The Fall Chapter 5

Home of Darren and Savannah Matthews – Atlanta, GA – Evening –

Savannah frowned at the burnt casserole that seemed to get more and more unsightly by the minute. Some things hadn’t changed she chuckled to herself. So, turning off the oven she headed upstairs to find her husband.

Darren closed his eyes and let his forehead rest on the cold tile. The hot water felt good against his skin. It had been a long day and he needed to find a way to get back in Savannah’s good graces. He seemed to be letting her down a lot lately and he wasn’t sure how to fix things. He wanted to make her happy; it was all that was important all that he lived for.

He didn’t realize that she had entered the bathroom until the cool air hit his back as she joined him in the shower. Startled from his thoughts, he turned to face her. Darren watched as she grabbed the sponge and the body wash.

“Savannah, what…?”

She silenced him before he could finish his question with a passionate kiss on his lips. Then she poured the liquid on the sponge and returned the bottle to the ledge where it had been earlier.

“Turn around.”



So obediently, he turned to face the wall.

“I’m sorry I disappointed you, Baby.”

He felt the sponge slowly rub against his back.

“No, I was wrong for getting upset. I know that isn’t who you really are. I need to stop trying to make you someone you’re not.”

The sponge guided by her firm and determined hand continued to rub his tired body until it was covered with cedar oak fragrances. She remembered how he had been wearing the scent when she’d first met him bumping into each other in the hallway outside of her Quantico apartment. Slowly she turned him to face her. His eyes opened and were greeted by her smile.

“So, are you saying you’re not mad anymore?”

Her soapy hands aided by the oversized sponge brushed across his chest. He shivered slightly and she kissed him again on the lips. He stood silent as her hands travelled further down his body.

“Savannah, please…”

“It’s okay, Baby.”

His body began to betray him as he watched her slowly drop to her knees. He wanted this and he wanted her. He jumped slightly as her hands wrapped around him. It…felt…good. Only minutes earlier she was angrier than he had seen her in a while, now she was on her knees in front of him. Her mouth engulfed him slowly at first then as she increased her grip and her speed he was certain that he’d lose the control he still wanted to maintain.


Her mouth was like a vice now around him and some how he felt as if she were angry again so he kept quiet.

Pulling away to catch her breath she looked up at him. She saw the conflict, the confusion and the pleasure in his eyes.

“Don’t you want this, my love? I know you do. It makes me happy.”

Darren looked toward the ceiling and closed his eyes. If she continued her work on him he wouldn’t be able to stop, to speak…to think, so he gave her what she wanted…and answered her question.

“Yes, y-yes…I want it. I want to make you happy.”

Then the air was filled with his moans and groans as she began again. He wanted this and he wanted her…it made her happy and when she was happy, so was he.

Thirty minutes earlier –

It would have been easy to get overconfident; their plans had gone relatively smooth for six months. But Marcos couldn’t ignore the look in the man’s eyes whenever they would meet. Marcos prided himself at being good at what he did and that’s why he hadn’t missed the look in Darren’s eyes that most people would easily miss. Just beyond the fear and the pain, just beyond the constant prompts and occasional dosing to keep him under control, was a hint of the man who’d fought their efforts for over a month. No one had been able to fight that long but he was different and some how Marcos knew that they hadn’t heard the last of Derek Morgan.

“A little late for a run isn’t it?”

 “It’s never too late for a run.”

 That’s how it always began between the two of them.

 “How are you, Darren?”

 “How do you know my name?”

 “I know everything about you…Darren Matthews.”

That question, that was the problem; that was another sign to Marcos that he, the real him had not given up and had not stopped fighting. This was just a hunch, nothing he could prove so he’d kept it to himself…for now.

“You’ve been a bad boy, Darren. You know what happens when you’re bad, right?”

Darren stared past Marcos and nodded.

“Let’s take a ride. Savannah is not happy with you right now. You do want her to be happy, don’t you Darren?”

