Will You Marry Me Chapter 3

BAU Headquarters –

Penelope worked feverishly at her computer. Her hands trembled as she searched for what Kevin no doubt tried his best to hide. He had to be holding Derek in a place that was secluded and hidden from traffic where he could come and go without being noticed. Fresh tears began to fall as she realized that the place was also a place where no one could hear Derek’s screams or cries for help.

“Hold on Baby Boy, hold on.”

Unknown Location – Next Morning –

Derek slowly pulled himself from the floor. His body ached from the beating the night before and his head still throbbed from the blitz attack that had led to his capture. He was determined to get out of the small dark room before Kevin and his goons could do any more damage. He knew one if not all of them would be making an appearance soon so he needed a plan. Whatever he did he had to act fast and hope the element of surprise would be in his favor.

As if on cue the door began to open. Derek quickly resumed his position on the floor just before Kevin stepped inside. Seeing Derek’s still body on the floor seemed to give Kevin an added sense of confidence as he approached and stood over him. Kevin nudged Derek with his foot still he remained still as if he were asleep. Nudging again harder this time Derek heard a light chuckle escape his captor. That was Derek’s signal and without warning he grabbed Kevin by the ankles and jerked with all of his strength. Kevin’s body hit the ground with a hard thud and the air escaping his body gave Derek time to scramble to his feet and straddle the man who never saw it coming. There was nothing Kevin could do but watch as Derek’s fist crashed into his face, once then twice the third time was for good measure as Kevin was already unconscious and bleeding. Quickly, Derek searched the man’s pockets grabbing his keys and phone and shoving them into his own pockets. He could hear footsteps in the distance as he headed toward the door. The hallway was clear as he stepped out of the room and began running putting distance between him and the sound of footsteps that were now picking up speed.

Kevin moaned as he opened his eyes. He cursed as he wiped the blood from his nose and mouth. Just as he began to pull himself from the floor his two goons rushed through the door and helped him to his feet. He was furious he wasn’t expecting to take a beating but his plan was still in affect so he nodded and thanked the two men for their help.

“You okay, boss?”

Harry eyed the smaller man with a concerned eye.

“Yeah, yeah I’m okay. He surprised me I thought he was still sleeping.”

“I told you not to come in here alone. He’s not one to take for granted.”

Jerry, the larger of the two men had played the biggest part in getting Morgan to the hidden spot.

“Yeah I know you did, I just wanted the pleasure of waking him up.”

“Now what?” Harry asked.

“Now the real games begin.”

Morgan stumbled down the dark halls of the building feeling along the walls for an exit. He could no longer hear the footsteps behind him and he wanted to believe that was a good thing until his next step sent him plunging as the floor gave way beneath him.


Penelope’s heart stopped momentarily when her phone began to buzz on her desk. Slowly she looked over and saw an unfamiliar number on the screen. Her hand shook as she picked it up and braced herself.


“Hiya, Plum Sauce!”



“Stop with the games why are you calling me from another phone? H-How is Derek? Please tell me you didn’t hurt him again!”

“I just love how you’re so concerned about him. It’s almost sickening.”


“Okay, fine. Your Hot Stuff is out for his morning jog…”

Penelope could hear laughter and snickering in the background and she could hear Kevin struggling to keep himself from bursting into hysteria.

“What have you done?”

“Nothing, I assure you. In fact, you know Agent Morgan is quite clever, quite clever indeed. I came in to pay him a little visit…hmmm…thought he was asleep and he caught me by surprise.”

“What happened?”

“He got the jump on me…no worries I’ll be fine…thanks for your concern.”

Penelope sat at her computer and quickly sent Hotch a text message. Then she began to trace the call while hoping to keep Kevin talking long enough to pinpoint a location.

“Where’s Derek, Kevin…tell me!”

“Now, now Penny. You are in no position to talk to me like that. Tsk, tsk…I can’t wait to get you back in my bed where you belong. This time I’m going to be in charge! You’re going to learn just what I’ve been dreaming about for the last two years.”

“What do you want Kevin?”

“I told you. I want your hand…your mind…and that delicious body in marriage! If you want to save Derek’s life I expect you to do everything I tell you to do.”

Kevin ended the call. He relished in the sound of her yelling his name. He wasn’t finished with her. He’d have what he wanted but first he was going to make her pay for choosing Derek over him.

Derek fell like a rock the cold air around him swished by as he fell three, four, five feet down landing on a pile of old wood and bricks. He heard the sound of bones cracking…his bones. He felt pain in his left arm, his chest and his back. He wanted to scream out for help but he already knew there’d be no help for him just more trouble. His eyes began to close even against his best efforts to keep them open.

“No…no…I’ve gotta stay awake…I’ve got to stay…”

“This is going to be so much fun!”

