The Fall Chapter 17

“My name is Derek!” He repeated. “Derek…Mo-Morgan.”

The sight of the knife now pressing against his stomach didn’t register. His mind began to become crowded with thoughts that made no sense yet he knew that they belonged to another life…his life…and so he spoke again even as Hamilton pressed the knife against him urging him to comply and to be silent.

“You’ve been a bad, boy…Derek! You’ve ruined all of our plans with your insistence on having the last word!”

She smiled as she looked deep into his eyes. “I want some grandbabies.”

“Come on, Ma, stop.”

“Come home to me…I’ll leave a light on…”

Hamilton watched as Derek’s face changed from the glassy-eyed subject that he’d tormented for the last six months to a man that was still struggling, still strong and still determined not to be taken by force.

Reid stood in the hospital’s security office watching the coming and goings in every corridor in every building, every lot and hidden place in the hospital. The others had been sent in opposite directions in search of their friend.

“Stop! Right there!”

Reid pointed to a familiar sight on the far left monitor. The officer complied enhancing the picture, drawing it closer into view as Reid pulled his phone from his belt.

“Hotch! He’s on the roof!”

Hotch looked at Rossi as he frantically pressed the elevator button.

“We’re headed there now. Call the others.”

“Okay, and Hotch…”

“Yeah, Reid.”

“He’s not alone.”

Finally aware of the knife pressed against him Derek took a step back and slowly raised his hands.

“You know what happens now, right?” Hamilton asked.

“You can’t. I won’t let you.”

“I told you I have friends watching her. I told you what I would do to her if you didn’t behave, remember?”

“Stop talking!”

“Bring him to me! He’s got to learn…”

 Derek took another step back away from Hamilton as he tried to clear his head.

“I’m a man of my word, Derek.”

“I always did love that mouth. I said, bring him to me!”

Derek took another step back bumping against the concrete wall.

“It’s time Derek.” Hamilton followed him taking a step toward him. “It’s time to end this.”

Derek glanced quickly over the wall. Everything seemed so small, so far away.

“That’s it. Jump!”


“It’s the only way to save her now. Jump!”

Hotch felt a sense of dread as the elevator seemed to creep slowly up to the roof.

“Easy, Aaron. We’ll get there.”

“I hope you’re right. If we don’t we’ll lose more than just Derek, we’ll lose Penelope too.”

“And the baby.” Rossi added.

“What’s your name?”

Derek felt the sharp blade against his body.

“I love you, Baby Boy! Come home…come home!”


Hamilton didn’t see it coming. He knew his prey was still fighting, but he foolishly thought he was still in control so when he felt the heavy fist slam against his face he was caught off guard. He managed to take a swing with the knife before his body crashed to the ground.

“My name is Derek!”

Hamilton looked up at the man standing over him. His aging body tried in vain to roll away but the much younger man above him was too fast. Derek now on his knees straddled the man sending his fist crashing into the man’s face again, and again.

“My name…”

…and again.


…and again.


“MORGAN!” Hotch yelled.

He heard the door burst open but he didn’t care, he wasn’t listening he wanted the old man dead…he deserved to be dead.

“Morgan, let him go.”

“My name is Derek Morgan.”

“I know, I know, just let him go.” Hotch pleaded. “He’ll pay for what he’s done.”

“My name is Derek Mor-Morgan.”

He felt arms around his body holding him still and trying desperately to pull him away. Reid, JJ and Rossi rushed through the door guns drawn and headed quickly toward the others. Hamilton with the knife still in his hand moaned struggling to his knees.

“Give me a reason to blow your head off!” Dave threatened.

“Put it down! NOW!” Reid demanded.

Hamilton didn’t do surrender and he wasn’t going to be taken either. So knowing full well that this could be the end, he lunged toward Derek with the knife.

The sound of gunfire seemed to bring everything to a sudden halt. Hamilton looked at Derek with a wicked smile just before his body slammed against the pavement.

“My name…my name…is…”

“Hotch, he’s bleeding! Morgan, he’s bleeding!”