“Yes, her happiness means everything to me.”

“Good, very good.”

Marcos placed a firm hand on Darren’s arm and without protest he followed Marcos to the dark sedan across the street. Once Darren was in the passenger’s seat Marcos walked around the car, carefully watching to make sure no one was watching and got in behind the wheel.

“Where are we going?”

“No questions, remember?”

As Darren nodded, Marcos pulled a syringe from his pocket. Just as Marcos pressed the needle just behind Darren’s ear he felt something for the man next to him. He’d never felt it before. Darren hadn’t been their first, not by a long shot and he’d never felt anything but now he did and he was wondering if it was time for a career change. As he pressed the needle into his skin Marcos felt an overwhelming sense of pity…that was it, pity…he’d never felt pity before.

Darren screamed at the pain caused by the needle and the drug coursing through his body. With his gloved hand roughly placed over Darren’s mouth he waited until the drug silenced him and he relaxed against the seat of the car. After a few minutes when he knew that Darren was fully under control and their sick plans against him were firmly reinforced, Marcos shook off his previous feelings of pity for the unsuspecting man and ordered him out of the car.

“Now, go…finish your run. Your wife will be expecting you home soon.”

Without another word, Darren got out of the car and without looking back he disappeared down the street.

Next Morning – Atlanta, GA –

It felt good to wake up in his arms. The activities of the night before had exhausted them both. He had been reluctant, a glitch in her plans but she was confident that it was nothing that couldn’t be fixed. He made her feel good, satisfied and she loved him for wanting to make her happy. Still, there was something missing and no matter how he tried to give her everything she wanted, he still refused to talk about having a baby with her. She could force the issue but she’d been warned over and over not to push and not to stress him out over trivial matters. She wasn’t used to being told, no. She got her way, always and if she had to force him to prove his love to her, she would.

Darren began to stir slowly opening his eyes. He smiled at her amused wondering how long she’d been watching him.

“Good morning, Beautiful.”

His voice was thick with sleep. He pulled her close and planted a loving kiss on her lips.

“Yes, it is a good morning. You out did yourself last night, Handsome.”

“I aim to please.” He chuckled and kissed her again.

Savannah made a mental note to thank Marcos for whatever he’d done last night. He seemed like his old self and she was almost tempted to bring up the, B word but she thought better of it. She’d be patient a little while longer.

“How about breakfast?”

“If it’s anything like that…that…what was that last night?”


She hit him playfully on the shoulder and he pretended to be hurt.

“Lasagna, oh okay, well then no. I’ll pass.” He teased.

She tapped him lightly on the chest and pretended to pout.

“I’m sorry, Baby, I was just teasing.”

“Oh I know. It’s okay my skills lie in other places besides the kitchen.”

She moved her hand lower down his body beneath the comforter in case he had doubt in what she meant. He blocked her hand and held it in place.

“Okay, okay…I know what you mean.” He chuckled.

“Well, if you don’t want breakfast, how about an early morning snack?”

Before he had a moment to consider her offer she straddled him and began a slow seductive motion that awakened him in more ways than one.


She kissed him hard thrusting her tongue in his mouth stopping his protest. He couldn’t resist her…not this morning, she wouldn’t let him.

“I’ve got an early appointment this morning.” He said breathlessly.

“Oh come on, it’s not like you have a real job!”

He froze and stared at her. She had gone too far, again. He pulled her off of him and sat up on the side of the bed with his back to her.

“I’m sorry, Darren…really I didn’t…”

“I’ve got to get ready.” He said coldly.

She could kick herself but she wasn’t through with him and he had a duty to her and she was determined to break the last fiber of his spirit that still defied her. Then things would truly be perfect.


He tried to ignore her as he stood up. Eyeing his naked body, she licked her lips. Maybe Marcos hadn’t done such a good job after all.


Slowly he turned his head.

“Do you love me?”

“Savannah, you know I love you.”

“Then come back to bed.”



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