Kevin looked into the confused faces of the men he’d hired to bring Derek to him. He’d spent a lot of his father’s money creating the perfect death trap for the man he held responsible for his misery. It didn’t matter that he had been the one who’d broken up with Penelope. Derek had always been a huge part of her life. She idolized him and even though she’d never admit it, she compared him and everyone else to Derek Morgan. Now once and for all he was going to prove that he was better, stronger and smarter.

The old warehouse had been a steal, purchasing it through an auction from the city was the easy part; converting it into a deadly maze took a lot of imagination and cash. Kevin had both and he spared no expense in making sure that his enemy would die a slow painful death as he watched him fight for his life.

Derek opened his eyes. Slowly pulling his body to a sitting position he desperately tried to ignore the pain shooting through his body as he gingerly leaned against a pile of rubbish. It was dark and it seemed as if he’d fallen into a small cylinder of sorts. No matter he’d made up his mind that he was going to find a way out and back home.

Derek heard footsteps again this time overhead…and voices coming closer. He pulled the phone that he’d taken from Kevin and dialed hoping to reach a familiar voice on the other end.

“Pick up! Pick up! Pick up!” He whispered.


His heart leaped at the sound of her voice in his ear.

“Baby Girl, it’s me! It’s Derek!”

“Oh my god, Derek! Where are you? Are you hurt?”

“Baby, baby listen…can you trace this phone? I don’t know where I am. I think…”

“Down here! I see him!”

“Get him!” Hurry!”

“They’re coming! I’ve got to go just trace this call!”

Garcia worked frantically. She knew he had to stay on the line long enough for her to locate his signal. She needed time but even she could hear the voices in the background.

Hotch and the others rushed through the door. They stood still listening for a clue through the voices in the background.

“There’s at least three.” Dave began.

“And they’re getting closer.” Added JJ.

“Any luck tracing the call, Garcia?”

“No, Hotch…there’s some sort of interference…I can’t…”

“We’re coming for you, Derek! My men are right on the other side of the wall.”


Hotch looked at the bank of computers ahead.

“I’m trying…I’m trying! There’s nothing…nothing at all!”

Kevin kneeled down gazing into the blackness below. He’d created the perfect trap set in the darkness of one of the many endless hallways. He couldn’t see a thing but he knew his captive was there with no way out and far to far away for any of his friends to save him.

Derek knew his only way out was the same way that Kevin’s men would get in and he could hear footsteps nearby. He knew that Garcia could hear everything and he could only imagine what was going through her mind. He had no idea how but he was determined to get out of there and back home. With his uninjured arm he searched the area around him for something to defend himself.

Derek braced himself his hand wrapped around a dirty brick. As the door slowly creaked open he used the wall as leverage to pull his injured body to a standing position.

“You might as well give up now and make it easy on yourself.” Harry teased.

Unlike Derek, Harry knew every inch of the building like the back of his hand. He and Jerry had played a big part in the renovation and so confidently he stepped inside. It didn’t matter that the room was dark he’d re-capture the man and the games would continue.

Derek tightened his grip around the brick and waited. All he needed was one mistake, one misstep from the man in front of him and he’d be free. He could hear Reid’s voice in his head spewing statistics and the odds of the man making a mistake big enough for Morgan to use to his advantage. So, he waited…he was good at waiting.

“I’m going to have so much fun kicking your ass, Agent Mo-“

He swung…with all the strength in his body…he swung. The brick landed soundly on the forehead of the man who assumed he’d be easy. The sound of the man’s grimace and scream made the pain in his own body inconsequential. It was worth it as the man’s body fell on top of the pile of rubbish where he himself had been only moments before.

“Derek? Derek?”

Penelope heard the taunting, then moans…then silence. The rest of the team held their breaths as they waited for some sign as to what was going on.

“Derek answer me…please…”

“What’s going on down there?” Kevin yelled from above.


Derek picked up the phone and made his way toward the open door.

“I’m okay, Baby. I’m okay!”

“Thank God! I’m trying to trace the phone but there must be something blocking the signal.”


“It’s okay…I’m coming home, I promise I’m coming home.”

Jerry hid in the shadows. Harry had ordered him to stay put and he always did what Harry told him. He was back up for his friend just in case there was a problem. He heard the commotion and he was surprised when Morgan was the one who walked through the door. The man looked battered holding onto his left arm and limping across the threshold. Quietly he took a step forward.

Derek heard a noise behind him and turning toward it he saw something rushing toward him…it was fast…too fast…

Penelope and the team heard a loud crash then a thud but it was the blood-curdling groan that made their hearts come to a complete stop. She suddenly needed to hear his voice, to know that he was alive and well.

“Derek? Derek! DEREK!”









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