Soul Purpose Chapter 21

It took both JJ and Reid to restrain Penelope as the coroner zipped the black body bag and signaled for the tech to proceed toward the door. She was inconsolable and the sound of her sobs set an odd tempo for the murmurs of detectives and CSI’s working in the background. All of them, Hotch, Rossi, Reid, and JJ stood stunned as their friend, the one who had survived so much and been so strong and who all of them suspected was invincible was now being wheeled past them his body stilled by the bullet of an unknown assailant. “No! This can’t be happening! What am I supposed to do without him? What am I supposed to tell our daughter?” Penelope clung to JJ barely able to stand under her own power and not able to believe that someone had done such an unimaginable thing right under their noses. “JJ, get her out of here. Take her to my office…” “No! No I want to go with his body…I have to…to say…goodbye.” Dave ran his hands over his face and head. He was numb, he needed to tell Fran but what would he say? How could he tell her and her daughters that Derek was dead? He fought the tears as he remembered his promise less than twelve hours ago. He’d promised to have Derek’s back. He failed… It wasn’t supposed to happen here not in a building filled with FBI agents and certainly not in the men’s restroom. If […]

Great Expectations Chapter 23

The team headed toward the elevators while Morgan lingered behind to say goodbye to Garcia. He couldn’t help but notice the worry on her face. He always hated leaving but knowing she was pregnant now made it even harder. He pulled her into an embrace and slowly walked her to her lair. He didn’t have much time but it still didn’t prevent him from trying to steal a few extra minutes with her. “Are you going to behave while I’m gone?” “Now what fun would that be, Sugah?” He planted a kiss on her lips and reluctantly released her. She struggled to hold her tears back as she plopped down in her seat. Morgan stood in the doorway watching as she focused on her computers. He knew her too well and there was something else bothering her besides the case. “Hey.” She turned to face him. “Yes?” “Are you still mad at me?” “You know I can’t stay mad at you, Hot Stuff. I just don’t trust that man…I know you think I’m crazy but…” Just then one of her computers pinged indicating the completion of a search. She nearly jumped out of her chair when she realized which search it was. Derek had no idea she had begun a secret search on his new hired hand. “What is it baby girl? We haven’t given you any searches yet…” “Uh…no you haven’t…” He stepped in and stood behind her placing his hands on her shoulders. “Baby, what’s going on?” “I […]

When Life Demands Perfection Chapter 7

“Miranda, get those brats!” Miranda turned to head out of the room at Barker’s command. Jack and Henry ran past the woman and out of sight down the dark hallway. Miranda had mixed emotions as she headed out after them secretly hoping that they’d found a way out of the building. Jack held on tightly to his little friend’s hand as he surveyed the open space of the warehouse. He noticed the two other men who’d brought them here and he quickly pulled Henry behind a stack of shipping crates before they could be seen. The two boys watched as Miranda slowly approached in their direction. Jack felt confident having worked at least two cases with his dad so he kept a keen eye on the three as they approached from each side. “They’re coming…” Henry whispered. Jack clamped his hand over the little boy’s mouth. Miranda stopped dead in her tracks she could have sworn she’d heard a small voice. Turning to her right she looked dead into the eyes of Jack Hotchner. She saw his wide-eyed glare…and the fear. “What’s up?” The heavier man asked as his cohort followed close behind. “I thought you were supposed to be keeping a lookout, Roscoe?” Miranda asked. “Andy, Chester told you to wait in the van, right?” “Who put you in charge, Little Mama?” Roscoe asked irritated. “Nobody, I just know how pissed off Chester would be if he knew you two were inside.” “Don’t worry about us you just do […]

