Soul Purpose Chapter 14

Amanda was surprised to hear the doorbell she wasn’t expecting company and unless the handsome FBI agent had forgotten something no one was due to visit her. Since her husband’s death her visitors were few and far between.

Agent Carmichael rang the doorbell and waited. He counted the footsteps until the door opened. Her look of surprise was priceless; he’d tease her about it later…much later.

“What are you doing here?”

She nervously looked past him out into the street.

“Come on Amanda…”

“No, are you crazy? That FBI guy was here. He could have seen you!”

“Don’t worry, I’ve been out front for a while. I waited until he rounded the corner he didn’t see me.”

Quickly opening the door she pulled him in and closed the door locking it behind them. Then a big smile crossed both of their faces as she wrapped her arms around his neck. He moaned as he kissed her hard on the lips roughly grabbing a hand full of her hair and running his hands over her body. Then pulling apart out of breath he looked deeply into her eyes.

“Did you miss me?”

Morgan pulled into a nearby gas station shortly after leaving the Fields home. He’d made note of the license plate of the dark Ford pickup that had followed him from Manhattan to Brooklyn. He wasn’t surprised that his suspects would up their game and so when the truck fell into traffic behind him shortly after leaving his office he knew he was on the right track. Sending the make, model and plates to his wife he continued on his way.

Penelope was still waiting for the results of her earlier searches when her phone rang again. She quickly ran the plates on a Black Ford two-fifty pickup. The truck was registered to a Ryan Carmichael of Long Island. He was one of the agents that Derek suspected in the murders of five people. It was the real reason that the director had insisted on his transfer to New York. She knew how dangerous it could be when agents investigated each other. With him being new there was no one he could trust. So with that thought she was glad she’d decided to come.

Morgan drug himself into the busy offices hours later having interviewed all of the families of the victims. Most of them had nothing to share and claimed that their love ones had no enemies. Morgan had learned otherwise. All of them with the exception of the two agents had all been involved in cases involving drug trafficking and illegal sex trade and all of them had been arrested by Carmichael and Christiansen. The pieces were all falling into place and Morgan could now see himself back home in Quantico.

It was no surprise that his main suspects were nowhere in the office. Leo however was lurking in the shadows watching assuming that Derek hadn’t noticed him…he had. Penelope had dug up most of the information he needed to put all of the missing pieces together. She was the best and he was glad she had decided to surprise him with a visit. He just wished it hadn’t turned into work for her too.

Carmichael and Christiansen had arrested the victims during a drug sting two years ago and when the evidence worth over ten million dollars mysteriously went missing, the case against them was dismissed. Carmichael and Christiansen then saw the potential in a partnership with the felons and the rest was history until Agent Fields caught on and no doubt began blackmailing them. Threatening the two agents with exposure got Fields and his partner killed. Confident that he had enough to at least question the agents, Morgan pulled his phone from his pocket and dialed a number he’d been looking forward to dialing since he’d gotten there.

“Hello, Director Tinsley…Agent Morgan here.”

FBI Headquarters – Quantico, VA – Afternoon –

Kevin had just gotten comfortable in a chair in front of Tinsley’s desk when the call came in. The frown on the older man’s face concerned him. Even from this side of the call, Kevin knew that the news wasn’t good.

“Are you sure it’s agents Carmichael and Christiansen?”

Kevin’s heart rate jumped. He’d warned the two countless times about getting careless.

“Well I agree…and agent Morgan…good work.”

Tinsley ended the call as he stared red-faced at the man who’d now made himself at home with his feet propped up on his desk.

“I told you to keep those three in check…” Lynch began.

“Me? Are you crazy! THIS was your hair-brained idea! I didn’t want anything to do with it!”

“Please, you hate Derek Morgan almost as much as I do!”

“Listen, Lynch…I promise you, if I go down for this you and your father are going down with me then any dreams of a reunion with that cute blonde will be dust!”

At the mention of Penelope, Lynch jumped up and grabbed the man from across the desk. There were very few times he’d actually gotten aggressive but he was not quite himself when it came to his former lover. So pulling the director close enough for their noses to touch slightly, Kevin looked into his eyes.

“I’ll make you a promise, director. If you ever mention Penelope again I’ll personally put a bullet between your eyes.”

Then with that he released the man shoving him back causing him to fall back into his chair. Caught off guard, Tinsley began to adjust his shirt and tie.

“It’s not a good idea to threaten me, Lynch…”

“It’s not a threat…believe me…not a threat at all.”

Fields Residence –

Christiansen slowly pulled out of the woman and let his exhausted sweaty body drop next to her. He’d spent the last hour there making up for lost time. He smiled as she ran her hand up and down his chest as she planted kisses on his shoulder then his arm.

“You sure know how to turn a girl’s day around, agent.”

“Well, there’s more where that came from, baby.”

“As much as I’d like to go another round lover, I think we better be careful until this whole mess with your new boss blows over.”


“Or what?”

“I can just kill him and this mess as you call it will be done and we can go on with our lives.”

Quantico –

“I told you both that this plan was not a good idea! Derek Morgan is way too smart to be fooled by…”

“…And I told you I wanted Derek Morgan DEAD! How you got it done was on YOU, Tinsley!”

Both Kevin and the director sat silently as they stared at the cell phone that sat inches away, the voice of Kevin’s father booming loudly from it.


“Oh shut up, Kevin! If you hadn’t fallen for that multi-colored, pudgy computer weirdo, none of this would have been necessary!”

“But dad you promised I could have her…”

“Yeah, yeah and I always give you what you want! Damn, that’s your problem, son! You’re a spoiled, over-indulged brat! I blame your mother God rest her soul!”

“She’s mine! I saw her first… not first but I asked her out first…not that…that…”

“Please, gentlemen can you all discuss your strange family relations later? We need to fix this and fix it fast!”

“Let me make it simple for you Director. If Derek Morgan keeps digging he’ll discover that this entire network is mine, the drugs, the hired assassins, human trafficking…all of it! He’s already learned too much thanks to that, woman my son so inconveniently fell in love with!”

“You’re not the only one who has a lot to lose. I’ve spent my entire life working to get here and I’m not about to lose it all now!”

“We’ll it’s simple we all know what needs to be done…and the sooner the better!”

New York –

Derek was exhausted and disappointed that there were agents in his office willing to do the unthinkable and dishonor the badge for their twisted greedy desires. He wouldn’t rest until he brought them all to justice. He had enough to make a case and he’d been given the official go-ahead from Director Tinsley to proceed with his case.

Derek sent his wife a text to let her know that he was on his way home and suggested she order pizza for dinner. The street was eerily quiet as he stepped outside and headed for his SUV.

Agent Christiansen heard the chirp of the SUV’s lock as it disengaged. He hated being the one made to do the dirty work this time. Hurting a fellow agent didn’t sit well with him even though he’d been the one who had put a bullet in Chester’s head not too long ago. Still, it had to be done, his new boss had gotten too close too fast and he wasn’t about to go down without a fight.

Morgan noticed the dark van’s lights flicker on and it’s heavy engine rumble to a start. He had to be careful and he wasn’t sure how far these agents were willing to go to stop him. He headed away from town not wanting to take a chance and be followed home where Penelope and Saraya would be in danger. He hoped beyond hope that he was just being paranoid but he’d find out soon enough as he turned and headed out of Manhattan.







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