Internal Affairs Chapter 14

Her hands shook as she dialed his number. She wasn’t about to make a move until she spoke with him and heard his voice. She could tell a lot by just listening to him speak. The team stood nearby and waited.

Sam smiled as he saw her face appear on the display screen of his phone. He knew she’d call; by now all of them knew that he had Morgan. He expected her to try and talk him into freeing Morgan but he had no intentions on doing any such thing. He was in the driver’s seat and he was calling the shots…he wanted her and he was going to have her.


“I knew you would call…”

“What have you done? Where’s Derek?”

“This is all your fault, my love.”

“Sam, please…”

“I asked you to marry me, Penelope. You should have been grateful but what did you do?”

“Sam, listen to me. We can talk about this but don’t take it out on Morgan; this is between you and me.”

“So true, it is just between you and me. It’s time for you to come home we have a lot to talk about.”

“Sam, you know I can’t marry you…why are you really doing this?”

“I’ve always had a fantasy of being married in my grandmother’s rose garden.”


“I must have talked to you about it a hundred times, remember?”


“She left me that house but I have been able to bring myself to move in until I found the woman of my dreams.”

“Yes, it’s a beautiful house, but…”

Garcia looked around at the others. Hotch had already placed a call to the temporary tech who’d been called in to help them. Hotch knew that they had to keep Sam on the phone long enough to trace the call.

“How badly do you want to save his life, Penelope?”

Sam’s Grandmother’s Home –

This wasn’t how it was supposed to end…not like this. He knew it would happen eventually. His job left him no illusions of a long life but not like this. Who buried a person alive anyway? Being buried alive and being burned alive were the two worst ways to die in his opinion. He hated the dark and being confined in a small space in the dark left him without any hope that he’d be found in time.

“You’re not giving up on me are you son?”

Morgan jumped jarring every muscle in his body. He wanted to scream but what was the point, no one would hear and now he was hearing things. He swallowed trying to regulate his breathing.

“I can’t leave you for five minutes without you getting yourself into trouble.”

He heard his father’s familiar chuckle and he knew for sure the dwindling oxygen was starting to affect his sanity.

“You’re not losing your mind. It’s really me.”

Now Morgan chuckled trying in vain to shift enough to move his arms to push against the top of the small box.


“Yeah, it’s me, D.”

“We’ve got to stop meeting like this.”

“Oh okay, funny time to have jokes, son.”

Derek began coughing his chest heaved and tightened as he tried to breathe.

“It’s bad, pops…”

“It was bad the last time, right?”

“I don’t think I’m going to make it this time.”

“You giving up? Come on…Morgan men don’t give up.”

“Dad, come on…I’m buried under six feet of earth and my team…”

“Your team? This ain’t got nothin’ to do with your team!”

“Then what?”

“Your team is looking for you, no doubt. This is about you hanging on until they get here. Can you do that for me son?”

Morgan shook his head yes and closed his eyes to wait for rescue.

BAU Headquarters –

Penelope listened to the hum as Sam ended the call. She was so angry as Hotch ended a call on his phone.


Rossi looked at Hotch hopefully.

“No. Not enough time.”

“We don’t need it.”

Garcia looked at her friends as she dropped her phone into her bag.

“I know where he is.”

Sam’s Grandmother’s home –

“A baby?”

Derek could hear the joy in his father’s voice. He wished that he’d had more time with the man who had been taken from him too soon. His life had taken an awful turn after his father was murdered before his eyes.

“Yeah…I know…I screwed up, right?”

“Do you love her?”

“Yes. I love her.”

“Then you didn’t screw up. I mean could you have gone about it another way?”


“You had an affair with another man’s woman while you were in a relationship…”

“Okay, okay…I get it!”

Sam smiled as he saw the bright orange caddie turn up the driveway. He knew she would come. Even though she was coming to save him, she still came and he still would have what he wanted. Penelope was his and soon she would be promising to spend her future with him. He felt giddy wondering if she really thought she had a chance of keeping Morgan from dying. He wasn’t about to tell her where he was and then watch the two lovers reunite before his face. No, Derek Morgan would die today and if his timing wasn’t off, he’d breathe his last breath just as the minister pronounced him and Penelope man and wife.

