Will You Marry Me? Chapter 4

“Derek? Derek! DEREK!”

The next seconds…minutes felt like an eternity. Penelope held her breath as her hope faded. The silence was deafening as she searched the faces of her teammates for a logical explanation for the silence.

“Please say something Hot Stuff!” She whispered desperately.

“I’m sorry, Derek can’t come to the phone right now.”

Then the phone call ended. It was her only line to him and now nothing but the dull buzz humming in her ear mockingly telling her that they would be too late to save him.

Unknown Location –

Kevin watched as Larry rushed into the small room where his friend Harry lay lifeless on the floor.

“He’s DEAD!” He yelled.

Kevin sent his foot slamming into Morgan’s side determined not to make the same mistake twice.

“You’ll pay for what you did, Hot Stuff!”

There was nothing more than a low moan as Kevin kicked him again. Convinced that he wasn’t going to get up he poked his head into the room while Larry knelt at his friend’s side.

“I’m going to kill him!”

“Not yet I still have plans for him. Once I get my Plum Sauce here then you can do whatever you want to him.”

Larry nodded as he wiped the hot tears from his face.

“Now what?”

“Take him to the box…time to heat things up!” Kevin snickered.

“Yes, Sir.”

BAU Headquarters –

“Garcia, anything on the trace?”

“No, nothing! Hotch we have to find him! Please we have to find him!”

“We’re doing the best we can, Garcia but Kevin’s covered his tracks.”

“He’s been planning this for a long time.” Added Reid.

“I’ll do it.”

“What?” JJ asked.

“I’ll do it. I’ll marry Kevin, anything to stop him from killing Derek.”

“He may have already…”

Reid stopped himself. He didn’t want to believe what he knew the others were already considering including Garcia.

“That’s not the answer. He’s not going to let Derek go just because you agree to marry him. He needs to show you he’s better, stronger and to prove it he’ll kill Derek right in front of you the moment you say, I do!” Dave warned.

Unknown Location –

Kevin still smarting from his beat down followed Larry as he dragged Derek’s semi-conscious body down the hall. He was growing tired of his own games and he wanted Penelope there to watch the last few moments of Morgan’s life. He’d planned so much for his guest but he realized that the real guest of honor was missing. Hotch and the others no doubt would have her surrounded and protected to keep him from getting his hands on her. He also knew that if Penelope agreed to come on her own it would only be a trap. Luckily he’d even planned for that. All of them, every last one of them thought that they were so much smarter than he was but they were wrong and before the night was over he’d have his future wife in his grasps.

Morgan was determined not to go down without a fight and even though his hands had been bound behind his back he tried his best to struggle to get free as he was dragged carelessly across the filthy concrete floor. Larry stopped in front of a room at the end of the hall and fished a key from his pocket. In the dim light Derek could see a large storage trunk in the middle of the room. It reminded him of the one in his mother’s basement back in Chicago where she kept their family memories. He knew what was coming next. Larry began dragging him toward it as he squirmed to get free.

“Kevin, don’t do this! Don’t put me in there!”

“I know about your fear of the dark and small spaces, Derek.”

Kevin reached down and unlocked the trunk. Larry stood nearby waiting for his boss’ next instructions.

“She’ll never marry you Kevin! This won’t change anything!”

His voice was weak from the pain and fatigue.

“That’s where you’re wrong, Agent. I know my Plum Sauce and I know she’d do anything to save your life.”

“Not this…she’s not going to do this!”

“We’ll see won’t we? In fact, let’s give her a call, shall we?”

BAU Headquarters –

Thirty minutes had passed since she’d heard Derek’s voice promising her that he was coming home. Her hands trembled as she continued to run searches trying desperately to find Kevin’s hiding place. There was nothing, no recent purchases on his credit cards, no leases for rental property and no real estate purchases in the last several years, nothing that would give her a clue to his whereabouts.

Hotch had sent Rossi and Reid to the abduction site again in hopes that there was something that they’d missed the first time. JJ worked with Hotch and stayed behind to search through Kevin’s office and to interview other techs who knew him.

