Will You Marry Me? Chapter 7

Potomac General Hospital – Evening

He knew she was there even before he opened his eyes. Her thoughts had taken her so far away that she hadn’t realized that he was awake and looking at her wondering where she had gone.

“Baby Girl.”

Startled she looked up and she saw the worry in his eyes.

“Hey, hey…don’t even…I’m fine…”

“Baby, I know what you did and I know you’re not fine.”

“Well, he had it coming.”

Derek moaned slightly. It had been several hours since his last pain medication. She noticed and quickly jumped to her feet.

“I’ll get the nurse.”


“No, I know you’re in pain, it’s written all over your face. I‘ll be right back.”

“We need to…”

“Derek, honestly I’ll be right…”

“Don’t. You. Move!” She froze. “Park it. We need to talk, right now.”

Penelope turned and slowly took her seat next to his bed. She knew what was coming.

“What in the world did you think you were doing coming there alone and with a gun? My gun!”

“A gun you bought for me!”

“A gun you refused to carry!”

“Kevin was going to kill you and I couldn’t let that happen!”

“Penelope!” He took a deep breath before continuing. “I love you with everything that is in me but right now, I am so mad at you for putting yourself in danger! What would I do if something happened to you?”

“And what would I do if something happened to you?” She countered meekly.

“You took a risk that was too big!”

“Too big? What do you mean?”

“I’m trained to handle men like Kevin!”

“Trained? Right! He had you folded up like a pretzel and stuffed in a storage chest, Derek! Just how were you planning to handle that?”

“I’m not worth you risking your life for, Baby Girl!”

He had her attention now. He wasn’t mad that she came, he was mad that she came for him. Now she was mad.

“Derek Elijah Morgan, you ride into danger everyday protecting people that don’t even say, thank you when you risk your life for them! Not worth it? Are you insane? You are my world! I love you more than words. So don’t you ever say you’re not worth it!”


“No, Derek!”

Then the tears began to flood as she covered her face with her hands. He fought his own tears as the magnitude of the day hit him full force.


He extended his good arm toward her beckoning her to come closer. Looking up she stood and closed the small gap between them. Then he patted the empty space on the bed.

“Come here.”

“I might hurt you.”

“Only my heart if you don’t get in this bed.”

“But what about your arm?”

“Listen to your husband I need you in my arms right now.”


With that, Penelope carefully climbed into bed next to him and without missing a beat he quickly wrapped his good arm around her and pulled her tightly against his body.



“I’m sorry.”

“For what?”

“I made you worry.”

He felt her sobbing against him her tears drenching his gown.

“I’ll give you a pass…this time.”

They both chuckled and enjoyed the next several minutes in silence.

“Baby Girl you know I love you, right?”

“Yes, silly. I love you too.”

“But woman, if you ever and I mean ever do anything like that again, I’m going to spank you!”

“Is that a threat or a promise?”

She smiled as his chest rumbled with laughter.

“Hey, silly girl…”

“What Handsome?”

“Will you marry me?”

“Baby Boy, now who’s being silly, we’re already married.”

“Yeah I know, but I want to do it right this time.”

“I don’t know our friends and family are pretty pissed. It might just be you and me again.”

“I don’t care. I’d marry you over and over just to show you how much I love you, Penelope Marie Garcia.”

“Well in that case, Yes! Yes I’ll marry you…again!”

The next two weeks were hell for the newlyweds. Everyone on the team treated them like lepers talking to them only as it related to work and it seemed as if every free night the team made it a point to get together without inviting Derek and Penelope. Penelope was showing signs of cracking and Derek with his stubborn pride was just plain angry.

Fran was another story. She refused to speak to her son and whenever she needed to get a word to him she would force Sarah or Desiree to call him from Chicago, which they were none too happy about. For Dave’s part he took great joy in shooting side-eyed glances at Derek and snickering whenever he was in earshot.

Derek had had enough and today he was determined to have his say. So with superhuman resolve he pulled his truck into the Rossi driveway and hopped out. Making his way to the front door he rehearsed his speech in his head knowing that his mother would be surprised to see him on her doorstep.

Fran knew who it was before opening the door. In fact she had wondered what had taken her only son…her wayward son so long to demand an audience with her. Swinging the door open she watched his expression morph from determined confidence to wide-eyed fear…then without a word she slammed the door in his face.

