The Fall Chapter 4

Savannah listened for the sound of the door closing. Grabbing her phone from her purse nearby she moved to her bedroom window and watched as he ran toward the street. Once he was out of sight she looked at her phone and placed a call.

“He’s on his way.”

It was dark and cold. Darren hated running in the dark and he hated the cold but here he was running as if his life depended on it. She needed some space he could understand that after all, his wife had had high hopes for him and his business. Too bad his desires and hopes were not the same as hers. Running helped him clear his head of the cobwebs and relieved the stress that seemed to be building in his mind.

Marcos hated Atlanta. Six months travelling back and forth and spending time away from his family was not his idea of a good time but it paid well. He’d even gotten used to the waiting and the hiding in dark shadows for the man to round the corner. He was a creature of habit, a slave to fitness and an obedient husband. She had him where she wanted him but things hadn’t been as easy as she’d expected. That’s where he came in. Marcos was good at what he did and he’d been a part of this whole twisted plan from the beginning. The good doctor called him the little insurance policy…the good hands, the one who plugged the holes and kept the ever-teetering house of cards in perfect balance.

Darren didn’t notice the car until the headlights came on blinking twice then off again, the bright high beams nearly blinding him against the darkness of the night. He slowed then as the man exited the car he stopped waiting for him to cross the street.

“A little late for a run isn’t it?”

“It’s never too late for a run.”

“How are you, Darren?”

“How do you know my name?”

“I know everything about you…Darren Matthews.”

Home of Darren and Savannah Matthews –

Savannah needed to apologize for her little outburst earlier. She had to keep her temper in check. She’d invested too much to screw things up with her constant tantrums. Checking her watch, Savannah promised to make things right as soon as he walked through the door.

Just as she pulled the casserole out of the oven she heard him come in. Eyeing the dish in front of her she frowned wondering if she should have ordered in. No matter, it was the thought that counted and her understanding husband would understand.

“Hey Baby.” He uttered remorsefully.

He was so handsome and incredibly sexy sweat dripping from his body. She saw the look in his eyes that confirmed that Marcos had completed his duties.

“How was your run?”

“It was good.” Then glancing at the over cooked dish. “I’m going to take a shower.

Savannah watched as he turned and headed down the hallway and up the stairs. She prayed inwardly that she hadn’t pushed too far this time. She vowed to make it up to him…she had ways of making him forget their little disagreements and after tonight they would be back on track.

Darren quickly closed the door and leaned his tired body against it closing his eyes. He was exhausted and the run had taken a lot out of him.

“I must be getting old.” He muttered jokingly to himself.

Slowly he opened his eyes and watched his reflection in the mirror as he peeled off his drenched t-shirt and shorts. He hardly recognized the man staring back at him.

“Yeah, definitely getting old.”

Home of Derek and Penelope Morgan –

Penelope slowly lowered herself into the warm soapy water. It felt good as she allowed herself a moment to relax. It was rare these days that she would surrender her body and her mind and let go. She had to remain focused on not focusing on Derek and the fact that he was gone. It was an impossible task but she tried anyway. So it was tonight as she closed her eyes and leaned her head against the cold tile. The last night that Derek and she had spent together had begun in this tub.

6 Months earlier…

It had been a long day and without a word Derek headed upstairs once they entered the front door. Penelope hadn’t said a word on the drive home and he knew she was still kicking herself for failing to live up to the impossible standards she’d set for herself. Another woman had been kidnapped and killed before one of her searches had led them to the madman’s front door. Derek had tried in vain to remind her that they were a team and none of them could do their job alone. It didn’t matter she was still beating herself up. He knew her and he knew what she needed.

Penelope knew her husband and for him to head immediately upstairs meant he was up to something. This last case had taken a lot out of her and she just wanted to hide in a corner and forget. As she saw him return rounding the corner with a look of concern on his face, she knew that hiding was the last thing he was going to allow her to do. So without a word he gently took her hand and led her out of the room. She wanted to ask what was going on instead she followed him up the stairs to their bedroom past their bed and into the bathroom. She could smell the lavender before even stepping inside and she smiled and sighed as he stepped aside to reveal a tub filled with hot sudsy water.


She felt the cool air hit her back as her zipper slowly trailed down her back.

“I know this case was hard on you. You only see the good in people and there was nothing good about what you had to see this week.”

Derek placed light feather kisses on her neck as he slid her dress off of her shoulders past her arms then letting it drop to the floor.

“It was my fault.”

Turning her to face him he kissed her on the lips stopping her from speaking.

“Not another word, Baby Girl. You did your best that’s all any of us can do.”

“I should have…”

“What, done more?”

“Yes, Derek yes I should have done more.”

“No and if you believe that Penelope, than it means that you’re God. Now I know you are the Oracle of All Knowing but Baby, you are not God.”

“I know I’m not God.”

“Listen to me. Cases like this they make us doubt ourselves because no matter what we want a happy ending. Sometimes there is no happy ending.”

“How do I handle this? Tell me, how do I forget?”

“You don’t. You use it and make it work for you. You let it remind you that life is precious and no matter how hard we try, we’re not perfect.”

Then Derek pulled her in his arms and held her tightly against him. He could feel her shaking as she cried against him. His heart broke knowing that she wasn’t cut out for the horror and the evil that they saw everyday. He wanted to take away the pain, the questions. He wanted to make her believe that there was nothing more she could have done. But then that would make him God and he was far from being God.

“Hey, your man has been up here making the world’s best bubble bath for the most gorgeous woman in the world.”

“Ahh…that sounds amazing, thank you.”

She kissed him and glanced at the steaming water.

“I have the best husband in the world.”

“Damn right, and this husband wants his wife in that tub relaxing while said husband prepares dinner for his sexy wife.”

“I love it when you take charge Mr. Morgan.”

Morgan chuckled planting a gentle kiss on her lips. She relaxed against him and he smiled. Then he reluctantly released her.

“Take you bubble bath, silly girl.”

Present –

Penelope hadn’t realized that she was crying. It seemed to have become a constant over the last six months. Everything, every breath, every thought lead her to memories of Derek. He’d treated her with such kindness and love and her heart ached for him. She needed answers…she needed him home with her…the thought of her living out her days without him and raising their child alone was too much.

“Derek, please come home. I need you…” Then placing her hand on her stomach. “We need you.”




















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