Desperate Proposal Chapter 8

“Savannah…” Penelope reluctantly closed the door. Savannah stood in front of her bank of computers looking as if she’d been up all night. The gorgeous woman whom she’d secretly envied for months seemed haggard and worn; older and her eyes were red no doubt she’d been crying. Penelope wasn’t sure what to say or do so she remained silent feelings of guilt threatening to consume her. “Hello Penelope.” “Hey, Savannah…” “I’m sure you weren’t expecting a visit from me first thing in the morning.” Her voice was tinged with sarcasm and Penelope braced herself for a confrontation. “No, no I wasn’t. What brings you by?” Penelope moved passed the woman and began turning on her computers. She felt Savannah’s eyes watching her intently. “Derek and I broke up.” Penelope knew Savannah was watching and waiting for a reaction. She knew once their eyes met, Savannah would know that Derek had already told her about the breakup. So she kept her back to the woman waiting for her computers to power up. “You already know don’t you?” Penelope turned to face her visitor. “Yeah, I know. Derek came to see me…” “I figured as much.” She chuckled to herself as she moved away from Garcia and sat in a chair near the door. Garcia followed her lead and sat in front of her babies. “Look Savannah, I am so sorry about your breakup. I wanted you two to work, really I did.” “Do you know how foolish I feel? Do you, […]

Family Reunion Chapter 36

London, England – He hadn’t planned on falling in love but as he looked down on the two little boys he realized he was hopelessly in love with the little curly headed boys that had occupied the west wing for the last few years. In the beginning he purposely kept his distance leaving their care to his cousin Louise but as time passed their cries and their laughter drew him in and he was hooked. Both boys had been conceived against the will of the mothers as a part of Ian Doyle’s dastardly plans to leave a living legacy in case he met an untimely end. In his line of work he knew it would be sooner rather than later. Now as Patrick McMartin looked down into the lush garden below he realized that things happened for a reason. He’d never thought much about family and with his work, there was no time for such lofty ideas; in fact such images of love and family had been his mentor’s downfall when he’d fallen in love with Lauren Reynolds. When he’d heard of Ian’s death he swore an oath to himself that he would not follow that path to sure destruction. Yet, here he stood a father by proxy to two young boys and he knew that he’d do anything even kill to protect them. He marveled at their similarities and even with two different mothers, they were the splitting image of each other. He was well aware of Doyle’s and […]

Family Reunion Chapter 34

“PUSH! Push, Emily! Good, good!” She never imagined anything could hurt so bad; she’d been hurt in the field numerous times but nothing compared to the pain that was ramming through her body at this moment. “There’s the head! Okay, one more push and your son will be here! PUSH!” Seconds later the noise of a high-pitched young scream filled the air and Emily struggled to catch her breath and make sense of what had just happened. The nurse held the baby up for her to see before placing him on her chest. He was the most beautiful thing she’d ever seen. Until now she had never realized that she wanted children. Tears of both joy and sorrow overcame her as she wished that Derek were there to see his son. She began second guessing her decision to keep this child a secret from him as the nurse quickly scooped up the newborn and rushed away. “Wait, please! Where are you going?” Then the smiling Clyde Easter stepped into view almost magically and looked down into the puzzled face of Emily Prentiss. “It’s okay, Dahling, they’re just going to get him cleaned up. You can see him later.” She shook her head and relaxed onto the bed while the nurses worked to get her ready to be moved to her room. It was the last time she would see her son. Emily’s body shook uncontrollably and her legs could no longer hold her as she allowed her body to slide […]

Family Reunion Chapter 33

Derek slowly opened his eyes roused awake by the smells of lasagna and homemade bread. He was starved and he loved Penelope’s lasagna. He pulled himself to a sitting position and braced himself against the pain that was still throbbing and making itself known even though the Advil had helped a lot. “You’re awake.” Penelope stepped into the room and sat next to him on the couch. She watched him trying to hide his discomfort from her; he was failing miserably. “Derek, we need to get your pain meds.” “I’m fine Baby Girl. Is that your lasagna I smell?” “And homemade rolls.” “Wow, I can’t remember the last time you made homemade rolls.” He leaned his head against the back of the couch and closed his eyes. “What’s the occasion?” “No occasion I just wanted to do it.” “Thanks Baby.” She quickly stood fearing the sudden silence between them. Maybe dinner would calm the awkwardness that had settled in the room. “Let me fix you a plate.” He grabbed her wrist holding her in place. “Can we talk first?” She sat down and waited for him to begin. “Okay.” “I’m sorry for hurting you. I didn’t mean to ever do anything to hurt you.” “Derek…” “No just listen, please.” She settled back and stilled herself against what he had to say. “Emily was pregnant with my child.” Penelope could swear that in that instant she heard glass shattering all around her. Her heart stopped then sped up ramming itself against […]