Soul Purpose Chapter 13

New York – Apartment of Derek Morgan – Morning –

Penelope pulled her sore body from the bed. She was happy and it had been a long time since she’d awakened feeling like the world couldn’t harm her. She wanted to shout and to tell someone that for once it seemed that she had won. She pulled her phone from her purse and just before heading toward the kitchen she peered into her daughter’s room where she still lay sleeping.

“Hey Garcie! How’s it going?”

“Perfect my blonde bombshell, just perfect!”

“So, details, details…”

“Well, he was happy to see his daughter…”


“I cooked an amazing dinner…”

“Come on you’re killing me! You did tell him about Savannah’s little visit didn’t you?”

“I did, I did.”


“Okay, I’m sorry.” She chuckled. “He was heated! I had to really work hard to calm him down.”

They were both spent…gloriously so and while still trying to catch his breath he placed her feet back on the wet shower floor. Kissing her one more time while reaching around her to turn off the water he whispered in her ear that the night was not over. Penelope smiled as he took her hand and led her dripping wet to the bed.

“Aren’t we going to dry off, Handsome?”

Without answering her he returned to the bathroom and after a few seconds returned with two large bath towels. Gently pushing her down flat on the bed, he wrapped one towel around his waist and the other he began drying her off.

“Now, tell me about Savannah’s visit.” He demanded.


He wiped the water from her body in long slow motions while waiting for her to begin talking. With each drying motion he kissed her now dry skin…still waiting for the details of the uninvited guest’s arrival.

“Now.” He answered sternly.

Penelope couldn’t possibly tell him now she was too distracted…heated…wet again. He knew exactly what he was doing his hands rubbed and caressed her…every inch of her as if he were trying to prove a point.

“I-I…when I got to the …oh, Derek…that…”

“Don’t keep me waiting, Baby Girl.”

“The man at the fr-front desk called up…and for…ah-ah…I can’t…”

“Yes, you can.”

Derek’s mouth was on her now…kissing, sucking…licking…she felt as if he’d lit a match to her skin.

“I thought you were home and…damn you Derek!”


“He brought us up and the door was already…oh god that feels…so…”

Derek lifted his head and looked sternly into her eyes.

“Don’t stop now, baby.”

“Savannah was here…wearing…uh…ah…oh…your shirt…”

Then Derek removed the towel around his waist and positioned himself between her legs kissing her lips then her neck before working his way slowly down her body.

“I didn’t invite her here, Penelope.”


“You know that right?”


“There’s only one woman I love…one woman I’ll ever…love…”


“I love you Penelope…Garcia…Morgan.”

“I love you…”

“Shh…” placing a finger on her lips as he entered her.

“I know…I know…now hush and let me show you just how much…”

“So no wonder it sounds like you’re wearing a smile a mile wide.”

“I wasn’t sure what his reaction would be I mean after all I did throw her scrawny ass out of the apartment.”

“Are you kidding? He would have done the same thing!”

“Well he did say he was proud of me…surprised but proud.”

“I’m happy for you two. You both deserve to be happy and it’s about time you let that woman know that her constant madness won’t be tolerated.”

“Thanks, Jayje.”

“You know it is kinda of odd that you both were in New York at the same time. If I didn’t know better…”


“Oh never mind. It’s just odd that’s all.”


“Forget it.” Then changing the subject. “So what are you and my goddaughter doing today while your husband is at work?”

FBI New York Office –

After seeing his family again Morgan knew now more than ever that he wanted to go home. New York was not home and it never would be not without his family. He was committed to closing this case and packing his bags and holding the FBI director to his promise.

Morgan entered his office and closed the door. Sitting his coffee on the desk he quickly got to work pulling several files from his briefcase and stacking them in front of him. He needed to go back to what always worked in the past and just because he was now the head of the New York office didn’t erase the fact that he was and always would be a profiler. Two FBI agents along with three others had been killed which meant he was dealing with a serial killer. All five victims had been bound, beaten then shot in the head execution style. Some how the agents were connected to the other victims and once he found out the connection it would lead him to his unsub.

Home of Amanda Fields – Afternoon –

Morgan had decided to interview the families of the five victims. He’d driven alone to Brooklyn since it was the furthest away and then he’d work his way back. The home of the late agent Chester Fields was a small bungalow on a quiet tree-lined street. Several late model cars lined the street and as he made it to the steps of the home he noticed a Cadillac that looked just like Penelope’s. He missed home…he missed her.

A few minutes after ringing the doorbell a petit dark-haired woman opened the door. He could hear the sound of a dog barking from the back of the house. He missed Clooney too.

“Yes, may I help you?”

Derek raised his badge.

“Sorry to disturb you my name is SSA Derek Morgan I’d like to ask you a few questions about your late husband if you don’t mind.”

She looked at his badge and then at him reluctantly.