Derek’s cat-like reflexes were the only thing that kept him from getting a snout full of Douglas fir as he took one hurried step back just as the freshly painted red door slammed shut nearly grazing the tip of his nose.


It was quiet and he didn’t hear the sound of footsteps so he knew she was still there…waiting…watching.

“Open the door, I know you’re still standing there! This is ridiculous! It’s been two weeks, two weeks, Ma! I think you’re blowing this whole thing out of proportion!”

Fran stood on the other side of the door hands on her hips and shaking her head. As smart as her son was he was no match for her. She’d birthed him and raised him and he didn’t stand a chance. How dare he get married without her knowing? She’d waited all of his life for him to find the perfect woman and to give her grandbabies. Judging by this little stunt in the name of love, she’d probably receive word of her grandchild’s birth when he or she graduated from high school!

“Humpf!” She grunted and headed toward the kitchen leaving her son pleading for entrance on her front porch.

BAU Headquarters – Conference Room –

“I’m starting to really feel bad for them.” Reid began.

“Oh come on Spence just a little longer.” JJ responded. “Besides, they brought this on themselves.”

“It’s just that Garcia looks so sad and I thinks she’s been crying in her office this morning.”

“Be strong it’s just for a few more days.” Hotch added.

“Morgan’s about to blow a gasket!” Reid added.

“Fran called me and said he paid her a little visit at lunch.” Dave chuckled.

“No! What happened?” JJ asked.

“She slammed the door in his face!”

Dave was in hysterics now as he imagined Morgan standing on his porch risking his life at the hands of a very pissed off Fran Morgan Rossi.


“He’s on his way back so we better act normal or he’ll suspect something, he is a profiler after all.”

Penelope’s office –

“Baby Girl, did we get a case?”

Derek rushed in the office slamming the door behind him.

“No, why?”

“Because Hotch, Rossi, Reid and JJ are in the conference room with the door closed.”

“I didn’t get a call about a case.”

“They’re probably up there planning their next backyard barbeque…without us!”


“No Pen, this is ridiculous! How long are they going to hold this against us?”

“I don’t know but if I had known that they’d react this way I’d…”

“What? You’d never married me?”

“Hot Stuff…”

“No, admit it! You wouldn’t have married me! Well I’m sorry for being the cause of all of this!”

Garcia closed the gap quickly wrapping her arms around him.

“Shh! I don’t regret getting married in Las Vegas. It was the most amazing day of my life!”

Penelope kissed him lightly on the lips and looked deeply into his eyes until she was certain she had his attention.

“Listen to me, Baby Boy; I don’t regret marrying you and I’m glad we did it. It’s just going to take everyone a moment to get used to the idea that we didn’t include them.”

Derek pulled her into his arms wondering how long was that, ‘moment’ going to be. This had been the longest two weeks of his life and he wasn’t sure how much more he could take.

Home of Dave and Fran Rossi…Later that evening…

The room was loud with laughter and you could hear the sound of wine glasses clinking as the entire team sans Derek and Penelope sat around the huge chef’s kitchen. Dave refilled everyone’s glasses while Fran placed platters of hot food on the table. It was a joyous occasion and everyone was in a good mood. Fran joined them at the table and held up her glass getting everyone’s attention.

“Well, we are nearing at the end of the week and our plans are in place. I want to thank you all for everything you’ve done and I can’t wait until Saturday! To the happy couple, who will learn after this week never to do anything like this again!”

“CHEERS!” They all said in unison.

Just then Hotch’s phone went off and he excused himself from the room as the others continued to talk and discuss the weekend.

“JJ, did you get the flowers ordered?

“Yes, they’ll be delivered no later than nine Saturday morning.”

“Great.” A big smile crossed Fran’s face. “And Spencer, how about your tasks?”

“Done!” He smiled.


“No worries, Bella the caterers are set and will get here no later than eight.”

“Great! Great! I think we’re ready…”

Just then Hotch walked into the room with a sullen look on his face. Everyone looked toward the doorway. They knew that look all too well.

“What’s up, Aaron? Dave asked.

“We’ve got a case and it’s a bad one. We’ll brief on the plane. Wheels up in thirty.”




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