Soul Purpose Chapter 15

“Penelope, call Hotch! Call Hotch!”

His voice tinged with panic still rang in her ears as she ran down the hall with Saraya clutched tightly against her chest. She knew something was wrong her stomach had been tied up in knots from the moment she’d gotten his text telling her that he was on his way home. Then an hour later with their pizza growing cold on the table and her daughter bathed and in bed she got the call that stilled her heart.

Quantico, VA –

“Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!” Kevin muttered under his breath.

He had to leave…now! They’d be coming for him soon and he knew it. His boys in New York wouldn’t waste any time giving him up. His father had already threatened to kill him…him, his only beloved son. Things were bad and worst of all Derek Morgan was still alive…he needed to talk to Penelope to explain but what was there to explain? He’d ordered her husband’s death…there was no explaining that.

New York – 2 hours earlier –

Derek was so busy focusing on the dark van behind him that he didn’t notice the large semi coming toward him. It had been going in the opposite direction but then suddenly veered into his lane. Derek would never forget the cold knowing stare in the driver’s eyes just before his high beams were switched on. The bright oversized lights blinded him. He saw Penelope and Saraya’s faces and his mother, his sisters and his team. He wasn’t going out like this…not like this…not like this.

Agent Christiansen watched as the black SUV swerved to the left then the right to avoid colliding with the semi. The agent was confident that even if Morgan were lucky enough to avoid getting hit the sharp drop down the embankment would kill him. He slowed and came to a halt jumping out of the van and followed the noises and smells of burning rubber and twisting metal. The others would want proof of death and so he ran to the cliff’s edge. No one could have survived that drop not on this road and not at this time of night.

Out of nowhere a truck and a car pulled over having witnessed the accident. Both drivers thought it odd that the truck driver never stopped. Christiansen couldn’t leave the scene now and so he had to pretend to become a concerned bystander and play an active role in the rescue or the recovery. The scene became chaotic as first responders arrived on the scene one by one. The crowd of helpers and onlookers grew as well giving the agent an opportunity to slip away unnoticed. He had no idea that he had failed.


He could hear her from the other end of the hall the clickety-clack of her heels told him that she was nearly running. He braced himself as the door to his room opened slowly. Their eyes met and he saw the worry. His daughter lifted her head and turned to see her daddy. Penelope rushed to his bedside and Saraya nearly jumped from her mother’s arms onto the bed.

“Easy Saraya, Daddy’s got an owie.”

Derek gently took his daughter and placed her next to him kissing her lightly on her head. Penelope leaned down and captured his lips trying in vain to miss the superficial cuts and bruises on his face. She heard his faint grimace but it didn’t matter now he was alive…she didn’t know how but he was alive and it was all that mattered.

“I’m okay.”

Penelope fought the tears as she kissed him again.

“Baby Girl, did you hear me? I’m okay.”

She shook her head still unable to speak as she stroked her daughter’s head.

“I was so scared, Derek…I knew something was wrong, I knew when I couldn’t get you on the phone…”

“Shh…it’s okay…it’s okay.”

Then she pulled away from him and turned her back. He saw her body shaking as she cried.

“Baby, I’m sorry…”

“Derek…what were you thinking?” Then turning back to face him, “You could have been killed!”

“I didn’t want them near you and Saraya. I knew I could handle them and…”

“But you couldn’t! You almost got yourself killed again, Derek!”


“Penelope, Baby…talk to me.”

“I can’t right now…I’m mad at you.”

BAU Jet – Thirty minutes from landing –

“How in the world did you get the bureau to agree to this?”

Rossi took a long sip from his coffee mug and waited for Hotch to respond.

“I called in a favor.”

“A favor? Who owes you a favor in New York?” JJ asked.

“Remember the terrorist case a few years back?”

“Yeah that’s when Morgan nearly got himself blown up.” She answered.

“I was able to get Lt. Brustin to call us in. He’s leading the local investigation on the case Morgan thinks is tied to his dirty agents.”

“Why didn’t they call us in?” Rossi asked.

“You know Brustin, he doesn’t much like the FBI trampling on his turf.”

“And now?”

“When I told him that a dirty agent tried to kill Morgan he agreed to work with us.”

“Have we heard anything on Morgan’s condition?” Reid asked.

“Garcia said he’s going to be fine; some cuts and bruises and a mild concussion. He somehow managed to get out of his SUV before it tumbled down the cliff. They’re keeping him overnight for observation.”

The team spent the next several minutes reviewing the case files that Brustin had sent to them. It was obvious that Morgan had been tossed into the middle of dangerous situation with more than one dirty agent watching his every move. Even before Garcia had begun helping He’d already put together an airtight case and it wasn’t a surprise that Christiansen and crew got nervous.

“You think they’ll try again once they realize he’s still alive?” JJ asked.

“After reading this file, nothing would surprise me. What worries me the most is that Penelope and Saraya could end up in the line of fire.”

BAU Headquarters –

Kevin nearly jumped out of his skin at the loud door slamming behind him. He turned to see Tinsley standing red-faced and nearly out of breath.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

“Are you kidding? I’m getting out of town! Those idiots failed…again!”

“If you think you’re going to skip town and leave this mess for me to clean up you’re crazy!”

“I’m not about to spend the rest of my life behind bars…”

“And I’m not going to let you leave your father’s mess for everybody else to fix!”

“But what about the BAU?”

“They’re on their way to New York. They’re not thinking about you right now, which gives you plenty of time to take out an insurance policy.”

“Insurance policy?”

“Yes. Ask yourself a question, who does Agent Morgan value more than anything in the world?”

A wide smile spread across Kevin’s face as he sat down and crossed his arms.

“His wife and child.”


“Looks like I’m going to New York.”


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