Will You Marry Me? Chapter 6

“Pen, give me the gun.”

JJ walked slowly but purposely toward her friend. Penelope’s hand was shaking and tears were streaming down her face. Her gaze never wavered and she was ready to shoot Kevin again if need be.

Hotch and Reid took positions on each side of JJ while Rossi rushed to Derek who lay on the floor trying to comprehend what was happening while fighting the pain that had rendered him still on the floor.

“Baby Girl…” he whispered. “I’m okay, listen to JJ.”

“Is he dead? Are they both dead?”

“They won’t be able to hurt you or anyone again…now please…we need to get Derek to the hospital, okay?”

“Derek…yes, yes…okay…”

Penelope slowly lowered the gun and handed it to JJ. Hotch quickly knelt down at Kevin’s side and checked for a pulse. The lucky bastard was still alive and so was his cohort. Reid called for paramedics who had met them there to come in.

Derek wanted to get to his feet but his body wouldn’t cooperate. He knew what she’d done and he wanted to get to her, to hold her. She didn’t like guns. He’d tried to show her how to use one after she was shot but she’d resisted his efforts. Now Penelope had shot not one but two people. He knew her and this would be hard for her to comprehend…he needed to get to her…he needed to tell her that he was sorry that she had to do that…again…

“Baby Girl…”

Then everything went black.

Potomac General Hospital – 2 hours later…

“I’m fine! Just put a bandage on it! I need to see…”

“GARCIA! Please just let them do their jobs!”

JJ stepped around the corner into the cubicle where Penelope was being examined. Her friend’s face was bruised and had a large bruise where Kevin had slapped her. She didn’t want to be around when Derek saw the lunatic’s hand print on her face.

“JJ, tell these, these people that I’m fine! I need to see Derek! Now!”

The nurses continued to work as if they were totally unaware of their patient’s temper tantrum.

“Derek is going to be fine. We just saw the doctor and he’s pretty banged up but he’s going to recover. In a few weeks he’ll be as good as new.”

Penelope exhaled with relief and looked at the nurses with a hint of remorse in her eyes.

“Have you seen him?”

“Not yet but the doctor said that once he’s in his room we can.”

JJ moved toward the bed as the nurses nodded and left the room. Smiling and thanking the nurses JJ sat on the edge of the bed.

“How are you?”

“Me? I’m fine just a few bruises I’ve had worse.”

JJ wasn’t buying her act. Her friend wouldn’t look at her and her hands nervously fiddled with the hem of her blanket.

“Garcia, look at me.”

Garcia slowly lifted her eyes to meet JJ’s concerned stare.

“Talk to me. I know you’ve been through a lot. You just shot two men. You are not fine.”

“Yeah, my body count is rising.” She muttered sarcastically. “I need to see Derek.”

“The doctors will let us know when we can see him, remember?”

“Yeah, Yeah I remember, I’m not some crazy psycho.”

“I’m not saying you are.”

“Then what?”

“You haven’t asked about Kevin.”

“I don’t care about Kevin, JJ”


“NO, JJ he kidnapped Derek, he hurt him. He was going to torture him…and me! I hope he’s dead!”

“No, no you don’t!”

“How do you know?”

“Because that’s not who you are, Garcia. Don’t let this change you. Don’t let Kevin win!”

“But didn’t he? Didn’t Kevin win? I mean I literally took a gun to a gunfight and used it! I shot him with the intent to kill him dead! So, yeah I think Kevin won!”

JJ didn’t know what else to say. Garcia wasn’t an agent and she wasn’t used to being the one with a gun in her hand let alone pulling the trigger. This had been the second time that she had to pull the trigger to save one of them. It wasn’t right and she wasn’t sure if Penelope would be able to get over it this time.

“Uh, Jayje…”

The two women looked up to see Reid standing near the curtain. He smiled and came to stand behind JJ before speaking again.

“How are you, Garcia?”

“I’ll be better once I can see Derek.”

“I hear you’ve been given a clean bill of health so…”

“Yeah I’m just waiting on my discharge papers.”

Then Reid dug a crumpled piece of paper from his pocket. Penelope recognized it immediately as the copy of her and Derek’s marriage certificate that Kevin had shoved in her face. Both Reid and JJ watched as her face dropped.

“When were you two planning to tell us you were married?” JJ asked.

“We would have been happy for you. It’s not like it was a secret that the two of you were together.” Reid added.

Garcia heard the hurt in their voices and she didn’t know how to explain what she and Derek had done and why.

“I’m so sorry, you guys. We didn’t want to hurt you…it was…just…he asked…we were in Vegas…we both probably had too much to drink…even though he said he hadn’t and before we knew it we were saying, I do!”

Before either Reid or JJ could respond, Hotch poked his head around the curtain.

“The doctor says we can see Morgan now.” Then looking at Garcia. “Oh and congratulations, Garcia.”

Then he was gone and Penelope felt like a super-sized heel. Both JJ and Reid made hasty retreats behind Hotch leaving her to sulk in her guilt and worrying about what they would do to Morgan when they saw him.

Fran fretted around Derek, fluffing his pillows and straightening his blanket. He was over it and her and even though he loved his mother all he wanted was a pain pill and to see Garcia. He was beyond upset with her for putting herself in danger and coming alone to confront Kevin with a gun. She hated guns and he knew what it had done to her when she’d saved Reid a few years ago.

“Derek Michael Morgan, will you please be still!”

“Ma, I need to see Garcia! She shot Kevin and his goon and I know she’s going to need me…”

“Well, right now you need to stay in bed. You heard the doctor!”

“I’m not going to stay still and not know how Penelope is doing!”

“Listen to me and listen good, mister! You have a dislocated shoulder and your arm is broken in three places! You have two broken ribs and a concussion, so unless you plan on doing even more damage I suggest you follow doctor’s orders.”

He saw that look in his mother’s eyes; the look that meant she was not playing with her only son. So in defeat he relaxed against the pillows and silently planned another way out of the room.

“AND don’t think you’re getting out of that bed when I leave either!”

“Damn, I mind reader too!” He thought to himself. “Ma, do you believe that woman?”

“What, Baby Boy?”

“She came after Kevin…with a gun! She hates guns!”

“But she loves, you!”

“She could have been killed! I can’t stop thinking about what could have happened! Kevin designed that place to be a death trap, Ma! She walked right in there…strapped ready to…kick ass!”

“Yeah she did!” Fran responded amused.

“Not funny, Ma! Not funny at all!”

Just then the door opened and Hotch, Rossi, JJ and Reid entered. Rossi went immediately to his wife’s side planting a kiss on her cheek as he shot a weird smirk at Derek. Looking away from Dave to the rest of his team he greeted them.

“Hey guys…”

Hi’s and hello’s filled the room for a brief few seconds before Reid spoke up.

“So I hear congratulations are in order.”

“Excuse me?”

Reid pulled the wrinkled paper from his pocket. JJ turned a deep shade of red as she stifled a grin.

“Yeah, I found Kevin’s stressor!”

Then throwing the paper on the bed, Derek watched as everyone’s eyes watched the paper float to a rest at the foot of his bed. Then in a comical mix of horror and anger his beloved mother looked from the paper to the wide-eyed look of her son.

“You’re married?”


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