Soul Purpose Chapter 29


County Morgue –

Tinsley walked hurriedly toward the late model Rolls that was parked across the street. Richard Lynch had made no effort to be inconspicuous as he sat behind the wheel impatiently tapping his index finger on the leather steering wheel.

Quickly Tinsley jumped in on the passenger’s side and closed the door.

“Why did you call me all the way downtown just to sit and wait on you to decide to show up?”

“Not now, Lynch. Not now.”

“Please don’t tell me that you’ve screwed up again.”

“We need proof that Derek Morgan is dead, I mean really dead!”

“Have you lost your mind, Tinsley? Of course he’s dead they carried him out of FBI Headquarters in a body bag for heaven’s sake!”

“I’m not so sure. His wife was discharged from the hospital and instead of coming here to pay her respects, she headed to the BAU instead.”

“Okay, maybe the happy couple wasn’t all that happy after all. My son told me that they were having problems.”

“I’m telling you, no matter what was going on in that marriage, there’s no way in hell that Morgan’s wife would not do everything in her power to see her husband one last time.”

Tinsley watched the smug confident look on Lynch’s face slowly melt away.

“So, what’s your plan?”

“I’m going to walk in and demand to see the body, that’s what I’m going to do!”

“That’s the most idiotic thing I’ve ever heard! If he’s still alive you could be walking into a trap. The fact that they’ve almost iced you out of the investigation should tell you something!”

“Then what are we going to do?”

“I’m going to walk in and ask to see my dearly departed son-in-law.”


“Nobody knows me here. I’ve never once been inside this building and when my son was alive, I never even set foot inside the FBI building either.”

“How do you know that you aren’t walking into a trap?”

“I don’t but if I leave this mess up to you we’ll both be in jail…or dead.”

Unknown Medical Facility –

She watched him through the window of the small cafeteria. He seemed a million miles away. He’d do that every now and again when they were together but she never had the nerve to ask him what had temporarily stolen him from her…or who.

Avery had been near perfect. He’d saved her life taking the tiny pieces of her broken body and stitching them back together again. Never had she felt for anyone else what she felt for Avery. Ian had come the closest and if things had been different, if he had not tried to kill her she would have seriously considered joining the notorious killer in his bloody life of crime.

Emily always teased herself about playing the Bonnie to Ian’s Clyde but deep down the decision to refuse his proposal would have never changed. She was a hopeless romantic but still she believed in right and wrong too fiercely to choose his lifestyle in the name of love.

Emily didn’t know much about Avery’s past and whenever the topic came up he’d change the subject. She was curious but she never pressed. Besides, everyone had a past she knew that better than anyone. In fact, it was her past that had nearly cost her everything and everyone she loved. She knew all she needed to know about the man that had single-mindedly devoted his life to the noble cause of healing people that others would have given up on long before they’d been wheeled through his doors.

His mind was on Emily all the time, even more now since she’d returned to protect her friend. He’d dedicated his life to his work that very few knew about. It was his calling or maybe just a refuge from his past. Maybe this was just his chance to make amends for some things that he had done that had made him despise himself.

As much as he loved the woman who had been rushed into his building a few years ago, he knew that he didn’t deserve her and so when she’d left, he knew it was the universe’s confirmation that it had not forgotten or forgiven him of his sins.

Flashback – 15 years ago…New York

Hamilton Porter was a very persuasive man. He had a way of getting what he wanted and no one ever told him, no. He was a determined man who’d found a very powerful and wealthy woman who was more than willing to serve as his benefactor, for a price…marriage.

Evelyn Porter was fifteen years older than Avery’s favorite college professor. She’d never been able to conceive no matter how she and Hamilton had tried or how much they’d spent on specialists and fertility treatments.

No matter how hard Dr. Hamilton Porter had tried to hide it, his wealthy wife had found out about his indiscretions. Once she did she had been furious to know that her husband had managed to give another woman something that he had never managed to give her in all their years of marriage, a child.

Avery knew it would only be a matter of time before the favors would be called in; the scholarships from the Porter’s foundation, the rental in SoHo and even a little walking around money to keep a young medical student well fed and prepared to compete amongst his more fortunate peers.

Avery remembered the day like it was yesterday. The beautiful young girl had been crying and she seemed to stare at him pleading behind her puffy red eyes for help. But he didn’t help. Instead he forced himself to look away and pretend not to see the sadness in her eyes.

With her small hand clasped tightly in his Hamilton led her into the examination room then after several minutes of preparation and with the assistance of Hamilton’s personal nurse, Avery without any protests became a part of an unforgivable sin.

Flashback Ends…

“May I join you?”


Avery motioned Emily toward the chair across from him as he gathered his thoughts and what was left of his sanity.

“Long night?”

“Excuse me?”

“You look like you haven’t slept in ages.”

“Oh yeah. I have a few patients that are keeping me up at nights.”

Emily smiled, not believing a word he’d said but like before she didn’t ask questions even though now she wanted answers more than ever.

Dave sat quietly beside Derek’s bed and as his stepson slept he began rethinking his decision to go along with his hair-brained scheme to flush out the last person in the criminal network that he’d just taken down. Everything had gone wrong. None of them had suspected that a fellow agent would be the assailant. Two agents and two technical analysts was unthinkable but to admit that there were more within their midst was still something that Dave had a hard time grasping.

Hotch would be bringing Penelope later to see Derek and most likely Fran would insist on coming with them. He’d made a mess out of the best relationship he’d ever had and he had no idea how to make it right. No matter what, even if Fran refused to forgive him he knew that if it was the last thing he did, he would protect Derek with his life.


JJ and Garcia were the last to enter the room and took the last two seats at the large round table. Fran immediately reached for her daughter-in-law’s hand and squeezed hoping to find strength as well as giving comfort.

Hotch watched as neither woman acknowledged him as they sat waiting for information and arrangements. The air was cold and he wondered if the damage to this team who had been like family for over a decade would ever be mended.

“Let’s get started.” Hotch began cautiously. “Penelope and Fran I know you both want to see Derek today but…”

“With all due respect Agent Hotchner, neither I nor Penelope are leaving this room until you tell us that we are headed to see my son!”

“I still believe it’s far too dangerous…”

“Please, I need to see him…I need to see him now!” Penelope interrupted.

“Garcie, listen to me.” JJ began. “When we left the hospital earlier, I believe we were followed.”


“Yes and then when we left your house to come here that same car followed us here.”

“Are you saying that whoever shot Derek may come after…?”

“I’m saying, that until we catch the monster that did this, you can’t see Derek.”







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