“Dad…I’m not sure I can do this…it’s getting so hard to breathe…why me? I can’t leave Penelope now not now. We’re just getting it right…”

Morgan hadn’t heard his father’s voice in the last few minutes. He could still hear Sam’s voice warning him that he only had six hours to live. That was funny to the man and for the life of him, Derek didn’t know why.

Penelope could see her former boyfriend standing at the top of the driveway wearing a sick smile and a look of confidence on his face. There was absolutely nothing funny about what he, and Savannah and Kevin had done. She prayed that she could talk some sense into the man who once upon a time had convinced her that he loved her. This wasn’t love this was madness.

Then he waved as she got closer and her stomach turned flips. Hotch and the others had given her strict orders; telling her what to say and how to act…empathy, she had to show Sam empathy and she had to be remorseful for what she and Derek had done to hurt him. The closer she got she could hear JJ speaking in her ear trying to encourage her as they quietly took up positions out of sight.

“I can’t do this, Jayje. What if I’m too late?”

“You got this Garcie, I know you do. Morgan needs you to be strong for him.”

Garcia watched as an older man dressed in a dark suit and tie joined Sam; both men smiled as she reached them stopping just out of Sam’s reach.

“Hello my Darling, you made it.”

“Okay, I did what you asked…where is he?”

“Patience, my love you’ll ruin the surprise.”

“You know I don’t like surprises.”

“Well, let’s just say, I’ve been listening.”


“You know. You’re always saying that you don’t want to be the one who does all the planning. So, I planned a special day for us! I did it, all by myself…our wedding day…”

“Sam, stop this!”

The other man looked at Sam then at Penelope confused not sure what he’d gotten himself into.

“Is there something wrong, Mister…”

“No not at all, father. My fiancée is just a little nervous, that’s all.”

“If you two need a minute, I’ll go and sit on the porch.”

Sam turned slightly nodding to the man as he turned and headed toward the house. Garcia kept her eyes on Sam searching for any remaining hints of sanity. She knew very well how this could end if he refused to listen to reason.

Hotch nodded to Rossi sending him and Reid toward the house while he and JJ moved into view. As the elderly priest climbed the steps to the porch, Rossi came into view quickly silencing the man with a quick finger to his lips.

“You’re so beautiful.”

Sam turned his attention back to Penelope. An odd smile stretched broadly across his face, he took a step toward her. She stiffened trying not to react. Then calmly he took her hands in his and stared down into her eyes.

“Don’t be nervous, love…”

Without saying a word, Garcia shook her head rejecting him and his insane idea of a quickie marriage.

“Where’s Derek, Sam? You promised if…”

“My beautiful rose. Isn’t this the perfect spot for a wedding? Our wedding?”

Garcia’s heart dropped her eyes went immediately to the freshly tilled soil under Sam’s feet. She gasped eliciting a chuckle from the man in front of her. He seemed proud of what he had done as he increased the grip around her hands.

Then Hotch and JJ stepped into view guns drawn and aimed at Sam. Seeing the two agents, Sam quickly grabbed Garcia turning her to face her friends and using her as a shield against them all.

“NO! Oh my God, Sam! You didn’t!”

She felt his body shaking against hers and he laughed out loud.

“By my calculations, your lover has ten minutes left of air.”

“Let her go, Sam!” Hotch ordered.

“I can’t do that agent. Besides, I don’t believe you were invited to the wedding.”

Rossi and Reid now joined the others, taking positions on each side of Sam. All of them noticed the dirt patch near the edge of the rose garden. Anger and fear for what they would find under the roses made it difficult to stay focused. Penelope was hysterical now barely able to stay on her feet.

“Sam, don’t do this…Derek! We have to save him!” She cried.

“Eight minutes.”

Hotch shot a glance at JJ. They both knew what had to be done. She nodded her understanding of the situation and aimed her gun.

“Now if you’d all leave and let us get back to our wedding.”

“No, there won’t be a wedding today.” Hotch assured him.

Then with an arrogant smile, Sam increased his grip around Garcia.

“Six min-“

Then the loud sound of a gun discharging and the thumping sound of the bullet crashing into his forehead silenced Sam and transformed his smile into an open-mouthed look of shock. Then without further prompting his arms fell limp releasing Garcia while his body floated to the ground in a dead heap.



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