Soul Purpose Chapter 16

Kevin had no idea how he would explain his presence in New York. He was so close to getting everything he ever wanted and at the same time so close to losing it all. Both worlds taunted him as he packed a bag. He took a moment to look around his apartment remembering the times he and Penelope had spent here. It didn’t seem to matter that it was a total wreck or that his furniture looked as if it had come from a frat house yard sale. It was their special place spent when there was time left over from their busy schedules. Then he’d screwed it up with his demands and unreasonable expectations. He knew how she felt about Morgan even if she hadn’t been ready to acknowledge what everyone else knew. Still his delusions and his arrogance had foolishly convinced him that he could have her in spite of the fact that it was Derek Morgan that she’d given her heart to.

He was proud of the fact that there were very few people he hated. In fact it was a short list of one. He hated Derek Morgan with a passion and no matter how he tried to reason with his emotions he knew that if given the chance to save his life or take it, he’d choose to end the life of the man who had everything…looks, brains, charm and Penelope. The thought of taking another person’s life was extreme even if it was Morgan, but he was tired of losing and tired of hearing his father’s words ringing in his ears that he’d never amount to more than what his old money could buy. His life was no more than a series of business negotiations ending with him writing a check to appease his son’s endless needs and wants. Taking Derek Morgan’s life would be easy the hard part would be convincing Penelope that he would be a suitable replacement for the man she’d vowed to love forever.

Police Department – New York Manhattan Metro – Late Evening –

Hotch, Rossi, JJ and Reid walked into the large building and were greeted by the tired smile of Lt. Brustin. Everyone except Reid shook the older man’s hand and followed him toward the familiar conference room that had been set up with everything they would need to work the case.

“Thanks for helping us out, Lieutenant.”

“Let’s just say we’re even.”

Hotch almost smiled as he nodded in agreement. The others took seats around the table and immediately began studying the case files.

“We’re not sure who we can trust right now in our New York office so we appreciate the assist.”

“Like I said…”

Brustin shrugged without finishing his sentence. He remembered their first meeting and he’d given them a hard time about being in the middle of an NYPD investigation. He didn’t see the need and he didn’t understand their way of doing things but after the terrorist cell that had threatened the city had been destroyed he couldn’t dispute the fact that the city would have become a warzone had it not been for the BAU especially Derek Morgan who’d risk his life to save the lives of hundreds maybe even thousands. In spite of his resistance to the FBI being in his city he’d grown to respect Morgan and the others and so know he welcomed the opportunity to help out.

Manhattan General Hospital –

Derek watched them both sleep his daughter wrapped in his arms and Penelope sitting next to him with her head laying on the edge of the bed. He’d worried her again and he was already thinking of a way to make it up to her. His eyes shifted towards the door as JJ slowly eased her way in and quietly approached her friends.

“I need a favor.” He whispered.

“Anything, you know that.”

“Will you take my wife and daughter back to my place?”

“Yes. Hotch sent me over to do just that. He wants me to stay with them just in case Agents Christiansen and Carmichael try to get to you through them.”

“Thank you.”

He relaxed as he ran his hand lightly through Penelope’s hair.

“Not necessary.” Then changing the subject. “What were you thinking taking these guys on by yourself?”

“I just couldn’t take a chance of them following me home, JJ.”

“Yeah I hear you but…”

“JJ no lectures, okay. You’d do the same if it were Will and Henry.”

“You’re right I would.”

“I was planning to make my arrest in the morning. I guess they got nervous.”

“Yeah they did. Listen, something’s been bothering me. I could be way off base but…”

“JJ, what is it?”

“I think Kevin is up to something.”

“Kevin Lynch?”

“I think he had something to do with Savannah showing up here.”

“Are you serious?”

“He’s the one who talked Penelope into coming. He damn near booked the flight and flew the plane. He drove them to the airport and everything.”

“Maybe it’s just a coincidence.”

“I don’t believe in coincidence, not in our line of work and you don’t either.”

“You’re right, I don’t.”

Penelope began to stir at the sound of the hushed voices. She opened her eyes and saw the look of concern on her friend’s face. JJ had tried to quickly cover it up but Penelope knew her better than most and she knew something was up.

“Okay you two, what’s going on. I know those looks.”

“JJ is going to take you and Saraya back to the apartment.”

“No. We’re staying right here until the doctor discharges you in the morning!”

“Penelope you two need to get a proper night’s sleep and you can’t get it here.”

“Derek, I’m not leaving!”

“Yes! Yes you are.” He saw the tears welling in her eyes. “Please, Baby…do this for me. I won’t be able to sleep if I know you guys are trying to watch over me. Please.”

“What aren’t you telling me, Hot Stuff?”


“Nothing my a…”

“Baby…baby…you know how our daughter picks up everything…even when she’s asleep.”

“I’m sorry but Derek…”

“No buts, woman! I have spoken.” He said in his best caveman voice.

“Really, Derek?”

The three chuckled as Derek began to wake his daughter to say goodnight. The little one tried to snuggle closer to her daddy as he continued to nudge her gently. Penelope stood and pulled the toddler into her arms. JJ walked away to help collect Penelope’s purse and their jackets.

“Okay but we’ll be back bright and early in the morning.”

“I can’t wait.”

Penelope holding her daughter safely against her body leaned down and kissed Derek on the lips.

“I love you Baby Girl.”

“I love you too. Get some rest.”

“Yes Ma’am.”

JJ waited near the door while Penelope and Derek said their goodbyes. Just as the three stepped out of the room JJ shot a glance at her bead-ridden friend.



“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

Police Department – New York Manhattan Metro – Later

“It looks like your man has an air tight case. These two agents had a good thing going but they didn’t cover their tracks very well.” Brustin said.

“They’re an arrogant bunch that’s for sure. No one was looking for FBI agents to be running a criminal network.” Rossi added.

“They were hiding in plain sight and it worked.” Reid began.

“Until Morgan hit town.” Hotch added.

“I have my team watching their every move. They won’t be able to blow their noses without my men knowing about it.”

“Good deal.”

Hotch looked at his watch. It was late and they were all exhausted.

“Let’s call it a night and get some rest. We’ll have your men make the arrest in the morning before they have a chance to have their morning coffee.”

“Sounds like a plan.” Brustin answered.

“I’m headed to the hospital to check on Derek. I promised my wife I’d let her know how he was doing.”

Rossi grabbed his jacket and hurried toward the door.

“I have an armed escort with Mrs. Morgan and her daughter and they will be posted outside the building and outside their apartment door until the arrest have been made in the morning.”

Hotch nodded and extended his hand to the detective.

“I really appreciate everything you’re doing for us.”

“My pleasure.”

Washington, DC – Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport –

Kevin checked in and moved through security with relative ease. He found a seat near the gate and made himself comfortable. He had a lot to think about his life was about to change drastically and he couldn’t afford any missteps. He couldn’t trust Carmichael and Christiansen and even his buddy Leo would spill the beans if given the right incentive. Director Tinsley was the only one that was safe only Kevin and his father knew of his involvement but if something were to happen and he was to be implicated in this mess he wouldn’t hesitate to bring the director and his dear daddy down with him.

Kevin had an hour before his flight left so he pulled his laptop out and got comfortable. Just as he was about to log on to the airport Wi Fi his phone rang. Pulling it from his pocket he smiled at the name on his screen. His heart leaped as he took the call.


“Hi Kev.”

“It’s good to hear your voice.”

“It’s good to hear yours too.”









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