Soul Purpose Chapter 11

Leo watched Morgan closely from the shadows of cyberspace. He had to admit that his computer skills were pretty good considering he normally had someone back in Quantico to do his snooping for him. In fact most special agents knew very little about computers beyond searching for a nearby pizza joint. But not this special agent he was quite adept at finding his way around with the help of the bureau’s search engines. Even though his agent buddies were confident that they had hidden their dirty deeds where no one could find them, Leo knew that his new boss wasn’t just anyone. So, even if the others weren’t worried he was.

Penelope had managed to pull together the makings of a pretty good meal for the three of them. The expensive steaks that Savannah had bought would go great with the baked potatoes and the other groceries the good doctor had purchased at the corner market. With the steaks marinating in the refrigerator and the potatoes baking in the oven all that was missing was her husband. Penelope had taken the liberty of pulling the sheets off of the bed and washing them while Saraya watched her favorite video that she’d brought with her. The thought of making love to her husband on sheets that Savannah had touched made her stomach wretch.

One hour later…

“Where the HELL have you been?”

“Work? I do work for a living you know!”

“I called you before I left New York! You should have beat me here!”

“Calm down, calm down! Tell me what happened.”

Savannah poured herself another drink and continued pacing the floor in front of her fireplace.

“She was there!”

Kevin watched the brunette pacing beside herself with anger. He couldn’t help but giggle inside as he could only imagine his beloved Penelope ripping her dear husband’s head off right about now.

“She who?”

He knew perfectly well who, “she” was. After all, he’d sent her to New York just like he’d sent Savannah.

“Penelope, that’s who! Why didn’t you tell me she was coming?”

“I was just trying to help the both of us. I know Penelope, if she saw you in New York that would be the end of that little, so-called marriage.”

“Well Kevin, you were wrong! Not only was she there but she threw me out of Derek’s apartment!”

“Penelope? My Penelope? Wow…impressive!”

Savannah looked at the disheveled slob like he’d just sprouted another head. She still didn’t understand how that woman was able to hold onto two men at the same time.

“And to top it off, she’s not running and she’s gonna fight for her marriage!”


“YES, still!”


Now Kevin needed a drink.

New York –

Derek was exhausted. He hadn’t eaten or slept much since arriving in New York. In fact, he’d been on autopilot and he refused to call his upscale apartment home; everything that made home, home was back in Quantico. Glancing at his watch it was nearly four o’clock. This was the time that Penelope would be picking Saraya up from daycare and heading home if the team didn’t have a case. So, now was a good enough time to head out in hopes that by the time he got to his apartment he’d catch her just as she picked up their daughter and headed home.

Penelope heard the key as it turned in the lock. Saraya turned to face her mommy excitedly as Penelope placed a finger to her lips and beckoned for her to stay quiet. Butterflies jumped wildly around in her stomach causing her to forget the nausea that had been nagging her off and on all day. Pulling her anxious daughter into her arms the two faced the front door and as it opened the wide-eyed look of shock in his eyes told her that it had been a good idea to come.

He couldn’t move…or speak as he looked at the two people in front of him. He couldn’t believe his eyes and as he struggled to find his voice he wondered if fatigue, hunger and the universe had all conspired to taunt and torture him. He closed the door watching as his wife and daughter or what his mind was telling him was his wife and daughter approached.


The little one reached for him nearly flying out of her mother’s arms and he grabbed her as much for her own safety as his desire to confirm that she was really there.


Wrapping his daughter tightly in his arms his eyes were glued to Penelope’s and hers to his. He held his daughter in one arm and reached for Penelope pulling her toward him never taking his eyes off of her.

“Baby Girl?”

“Surprise…” She said tearfully.

He planted a kiss on her lips as he felt Saraya’s grip tighten around his neck.   The two adults pulled apart slightly smiling as their eyes were now trained on the determined three year-old.

“I can’t believe you’re here.” He kissed her again.

“Well we are.”

Derek planted a kiss on the top of his daughter’s head, then her forehead and cheek. He smelled her he still couldn’t believe that Penelope and his precious daughter where standing in his apartment. Now it was home.


“No…no…not now. I know, I know…”

He kissed her again and again until Saraya began to wiggle and demand their attention.

“Momma dadda kissing…down.”

Morgan released her placing her gently on the floor as she then wrapped her arms around his leg. Penelope and Derek laughed at her knowing that their private reunion would have to wait a while.

“I can’t believe you’re here.” Then looking into her eyes he knew in that instant that he could never survive without her…without his family. “ I love you, Penelope.”

“I love you, Derek and I’m so sorry for ever walking out…”

Then silencing her with a gentle kiss he pulled her close and wrapped her tightly in his arms.

“Don’t apologize. I was wrong for ever making you feel that you…” Then looking down at the little girl at his feet. “…and our family weren’t number one in my life. Forgive me?”

“Only if you forgive me, Hot Stuff.”


Quantico, VA –

Kevin spent the last two hours listening to Savannah cry and whine about her foiled attempt to get into Derek’s bed. Kevin could care less about anything except getting Penelope back. She was all that mattered and if it meant using Savannah to get what he wanted so be it. Now with the woman’s voice still ringing in his ears he stepped out of her apartment building preoccupied with his next move. Derek Morgan was smart which meant he had to be smarter and he had to get rid of the man before Penelope’s mind was made up for sure that she would remain Mrs. Derek Morgan. Some would say that he was delusional, that her mind was already made up but Kevin wasn’t giving up on his true love…not without a fight.

New York –

It had been over a month that Derek and Penelope had been struggling in their marriage. It was no doubt that they loved each other but both of them had allowed pride and circumstance to cloud their judgment and had made it difficult to see what was really important. Now both of them along with their precious daughter Saraya sat wrapped in each other’s arms basking in the silent joy that their reunion had gifted them with.

Morgan brushed his fingers lightly through Penelope’s hair as they both watched their daughter climb from one parent’s lap to the other not knowing where to land. Derek and Penelope knew that the little one had to be exhausted but having her parents together in the same room gave her the energy to stay awake. So they giggled occasionally as she basked in their attention.

“Movie! I wanna watch the princess movie, mommy.”


Saraya shook her head yes and jumped from her daddy’s lap in search for her backpack. Penelope looked at her husband who shook his head smiling in delight.

“Can I help?” He asked.

“I’ll make you a deal.”

“Name it, Baby Girl.”

“If you keep her entertained with her, princess movie, then I’ll finish up dinner.”

“Sounds like a plan.”

“Thank you, Handsome.”

Derek pulled her into a deep kiss before letting her up from the couch. Then he followed his daughter into the second bedroom, which it seemed she had already claimed as her own. He shook his head wondering where the last three years had gone. Saraya seemed less and less like the baby they’d brought home more and more each day. Three years seemed like three days. Then the little being who had changed his life in the biggest of ways, that little cherub that motivated him to challenge the world each day did the most wonderful thing without even realizing. His soul had been captivated by just one word spoken effortlessly from her lips. She had impeccable timing too as her head turned just so as her little fingers grasped the prize…her princess movie…then…


That was the word…he’d give her anything her heart desired if she’d just promise to never stop saying that word.

“I found it Daddy, my princess movie.”

He couldn’t help but notice how much she looked like her mother; it took his breath away. He extended his arm and she proudly grabbed hold of his hand while leading him back toward the front room. He was putty in her hand like he was putty in Penelope’s hand. He, his heart, his mind and his soul were forever captive and so without a word of protest he helped her guide the movie into its place and pressed, ‘play.’





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