Garcia began a new search hoping this one would give them a lead. Her other searches found no rental or purchases of real estate but that didn’t mean Kevin hadn’t rented or purchased property. Like her he was a hacker and creating a new identity or erasing one was a piece of cake. She had to think like a hacker. So, she began to run a list of every rental and real estate purchase within a hundred mile radius. Once the list was complete she’d look for clues in the names of the renters and owners. She knew Kevin and he wanted to lure her to him so no doubt there would be a clue to his whereabouts hidden within the list of names.

Then her phone rang. She had a text message with an attachment. Quickly she got up and rushed to the conference room where Hotch and JJ were working.

“I just got a text message from Kevin! I think you both need to see this!”

Penelope handed her phone to Hotch and waited.

“Is that a trunk?” He asked.

“Is he trying to tell us that Derek is in that trunk?”

Penelope didn’t want to believe that Kevin could be so cruel even after all that he’d done up to now.

“That’s exactly what he’s trying to tell us.” JJ added.

“We’ve got to find him and fast! He’s not going to last much longer like this.”

Both Penelope and JJ looked at Hotch and for the first time in a long time they saw fear.

Unknown Location –

Derek hated the dark and he hated small confined spaces. He couldn’t move and it was hot in the storage trunk. His body ached from the abuse and the fact that Larry didn’t give a damn about his comfort when he forced him into the ridiculously small space. He had to find a way to slow his breathing and to remain calm. He refused to think that he’d die like this so he forced his mind to think back two weeks ago. It had been a rare moment when the team had more than two days off and he and Garcia had snuck away to spend some quiet time together.

 “Marry me!”


 “Marry me, right now, right here!”

Garcia grabbed the oversized glass from his hands spilling a few drops on his arm.

“Derek Morgan, I think you’ve had enough to drink for one night!”

“I’m serious, Baby Girl! We’re in Las Vegas, the wedding capitol of the world! Besides, I’m not drunk! Marry me!”

“What about your family and our friends? They’ll kill us!”

“We’ll have a big party when we get back! Who can get mad at a party?”

“I don’t have a dress, you don’t have a suit…”

“We’ll go shopping! Come on!”


“Do you love me Baby Girl?”

“More than life itself, Baby Boy!”

“And I love you! So, let’s do it!”

2 hours later…

They’d pulled it off and now here they were standing in the small chapel that looked as if they had been transported back in time. The plastic red and yellow roses that sat in each corner of the lobby were faded and dusty the gold carpet had been trampled by a million feet over the years but the only thing that mattered was the two of them. Penelope had managed to find a cute light pink a-line dress in the hotel’s boutique and Derek was surprised that he’d found a matching shirt to go with the dress pants he’d packed. The rings were purchased at a nearby jewelry store. All that was left were the, I do’s and they would become Mr. and Mrs. Derek Morgan.

Derek was pulled from his thoughts by loud pounding on top of the trunk. Larry had found his way back to the room while Kevin had no doubt found another way to occupy his time.

“You’re a dead man, Morgan! You’re girl will be here soon and then I’m going to stick a knife in your heart right in front of her!”

Derek renewed his struggle to break free but there was no room to move in the small space.

“She’s not coming, man so you might as well kill me now!”

Larry began kicking the trunk with all of his might. Derek felt each kick and his only consolation was in hoping he’d weaken the trunk somehow.

“You killed my best friend! YOU’RE A DEAD MAN!”

BAU Headquarters – Later…

She’d found it, the clue hidden within the long list of recent purchases and rentals that would lead her to Kevin’s hiding place. It was there with big neon lights flashing and screaming, ‘I’m here!’ It was up to her. No matter what the others said she knew that she was the only one who could save Derek and she wasn’t going to let Kevin kill him. So, not bothering to turn off her computers Penelope grabbed her bag and headed toward the door.

“I’m coming Derek! I’m coming!”












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