Internal Affairs Chapter 19

BAU Headquarters – Afternoon –

Pen was swamped. Team C had just called requesting help and she still needed to run her weekly diagnostics. She’d promised Derek she’d have lunch with him but she was afraid she’d have to cancel. He’d been acting secretive all day and without a doubt she knew he had something up his sleeve. She hated surprises.

“Come on Baby Girl, let’s get out of here!”

Her handsome hunk of man candy burst through the door without knocking totally oblivious to the fact that she hadn’t called to flirt or fluster him all morning, which had to mean that she was busy. She exhaled not knowing how to break the news to him.

“I’m sorry Hot Stuff, Momma’s busy I’m afraid my lunch will take place right here.”

“Oh no, Sweetness.”

He placed his hands on her shoulders and began massaging applying just the right amount of pressure in just the right places. He knew how to make her weak…it was impossible to say, no to him.


“I’ve got to show you something, you’ll love it and I’ll have you back in a flash! Promise!”

Slowly she turned to meet that look, the puppy dog eyes twinkling with faux sadness with a dash of Morgan sex appeal. She felt herself melting inside.

“I just got a request from Team C and my diagnostics are way be…”

He planted a kiss on her lips silencing her protests. He had her at, Baby Girl the kiss was just a nice bonus.

“I’ll make you a deal.”


He grabbed a furry pen from her desk and a pink sticky and scribbled something on it handing it to her. Puzzled, she read it in silence.

“Is this an address?”


“Derek Michael Morgan what are you up to? You’ve been acting strange all morning.”

“Run your search and then meet me at that address in thirty minutes.”


“I promise it won’t be long and I’ll have you back in time for our two o’clock briefing. Deal?”

There it was that smile the one that she could never resist the one that also meant trouble.

“Okay, fine. Deal. Thirty minutes and we come right back.”

“I promise!”

Derek knew Penelope better than anyone and he knew that she’d work through the day and perhaps into the evening without stopping to eat. So, since he had a few extra minutes he thought he’d call ahead to her favorite deli and pick up lunch. What a way to persuade her to consider moving in with him in a brand new home than through her stomach. He loved surprising her and she loved impromptu picnics and with his plan settled in his mind he headed off toward the elevators.

“I am so glad you’re a man of your word.” Savannah slowly ran her finger lightly down his arm. “I so owe you for this…”

“Oh don’t worry gorgeous, I plan on collecting…all night long.” Oscar replied. “I know what you can do with that beautiful mouth and I’m so looking forward to a replay of yesterday.”

Once she repaid Derek for his betrayal Savannah would be more than happy to pay up. She and Oscar had followed Derek from the BAU to a small deli about ten miles away. It was familiar he’d taken her there a few times. She preferred something a little more high class and she’d told him as much.

Oscar had been careful not to be noticed and when Derek pulled into the driveway of an old worn down house on Bolt Street, Oscar continued down the street and circled the block just to make sure then parked several houses out of sight.

Derek grabbed a blanket and the bags of food from the back of his SUV and headed toward the front door. Troy was already inside and greeted him at the door.

“Hey man, sorry I’m a few minutes late.”

“No worries. Where’s your lady?”

“She’s about thirty minutes behind me. I thought I’d put together a little romantic picnic to maybe sway her my way.”

“It couldn’t hurt.” Then handing Derek the keys. “Here you go. Just lock up when you’re done, no rush. I’ll come by your office tomorrow to pick them up.”

Derek took the keys with one hand and shook Troy’s hand with the other.

“Thanks I really appreciate this man. I love this house and I hope Penelope loves it too.”

“I’m sure she will, I’m sure she will.”

Morgan waved goodbye and headed inside. Savannah looked over at Oscar and smiled as Troy drove past them.

“It’s time.”

BAU Headquarters –

Penelope glanced at her watch…she was already fifteen minutes late. She was surprised that Derek hadn’t called looking for her. Luckily she’d finished her search for Team C and now her diagnostics were running. Just as she grabbed her purse there was a knock at her door.

“Enter mere mortal.”

“Hey Garcie, I thought you were going to lunch with Morgan?”

“I’m leaving now.” Again she glanced at her watch and frowned. “He’s going to be so mad I was supposed to leave almost twenty minutes ago.”

“Calm down the last thing we need is you getting in an accident. Besides, he’ll get over it.”

“I know it’s just that he seemed so excited about something and he wouldn’t tell me what it was.”

“You two.”

“JJ, you know I don’t like surprises!”

“Control much?”

“Not funny, Blondie.” Then hugging her friend she exhaled. “I’ll be careful and I’ll be open to whatever he has planned.”

JJ looked at her hopeless friend shaking her head as they both headed out into the hallway. Garcia hurried past her friend, down the steps and to the elevator. JJ watched smiling and just as the elevator doors were closing the two friends waved goodbye.

Bolt Street Property –

“Ohhhh….how romantic!”

Derek turned quickly toward the familiar voice. Savannah strolled into the house with a large muscular man following close behind. Derek had just finished setting things up for him and Penelope. He’d heard the door open and assumed it was her because as usual she was running late. For once he was glad she was.

“Savannah what are you doing here? You’re supposed to be in jail.”

“Let’s say I’m out on good behavior.”

“Somehow I don’t believe that’s true.”