JFK Airport – New York – Evening –

 Most people didn’t like flying at night but Evelyn Porter loved the quiet of the large airport. She hadn’t planned on leaving town but an earlier phone call made it necessary to pack a bag and head to Atlanta, Georgia.

Evelyn Porter had had enough of her husband’s philandering ways. She had been more than patient and he’d taken advantage of that for far too long. Marcos had used his one phone call to contact her and for that she would reward him handsomely.

Marcos was the poster child for loyalty and had kept her abreast of her husband’s dirty deeds for the last twenty years. Of course she had made it worth his while by supplementing his income and making sure his family was well taken care of.

Now it seemed as if her dear husband had gotten himself into a bit of a fix, one he would not be able to get himself out of. As she buckled her seat belt, she relished the thought of the look on his face when he realized that he had problems much bigger than what the law had in store for him.

Atlanta General Hospital – 2 hours later…

The waiting room was eerily quiet there were no sounds except the occasional whimper coming from Penelope who sat in a far corner being held tightly in JJ’s arms.

“The doctors said that he’s going to be fine. It was just a flesh wound.”

“I know but what about his mind, JJ? He’s so confused and messed up and they still don’t know what the lasting affects will be.”

“Derek is strong, the strongest person I know. Our team will find out what they did and when we do, we’ll help the doctors make him better.”

“You don’t know that, nobody knows that.”

JJ pulled her friend tighter. Penelope was right, she didn’t know. No one knew if Derek would ever be the same again.

Sheldon looked up from his computer. He felt like an outsider and he envied the others’ closeness. He’d never had anything like that. It had always been just him and his mother and now as he watched he realized that it hadn’t been enough.

“Thank you.”

Sheldon looked up at the man who’d arrested him hours earlier. There was so much more he needed to share about the man who’d done the unthinkable to Derek. He knew most likely his life as he knew it would end tonight and so he braced himself for what would come next.

“But I didn’t do anything.”

“You helped save Derek’s life. So, thank you.”

“I guess it’s time, right?”


“Time for me to go to jail.”

Sheldon slowly stood and held his arms out to be cuffed.

“It seems the government is willing to overlook your, transgressions in light of the fact that you just saved one of its agents and the fact that you are vital in his recovery.”

“What? You’re kidding, right?”

“Oh, don’t get too excited. You’ll still be monitored from time to time just to make sure you haven’t returned to your former ways.”

“Trust me, Agent Hotchner, I’ll never, ever do that again.”

“Good. Now, why don’t you take a break you’ve been at it for hours now.”

“Yes, yes sir. Thank you, thank you so much!”

Sheldon hurried from the room, delirious at the thought of being free. He was hungry and realized that he hadn’t eaten all day. But before he headed in a search for food, he had one stop to make to take care of some unfinished business.

Hamilton had been lucky, luckier than he deserved. He’d literally dodged the bullet by escaping with a minor flesh wound. His wrists were handcuffed to he bed but he knew that in spite of his current situation he still held the power and without his help, Derek Morgan would die at his own hands. So, with that thought in mind Hamilton smiled, closed his eyes and fell fast asleep.

He’d often dreamed of this moment, an opportunity to say everything that had gone unsaid his entire life. He and his mother had been outcast, treated like yesterday’s garbage and he never knew why.

He loved his mother and she loved him, sacrificing her own dreams to raise him alone the best she could. Her family had turned their backs on them refusing to help while Sheldon and his mother struggled. Sheldon had used their rejection as his motivation to excel graduating first in his class and doing all he could to make his mother’s life easier.

She was so proud and she told him that every chance she got. He’d fancied himself a modern day Robin Hood and when he got caught it gave his estranged relatives more impetus to ridicule and remind his mother that her son was just like her, a disappointment and a failure just as they had always expected.

His hand was shaking as he placed it on the door. Now was the time to finally have his say so he pushed the door open and stepped into the room.

Hamilton had always been a light sleeper and with his shoulder throbbing and the bed not to his standards he heard the door open immediately. It had been years since he’d seen him. He was still the same scrawny disheveled kid he’d always been.

Sheldon watched as the arrogant vile man in the bed smirked at him. He hadn’t changed at all. So, with a deep breath in and out he approached the bed.

“Hello, Uncle.”



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