Will You Marry Me? Chapter 2

Derek hated the dark. He knew it was because the dark reminded him that he was defenseless and the control he so desperately needed no longer existed. It was cold the temperature had continually dropped over the last few hours and he assumed that it was now late evening. His stomach growled and his head ached from being hit earlier, he had to find a way out. Then his mind went to Penelope by now she would know something had happened to him and she’d be worried out of her mind. Worse than being taken and held in this hellhole, the thought of her afraid for him and imagining all sorts of things about what had happened to him made his situation unbearable.

Kevin was eager to welcome his new guest he’d never felt so empowered and vindicated in his life. The fact that none of them had seen it coming made him smile. Being a disheveled, geek had its advantages after all he snickered. Now it was time to have some fun. Even he noticed the pep in his step and the two large men following behind reminded him that he was the boss. He’d never been the boss before even in his relationship with Penelope he was far from the boss. The blonde beauty called all the shots even in the bedroom he followed her lead like a lovesick puppy. Things were about to change.

BAU Headquarters – Evening –

“The locals have the area locked down tight. Morgan’s truck is still there with his groceries on the ground where he must have gone down.”

Rossi entered the conference room with Reid close on his heels. Hotch stood near the large white board even more intense than usual. JJ stood worriedly near by watching Garcia quickly falling apart.

“There were no signs of struggle. Which means it was a blitz attack.”

Reid began pacing the room.

“He never saw it coming…” JJ mumbled.

“Why? Why would Kevin do this? We haven’t been together in almost two years!”

“But it doesn’t mean he stopped loving you, Garcie. You know he’s been trying to get back in your good graces for months now.”

Garcia looked at JJ knowing she was absolutely right. Garcia thought that if she pretended not to notice Kevin’s attempts at reconciliation he’d grow weary and move on with his life. No such luck and now Morgan was in danger.

“Something must have made him snap…a stressor…” Rossi began. “Did anything happen recently that may have set him off?”

Penelope’s jaw dropped as her hand flew to her mouth. Wide-eyed she turned to face the team.


“What? What is it Garcia?”

Looking her boss directly in the eye she felt her life begin to crumble.

“We moved in together.”

Morgan watched the three figures enter the room. Just before the last one entered the man flipped a switch from the hall and the room was now illuminated in bright white light. Morgan squinted against the glare and the pain as the three drew closer stopping just short of stepping on his leg. The first and smaller one kneeled down to eye level revealing his identity.


“Surprise! I bet I’m the last person you expected to see this evening.”

“What’s going on? Why are you…?”

“Why? Because there comes a time when a man has to be willing to do whatever is necessary to get what he wants.”

Morgan looked at the other two their expressions were cold like stone and did not reveal anything that would help him to understand his predicament.

“I don’t understand what do I have to do with you getting what you want?”

“You’re in my way.”

“What? In your way of what?”

“You’re the only thing standing in my way of getting Penelope back. I need you out of my way, Derek.”

“Kevin you two haven’t been together in…”

“It doesn’t matter!” He interrupted. “She’s mine and I want her back! You’ve always been in the background undermining our relationship that’s why we didn’t make it the first time!”

“You broke up with her, that’s the reason you didn’t make it the first time! She never would have left you!”

“Lies! She loved you! YOU, not me!”

“That’s not true, Kevin! Look man, you have to listen…”

“No! I’ve listened enough! Penelope always swore I was crazy when I accused her of having feelings for you! She swore I was wrong…and then…”

Kevin stood and began pacing back and forth.

“And then she’d try to show me that she was sincere. She’d grab my hand and lead me to the bedroom.”

Kevin chuckled sarcastically as he turned his gaze to Derek.

“She’d put a little more effort in, if you know what I mean.” Then kneeling down again in front of Derek. “You do know what I mean don’t you Derek?”

“Kevin…please…you don’t have to do this…”

“Don’t! Don’t you dare try to profile me, agent! I’m not one of your…your unsubs! I’m not going to fit into any profile!”

“Okay, okay, Kevin. Listen to me, please. I never tried to undermine your relationship with Penelope, man. I thought she was happy and that’s all that mattered to me.”

“Yeah, then why did the two of you end up together not even five minutes after she and I broke up?”

“It didn’t happen like that, I swear.”

Then Kevin’s expression turned as stone-like as the other two men. He stood and motioned to them, without hesitation they complied.

“Get him on his feet it’s time to have some fun. I need to let my little Plum Sauce know that I mean business.”

BAU Headquarters –

Penelope’s cell phone rang.

“It’s Kevin!”

Her hand shook as her exe’s wide grin showed on her display.

“Answer it, Garcia.” Hotch ordered. “Put him on speaker.”


“Plum Sauce! I hope you don’t mind me face timing you. I know how you like a warning text first but I thought you wouldn’t mind an exception.”

“Kevin, please think about what you’re doing. Derek doesn’t deserve…”

“Penny, Penny, Penny…please I’ve gone through a lot of planning to prove my love to you. The least you can do is sit back and enjoy the show!”

He began to chuckle and they heard at least two other voices joining in on the laughter. Then Kevin stepped out of view revealing Morgan being held by his arms by two large men dressed in black. It was hard to tell if he was being restrained or assisted but he definitely was not at his full strength.


Kevin seemed to get pleasure from her scream as he turned the camera back to his face.

“I promised I’d send you an incentive from time to time. This is your first of several.”

Then he turned the camera back to face Morgan. Kevin’s booted foot came into view as he kicked Morgan squarely in the gut knocking the wind out of him. His muted grunt made them all jump and gasp. Then another kick and another kick landed sending Morgan to his knees. The two men released him and he used what strength he had to remain on his knees instead of toppling over.

“I’m okay…” He moaned unconvincingly. “He kicks like a twelve-year old girl.” He tried to laugh.

One by one, the men began kicking and hitting the defenseless Morgan while Kevin laughed.

“That’s enough for now.”

The men stopped on command rubbing their knuckles and brushing Morgan’s blood on the side of their pants.

“See Pen this is all for you! This is your fault! Don’t let your friends tell you otherwise.”

“Kevin, let him go! Don’t do this!”

“You have to learn, Plum Sauce…you have to learn what you mean to me what I would do for you.”


“I know Penelope. I know.”

Then he ended the call.



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