed the gap between them and gently took his hands in hers.

“Be careful.”

“Fran…I’m so…”

“Shh…go. We’ll talk later.”

Dave smiled and nodded. Then without another word he hurried after the others.

Unknown Medical Facility –

“You ready for this?”

Emily looked at her friend lying in the bed. He was awake but he was weak. Dave had called a few minutes earlier and brought her up to speed. He was on his way back to the facility and until Tinsley and Lynch were brought into custody she knew that she had to be prepared for anything.

Derek nodded, yes. He had no idea if Tinsley believed he was dead or if he’d realized that it was all a hoax. Right now all that mattered was that Penelope and Saraya were safe. He knew his family would be beyond upset with him but if he made it out of here alive, he’d deal with that later.

“Thank you.”

Emily took her seat next to his bed before responding.

“Don’t thank me. It’s what family does.”

They both smiled and for the next moments the room was silent.

“Avery?” Derek began.

“He’s fine. He’s not too happy about bringing our trouble to his front door, though.”

“I’m sorry…”

“Don’t it’s okay. It may cost me a night on the town before I go back to London, but he’s good.”

“He’s a good man, Emily.”

“Yeah I know. It’s just that what we do for a living and…”

Derek reached for her hand. She allowed him to take it into his gently squeezing.

“Some things are more important than, what we do for a living.”

“You sound like Rossi. Don’t you start trying to play matchmaker.”


Derek could see the tears in her eyes…and the regret.

“Life is short.”


“Don’t let this job rob you of a chance to be happy.”

Emily shook her head and smiled. He wasn’t going to let it go until he got through to her. She understood him perfectly and for the first time in years she was willing to admit that she wanted more from her life.

“Yeah…I hear you.”

Tinsley was one of a very few who’d known about the hidden medical facility. He’d never been inside but he knew that it had a near perfect record of saving the lives of several world leaders, politicians and dozens of very special people.

The building’s exterior cleverly gave nothing away about its true purpose. Tinsley felt a sense of relief as he parked across the street and killed the engine. He didn’t recognize any of the cars and the street was quiet. The BAU had done a clever job in keeping him informed without really telling him anything about the search for agent Morgan’s assailant. He needed to finish the business that was supposed to have been so easy but had become quite messy and troublesome.

Tinsley got out of the car and took one final look around the area. Then checking his watch he made his way across the street.







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