“I’ve answered a dozen questions from the police and the FBI…”

“I know ma’am but I was just transferred here to run the New York office and I’m looking into your husband’s death…please it won’t take long, I promise.”

“Okay, come in.”

“Thank you, ma’am”

“Amanda, please call me Amanda.”

Morgan followed her into the house closing the door behind them. He was impressed by the craftsmanship. He could tell that some recent work had been down the smell of paint was still in the air.

“Nice place.”

“Thanks, my husband liked to renovate. This house was a piece of junk when we bought it. Coffee?”

“Yes, that would be great, thank you. I restore old homes myself. You’re husband was very good.”

“Thank you. He’d been proud to hear you say that.”

Amanda disappeared down the short hall into the kitchen. Morgan walked around the room looking at the pictures of Agent Fields and Amanda on their wedding day, skiing, and several group shots with family and friends. He picked up one of the pictures and studied it. Agent Fields was obviously a Yankees fan.

“He loved the Yankees.”

Morgan turned to face the woman as she returned with two mugs of steaming coffee in her hands. Placing the picture back in its place he took one of the cups and followed her back to the couch.

“I can’t imagine what you’re going through but I really want to make sure your husband’s killer or killers are found.”

“Killers, you think it may be more than one?”

“I don’t know but I promise you I will find out.”

“Thank you.”

“Ma’am…I mean Amanda, did your husband have any enemies?”

“The cops asked me the same question; no he didn’t everybody liked Chester.”

“Had anything changed before his death? Did he become short-tempered, angry, worried, quiet?”

He saw her expression change and he knew he’d struck a nerve.

“He was nervous…”

“Did he say why?”

“Not really, he just spent a lot of time in his office after he got home from work. He was always on his computer. I just thought it was agent paranoia.”

“Amanda, do you mind if I take a look at your husband’s computer?”

Penelope had decided to explore the city while Derek was away. So, she and Saraya took one of the many Hop On Hop Off Bus tours until they both were hungry and ready for lunch. Later that afternoon Saraya was exhausted and Penelope was slightly queasy so they headed back to the apartment. Dropping their bags of toys and souvenirs, the two curled up in the middle of the large master bed and dozed off until Penelope’s phone began to ring. She smiled as she saw her husband’s name flash across the screen.

“Hello Handsome!”

“Hello Beautiful! How are my two favorite girls?”

“Well we’re exhausted. We explored Manhattan and spent way too much money on souvenirs and now baby and me are resting in bed.”

“I’m sorry I couldn’t have joined you.”

“Me too, Sug. How’s work?”

“That’s why I’m calling. Did you bring your laptop?”

“Of course! You know Mama never leaves home without her weapon.”

“I hate to interrupt your nap but I could really use your help.”

“Anything for you, my love.”

“I’m at the home of a murder victim and I need you to see what you can find on his computer.”

“What, you mean in that big old fancy office of yours there’s no technical analyst at your disposal?”

“Not as good as you, Sweetness. Can you help me or not?”

“Piece of cake.”

“Thanks, Baby Girl.”

“No worries, I’ll get right on it while Saraya is asleep.”

After sending Garcia the necessary information, Derek headed back to the front of the house where Amanda was staring blankly out of her window. There was a black truck with dark tinted windows parked across the street. She’d never seen it before and it stuck out among the other late model cars parked nearby. Perhaps it was nothing maybe it was her husband’s paranoia rubbing off on her.

“It looks like your husband’s computer was wiped clean but I have someone who can work miracles when it comes to retrieving data off of computers.”

“Thank you Agent Morgan. Until your visit I thought my husband’s case was long forgotten.”

“Not to me. I’m going to find your husband’s killer, I promise.”

He could see the tears in her eyes as he placed a light hand on her shoulder.

“Take care of yourself, Amanda.”

Then pulling his card from his inside jacket pocket he handed it to her.

“Please, if you remember anything or if you need anything call me…any time.”

Amanda nodded too overcome to speak as he opened the door and stepped out onto the porch closing the door behind him.

Agent Ryan Carmichael watched the new head of the New York office step out of the house and head to his car. He knew it would be just a matter of time before he found his way to the Fields home. Chester had been too nosey for his own good and he’d let his aspirations for a promotion lead him down a dangerous path. He’d gotten close, too close to exposing their operation. Carmichael hated killing a fellow agent but his friend was nothing more than collateral damage. He still saw the wide-eyed look of horror in his former partner’s face just before he pulled the trigger. Sleep had been hard since then but he couldn’t afford to get caught, not now not when things were finally starting to pay off in a big way.

As Morgan headed past him out of sight, Carmichael got out of his truck and headed across the street. He hadn’t seen Chester’s wife since his funeral. Now was a good time to catch up with the new widow. He wondered if she’d be happy to see him.



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