“I believed you loved me and that wasn’t true either so let’s call it even.”

Instinctively Derek did a silent inventory of the room and of his person…he was unarmed. He watched the man across from him dressed in a familiar uniform.

“The guards conducting field trips now, man?”

“Something like that.”

Savannah looked up at Oscar and the two shared a chuckle.

“So now what?”

“Now I get the last word.”

Now Derek chuckled which seemed to irritate Savannah.

“What’s so funny?”

“You always had to have the last word didn’t you?”

“I guess I did.”

Those words seemed to be the man’s cue as he pulled a gun from his jacket and aimed it at Morgan. Morgan’s eyes widen in fear; not fear for himself but for Penelope who would be arriving any time.

“Whatever you’re planning get it over with.”

“What’s your rush? I’ve never heard of anyone being in a hurry to die.”

“I just don’t feel like hearing you tell me how bad I was as a boyfriend.”

“I know you Derek. You face danger all the time and you don’t want to die not now anyway, especially with a baby on the way.”

“You think he’s expecting company, Baby?” Oscar teased.

“I think so lover, that’s an awful lot of food for one person…place setting for two…hmm, let me guess Penelope is joining you.”

“Savannah, don’t make things any worse. You’re already looking at a lot of years…”

“I don’t care about that Derek! I want you to know how it feels to have your heart ripped out of your body! I want you to lose everything that means anything to you!”

Then Savannah turned slightly toward Oscar and with a wicked grin nodded.

“Let’s get started.”

Penelope was less than five minutes away she still thought it was odd that Derek had not called her. She turned the radio up to help push the crazy thoughts running through her head away. As she turned the corner she saw the large, “For Sale” sign in the yard and smiled. He loved finding new projects and he loved dragging her along to see the before condition of what to her looked like a hopeless cause.

Pulling Esther into the driveway next to Derek’s SUV, Penelope jumped out not wanting to keep him waiting any longer. As she walked toward the front steps she subconsciously placed her hand on her stomach. She could see their family here even in the midst of the worn wood and peeling paint, maybe Derek was wearing off on her she chuckled to herself.

“Derek!” She called as she opened the door.

Derek’s heart sank as he heard her footsteps coming closer. He couldn’t let Savannah hurt Penelope but he was unarmed and at the mercy of the man with the gun.

“I love…”

Penelope stopped dead in her tracks at the sight in front of her. She saw Derek sitting on the floor with his hands behind his back and a nasty bruise on the side of his face that was bleeding slightly.


She saw the man standing behind Derek with a gun pressed to the back of his head. Derek’s eyes were wide with fear trying desperately to remain calm.



Then Penelope saw Savannah, the woman who’d already tried to take Derek’s life, the woman who was supposed to be securely behind bars…the woman now who was standing in front of her, arms crossed and with a confident smile across her face.

“Penelope, Baby Girl…so glad you could join us.”

“Please Savannah, don’t hurt her! Don’t do this!”

“You’re supposed to be…”

“I know, I know…I’m supposed to be in jail. I have unfinished business.”

Penelope took a step toward Derek but was stopped by the man who pressed the gun harder against Derek’s skull.

“Don’t you even think about it.” Oscar warned.

Then Savannah sauntered over to stand directly in front of Derek running her hand down his face and across his lips. Derek tried to move but the gun against his head convinced him to remain still. Savannah stepped to the side of Derek so that he could have a clear view of Penelope.

“Give me the gun.”

“You sure you want to do this?” Oscar asked.

“I told you I wanted to take the kill shot.”

Reluctantly, Oscar handed her the gun and stepped to the side as she took his place behind Morgan.

“Don’t do this Savannah…you’re better than this!” Derek pleaded.

He felt her hand run across his head as she planted a kiss on his cheek and finally leaning down to whisper in his ear.

“Say goodbye to your Baby Girl, Derek.”

“Baby Girl, I’m so sorry…”

“Derek! Derek!” Penelope’s voice trembled as she focused on him and him alone.

“I love you, Baby Girl…”

For a split second the room was utterly quiet everything slowed and Derek began struggling against the handcuffs around his wrist.






She could smell the bitter aroma of gunpowder as she watched the woman’s body float to the ground like a feather. She’d never forget the surprise in her eyes as the bullet pierced the white wool coat she’d worn to protect herself from the cold.

She’d done her best to do right by her sacrificing her youth to bring up a child who’d always insisted on having her way. Now that same child lay across the room dying in a pool of her own blood. Amanda felt the warmth of the tears streaming down her face wondering how things had gone so wrong.

“FBI! Drop the gun!”

Hotch, and Rossi rushed through the doorway taking the gun from Amanda’s limp hand. JJ and Reid came in from the rear of the house quickly taking Oscar into custody who was still standing stock still in shock at the scene before him. He had no way of explaining how he’d gotten caught up in Savannah’s plan, just like Kevin and Sam they’d given in to a madness that had not been theirs but had destroyed them nonetheless.

Penelope ran over to Morgan dropping to her knees and wrapping her arms tightly around his neck holding on for dear life.

“Baby Girl…Baby…”

“I’m okay, I’m okay…”

“I’m so sorry…I thought I’d lost you…”

“I’m here, I’m here…”

Then pulling away slightly she looked into his teary face.

“See this is why I don’t like surprises!”












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